And the Beat Goes On! ET-A-Go-Go

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L. A. Marzulli

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Date: 01-19-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael Ellegion, Aurora Light, Jerome Corsi
Channelers and contactees Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light (third hour) spoke about ET communications, encounters and interventions. Ellegion described going onboard a spaceship in 1979, and told he would have contacts with a being named Ashtar (whom he later channeled). Contacts with benign, human-appearing ETs such as what he, Aurora, and other contactees like Billy Meier have experienced have been suppressed or debunked in favor of stories of sinister grey aliens and abductions. “I think there was a massive agenda and bias against anything that’s uplifting…and helps empower and prepare us for the time that is coming ahead,” he commented.

Sonny & Cher had a hit record way back in the Jurassic era, with lyrics that proclaimed, the beat goes on…

Our good friends from the ASHTAR Command are back and telling us that the Greys have stolen the show! Those pesky Greys, who are abducting people at two in the morning, carrying out unwanted sexual probing, genetic experimentation, carving up our cattle and sometimes the luckless human-being, are giving the good guys, like those good aliens who make up the Ashtar command, a bad name! Ashtar needs better PR!

Yes, the Ashtar command are the good guys! Sounds a little like the demon god Astaroth, but I’m most likely grasping at straws here, as this couldn’t possibly be a Luciferian deception, could it? As the article states, they are here to empower us and prepare us for the time that is coming ahead.

Now I can rest assured, knowing that Ashtar, who is channeled by Michael Ellegion, is going to help rescue us. Wait a minute… I thought that channeling was the contacting of demonic spirits? Ooops, I hate when the guidebook warns of stuff like that! I’m sure Ellegion – most likely not his real name  and sounds a lot like legion – has tested the spirit that he is allowing to possess him during these channeling sessions! I’m sure he asked the simple question to this Ashtar character, Did Jesus come in the flesh, before he allowed it in!

It’s reassuring to know that we are being looked after by Ashtar and other ascended masters. I wonder if Benjamin Creme and the ever illusive Maitreya is part of this, or maybe they’re rivals? It’s hard to figure out whose got the real goods! Will the real enlightened,cosmic, ascended master stand up and proclaim his or hers god-ship and set the matter straight, once and for all!

The beat goes on at the ET, A-Go-Go and they’re playing my song, The Coming Great Deception!

Seriously though, more people are getting sucked into the concept that ET created all life on this planet, that they were the god’s that came here to help us, and now, at this critical juncture in human history they are back to usher us into a New Age of peace, prosperity and enlightenment!

Disclosure is happening and people like Ellegion and Billy Meir have been promulgating ET for decades. I believe that this is the great deception that we are warned of in the Bible. It will create the falling away from the truth. What is the truth? That 2000 years ago a man incarnated on this planet. He was born of a virgin, just like the prophesies stated would happen. He healed the sick, and raised the dead. He was good, noble, and He was also God, the real one! When he gave His life for ransom, He created a way back for all of humanity. It’s not religion, it a relationship with the God, the real one, who created everything for without  Him, nothing that was made was made.

In closing today’s post. I believe that we will see disclosure sometime in the near future. I’m certainly not a date setter, but I believe it will be sooner than later. The signs are all around us as we are in the birth-pangs. ET, will come as our saviors and unfortunately many people will fall for the deception…


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Full Disclosure? The Luciferian End Game!

RaelHere’s a post from our comment section. I want to take the time to address this point by point, as this ties in with what some are calling, Full Disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.


The writing is on the wall and we refuse to see it-
All life on earth was a genetic creation with DNA design by extraterrestrials.
We will also someday soon be able to also go to distant planets and scientifically create life.
Our created will see us as gods for they will not be able to understand our scientific advancements and capabilities.
to know the truth visit

We must embrace science as the supreme god of the universe.

Peace on Earth is possible,

*                                                                  *                                                                         *

Now let’s strip this down and examine it point by point. The statement that there is no God falls of its own weight as is shown by Pascal’s wager ( for it is just as easy to declare that there is a God. The interesting point here is that prophecy, shows us dramatically that there something outside our time-space domain that is capable of telling us what will happen, a priori, or in advance, of the event. If prophecy is being fulfilled, then how do we dismiss it and say that it doesn’t mean anything? This begs the question, who is behind the prophecy?

The idea that we were created by E.T. is nothing new to those of you who read this BLOG. This is one of the points of what I have come to call, The Alien Gospel. In other words this is the lie, the strong delusion, that the Bible speaks of. Remember that Jesus declares that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. And I want to make something very clear here – I’m not talking about religion!

The statement that all life DNA was created by E.T. is again, part and parcel with the coming Great Deception. We choose to believe that the God of the Bible created, ex nihilo – from nothing – the entire universe, as we know it. We have the miracles that are attributed to Jesus that show us that he was able to manipulate matter and energy in ways that we know nothing about. We also see that when he fed the 5000 he was able to produce fish that had age. People weren’t eating minnows!

In closing today’s post. I received a few Emails that pointed to Full Disclosure before the end of the year. If some UFO manifests somewhere on the planet we will have only two choices. The first will be to embrace this “new truth,” and accept the Alien Gospel. The second will be to say that this is nothing short of spiritual deception that was prophesied thousands of years ago. It is the strong delusion, the lie, the Great Deception and we will not be deceived!

PP&S SMALLThe sub-title of the book is: The Coming Great Deception and The Luciferian End Game!

With comments like the one I discussed today, can Full Disclosure be soon? Time is short. Please get your copy or buy one for a friend.

Go to:

From the Enemies Camp!

RaelThis is from Pierre Charles in the comment section on this BLOG. I’ve included it here because Pierre was involved with the Raelians and knows of what he speaks. It’s poignant when I hear the same deception coming from the “enemies camp.” Rael and his followers are deceived and are already embracing the coming Great Deception. Let’s read his comment and then I will weigh in.

You may think that I give too much credibility to Rael’s words but what he says fit perfectly Lynn’s “Falling away” scenario.

Rael said: “When the Elohim (aliens) will land in Jerusalem with Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, coming out of a UFO, the “majority” will rally to the truth. Only a small number of fundamentalists will say that the Elohim are the devil or the the Anti-Christ.”

So, Lynn is right. The only difference is that Rael says: ” If we start a world nuclear war, the Elohim will not come to stop it, but they will come to “take away” (rapture) the just and take them to the planet of the eternals Elohim ,what the “primitives” have called “heavens” until the time they will bring those humans back to earth after the nuclear radiations will have disappear.”

While the above scenario might sound bizarre, if we put it next to the warning we get in 2nd Thessalonians that, “Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders,” it begins to make sense. What we need to come to grips with is that when the trap is sprung the “Aliens” will tell us that they created us, were worshipped as gods, and started the worlds religions. The Ashtar command – another UFO site, see link below – claims that Jesus is really Sananda and is under Ashtar, in the Galactic Federation. It would be hard to make stuff like this up and as in the case with Rael, who now boasts over 70,000 devotees world-wide, more people are openly embracing the deception. When the UFO reveal themselves, people like me, will be looked at as Neanderthals! I”m sure I’ll hear something like this from well intentioned friends, when the revealing happens….

“But Lynn, look at their ships! Look how advanced they are! Come on, you have to believe as they have holographic film of the crucifixion and the resurrection! They have film of Moses parting the Red Sea! Lynn, you have to face the facts! They’ve come to help us into this next phase in our spiritual evolution!”

The churches are in denial. They refuse to tell their people about what is happening all around them. They have failed to warn the sheep, and so when the deception is sprung upon her, the great falling away will take place. People will believe the lie, as they will be overwhelmed with what they are seeing. When that happens it will be hard to make a case, that it is deception….

In closing, we live in turbulent times. Jesus has warned us that, even the elect would be deceived if that were possible, and that, men would faint from fear, from what is coming on the earth. We would be wise to heed those words and understand that when put along side of 2nd Thessalonians – Satan comes with all signs and lying wonders, we are in for supernatural events unlike anything we have seen before. We like to point to the Pharisees and comment how closed they were and how blind they were to the miracles of Jesus. Is the church any different today as it refuses to open its eyes and see the deception growing all around her? Wake up and wise up! The warning has been sounded here….