My friend, Bob Ulrich at Prophecy in the News,and I were discussing world events when I was in OK City, a few weeks ago. While we talked about the Arab Spring, the bloated national debt, the renewal of the unconstitutional Patriot Act, and a host of other topics, Bob turned to me and asked, “Where is the outrage?” So with that in mind, while I am sitting at the table at my parents house, where I ate countless meals in my youth, I will launch into a rant this morning, because I am outraged!.
Where is the outrage that the media is fixated on Weiner’s, weener, and not the 14 trillion dollar debt that will, in the coming months, topple our way of life, and lead to, what I believe will be, anarchy in the streets? All we need to look at to get a very clear picture of what is coming here, is what is happening in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, as the people are outraged and have taken to the streets!
Where is the outrage that we get a blow by blow, up to the minute reports about every detail of the Casey Anthony trial instead of the tenuous situation in the Middle East? With Syria deliberately antagonizing, Israel’s northern, leaving 23 dead and hundreds wounded, as new life is breathed into the Third Intifada, and most Americans don’t give a hoot. This is good indication of what Israel would face if they were foolish enough to go back to the pre 1967 borders. In my opinion there would be no Israel left, as the Islamists would pour across the border…. just like they are trying to do now.
W.I.T.O that while Arizona is faced with fires that have burned over 350 square and flooding threatens the heartland, our media sends in another clown to distract us, Weenier?
I might have to start a new section on the BLOG. I’m going to call it the Clown of the week! As Chuck Missler states in WATCHERS 2 – It’s a managed agenda! It’s all about keeping our eyes off of what is happening all around us, distract, entertain, obfuscate, and lull us to sleep…. “Keep moving please… nothing to see here…. keep moving please!”
While the world is experiencing what I would call the birth-pangs, as volcanos erupt, the Fukishima reactor is leaking twice the radiation that was estimated, earthquakes continue, E-Coli has a deadly new strain that is a killer, and wars and rumors of war abound, our media feeds us bread and circus, squeezing every juicy detail from the Anthony trial, or publicly eviscerating Anthony Weiner, for our entertainment!
We are headed toward a climax, a tipping point, a moment in time that we will point to and say, that’s when life changed in America. It will be like 911, in that we all will know where we were that day, and what we were doing. It will be a game changer….
In closing today’s post: Where is the outrage that we are still in Afghanistan after 10 years of war, with no end in sight? Where is the outrage that Wall street gets bailed out while millions of Americans loose their homes? Where is the outrage that we haggle over whether a pray can be said at a graduation ceremony because it might offend one person? Where is the outrage that granny gets groped by TSA and a women in a Burqa doesn’t?
I stated at the conference in Denver, that the American people should rise up and create a day where we don’t show up for work, we strike! We don’t get gas, or groceries, or eat out, or go to school, or the gym…. What will it take to make people outraged?


Rick Warren says: Those who focus on Prophecy not for the Kingdom of God

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Many who were once looking for the return of Jesus have fallen asleep. We now live in a period of time where numerous prominent Christian leaders are telling the Christian masses that paying attention to the signs of our times in light of the Bible is a waste of time. And many of them take it a step further and accuse those who believe what Bible prophecy says about the end of the age of being negative and self-centered.  Roger Oakland

From the Lighthouse BlogRick Warren Says Those Who Focus on Bible Prophecy “Not fit for the kingdom of God”

When I’m on the road on a speaking engagement, I do a primer to the Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, 5 hour presentation, which is based on the verses that are found in Matthew 24, Mark 13 & Luke 21. These scriptures admonish us to, watch and be ready! This begs the question what are we to watch and be ready for? The answer is found in the preceding verses to watch for the signs of His coming again. These signs are prophetic!

When Yashua/Jesus weeps over the city of Jerusalem and states, I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks, but you did not know the day of your visitation. I believe that He pointing back to the prophecies of Daniel that spell out in a very clear way when Messiah would come. He is holding the nation of Israel collectively responsible for knowing the day of their visitation. His closing remarks in the passage are sobering, now your house is left to you desolate, because you did not know the day of your visitation. 

In closing todays short, but pithy post: How much more is todays church accountable than Israel as we have Bibles, TV, radio shows and the Internet that proclaim these prophecies? Sadly Warren and others of his ilk are misled in their teaching about prophecy. In fact, I would go so far as to say that are playing into the hand of the Fallen One, when they discount and demean the prophetic word. Prophecy was written for our benefit so that we would know and understand the times in which we live. Prophecy is what separates our book from any other tome on this planet. Prophecy declares the end before the beginning and points the way to Messiah! The prophetic word acts as a sign post to warn us of what is coming. Warren does his followers a great disservice with his statements, he would do well to reconsider his position and realize that he is dissing about one-third of the Bible, as that much of our book is devoted to the prophetic word.


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Watchers 2 – poses the question, are these frequent earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, famines, tornado’s, record snowfalls, and wars and rumors of wars, business as usual or something more? You will notice that directly below this announcement are a series of disaster articles, all of which are current and taken from todays headlines. Here’s what people are saying about Watchers 2.

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In Closing Todays shameless sales pitch for W2: I have to tell you that my partner and co-producer, Richard Shaw poured his heart and soul into this production. W2, is a fast paced, in your face, documentary that will inform, warn, and expose ancient prophetic texts that warn us of what will happen in the last days. W2, makes the case that we are in the birth pangs, that Yashua/Jesus warns us will happen in the end of days. Invite your friends over, pop some popcorn and after viewing W2, listen to the opinions fly! W2 is a wake up call for everyone!

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Is the Middle East Uprising the Result of Supernatural Influences?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I’m may be going out on a limb today by stating that I believe that the uprising in the Middle East may be the result of hidden supernatural forces, but here’s why I believe that they are. What we see is a sudden uprising, a discontent that has been brewing for decades, and now it is erupting all over the Middle East. Why now? As I stated in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural:

The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago.

While our main stream media and our president go on and on about democracy, I have stated before and will do so again here, that there will no democratic form of government in the region, for there is no way to get there from the dominant ideology that permeates every grain of sand, and that is Islam. What we have is a war between two different sets of supernatural events that have shaped the body politic over millennia. Both of these ideologies cannot be right.

Recently, with the Iranian movie about the coming of the Mahdi, this conflict becomes clearer than ever. The Iranians believe that they will see the appearance of the  Mahdi soon. This belief is based on supernatural events, plain as the cry of, death to the Jews, that echo in Tehran every Friday. The Israeli’s await there Messiah, the Iranians their Mahdi, and so we see that there is conflict between two sets of supernatural events that in the long run will affect every person on this planet. When the war breaks out against the Jewish state, Obama will stand down, essentially dither and do nothing, which will allow the armies of Iran and other countries to go up a land of unwalled villages. This war is coming and I believe with each passing day it draws closer.

In the Mahdi film there is a section about killing the Jews in Israel, this is the end game for the Iranians. They would do well to read Ezekiel 38 & 39, as this is their ultimate fate. Here’s what we need to remember. The prophet is looking into the future and seeing, a land of unwalled villages, which is what Israel is today. There are no walls around Tel Aviv, which would have been suicidal in the ancient world. The prophecy also states that they will be living safely. This word, in the Hebrew, is betach, which can mean – according to Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News, a false sense of security. This, I believe is what we are seeing now.

In closing today’s post: The animus that is alive and well and ready to erupt against the Jews and the state of Israel, is being fanned by unseen supernatural forces. The age-old hatred doesn’t make any sense and makes one wonder why there is this lasting vitriol between Islam and the Jews. The picture above is a recent shot of Hezbollah, notice the Nazi style salute. I believe that the ideology of Hitler’s, Third Reich migrated south and is alive and well and flourishing in places like Damascus and Tehran. The goal of the fallen one was to annihilate the Jews and his man Hitler, almost succeeded in doing just that. While our media and TV pundits assure us that the uprising is all about democracy, in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth and we will see this supernatural hatred manifest soon.



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