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L. A. Marzulli

Jordan’s king to meet Obama to advance Mideast peace talks

Jordan’s king to meet Obama to advance Mideast peace talks – CNN.com

Washington (CNN) –– With a goal toward advancing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Jordan’s King Abdullah will meet with U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

In recent months, King Abdullah has taken a more active role in trying to bridge the gulf between Israelis and Palestinians — filling the vacuum created by the removal of Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak.

“An opportunity presented itself where Israelis and Palestinians were confident with the Jordanian umbrella to start throwing their initial passes at each other,” King Abdullah said in an interview with the Washington Post on Monday.

For those of you who have visited this BLOG for any length of time, you know that I keep a close watch on the King of Jordan.  He is a Hashemite king, a descendant from the prophet Mohammed, thus he holds great sway with Sunni and Shia Moslems.  He is also westernized, and his mother was of European descent.  In my recently created Power Point presentation that I gave at the prophecy conference in Palmdale on December 31, 2011, I pointed to a number of quotes that point out that the so-called Palestinians are in fact Jordanians.  I also find it alarming but also right on cue as Iraq is sliding into sectarian violence which is adding to the general chaos that is erupting throughout the Middle East.  They will call out for a strong man to rule them…. this will be the King of Jordan.

So here we have the King meeting with Mr. O and discussing another possible solution to the Palestinaina quesiton.  The problem is, everyone involved knows that it is a ruse, a house of cards.

Here is what the Paletinains want as seen in the logo…. there is no Israel!  The entire country of Israel is under the control of the PLO.  The game is growing more complex as I posted yesterday that Russia has stated that an attack on Iran is an attack on Moscow.  Oh well, all eyes are on the Jewish state and the Islamists want to destroy her at all costs.  Last week I posted a very alarming video that shows what is really going on in Egypt.  I’ll include the link below as I’m going to assume that many of you have not viewed it.  A banner was revealed at a soccer game which read in English, One nation under a new HOLOCAUST.  never have I seen such brazen antisemtism displayed  with such verve!  The chanting is unnerving as the crowd repeats it over and over again. This is what the so-called Arab Spring has spawned, in the Egypt and elsewhere in the MIddle East.

One Nation Under a New Holocaust – YouTube

In closing today’s Post:  I predicted that the Iranians would close the Straights of Hormuz and now we see that they are practicing war-games to do just that.  I also predicted that Sharia would be what the Egyptians would get instead of democracy and this is what has transpired.  I also pointed out months ago that when US troops would leave IRAQ it would descend into sectarian violence and this is happening in real time now.  I am strongly suggesting that we keep an eye on the King of Jordan, who I believe will solve the Middle East crises in regard to the Palestinian conundrum.  Please remember that there is a supernatural element that is behind the scenes in the Middle East. It has one goal in mind and that is to set the Antichrist in the rebuilt temple to be worshipped as God.  A few weeks ago on Decoded a former body guard declared on camera that the son’s of the Nephilim were waiting to have their man shed his blood on the altar of the newly rebuilt temple and declare himself God.  It’s happening in front of us.  It is the Mystery of Lawlessness at work.  The Prince of this world is readying his final assault.  As in the days of Noah so it will be when the Son of Man returns.  The game unfolds, the players are prepared…. are you?


Hello L.A Marzulli, I finished your cosmic chess match novel and it was an excellent read, i let some christian friends read it after as well as my dad and they all fell in love, one of his friends just purchased another copy! Just wanted to say good work and I love how you can break down scripture like that and explain what is really going on, because the church’s fail to talk about it Terry

I watched Watchers 3, when I got home…it was well done and very informative and a good job…. 
I was especially intrigued by the Shroud and Hopi discussion ….. maybe Stan Deyo will tells us more what was said to him in Watchers 4.  
Keep up the good work…it seems every Watchers series that comes out is better than the previous. 
Again, keep up the good work. Thanks.


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Paddy Heron on Acceleration Radio!

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paddy HeronI’m pleased to announce the appearance of author Paddy Heron today, on Acceleration Radio. Paddy is the author of the best selling book The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse!  Heron’s new offering, The Return of the Anti Christ, discusses Heron’s theory that we are living in the days when we will see the coming of the man of sin or the Antichrist. This should be an interesting interview, so be sure to join in. Go to my web-site and follow the links to the show. lamarzulli.net

Heron’s web site is: http://www.nephilimapocalypse.com/

King Abdullah: On the move again.


I want to bring your attention to some new developments in the Middle East. Once again the King of Jordan, Abdullah is trying to broker a peace deal in the region between Israel and its neighbors. Remember he is a direct descendant of Mohammed. He has the control over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and he is westernized. He holds great sway in the Moslem world. I’m going to re-post the article I did for our monthly news Magazine as I deem it a timely post with all that is happening in that region. Here’s a link to the current news concerning Abdullah. Don’t you find it interesting that the King is center stage? There may be more to it than meets the eye…


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The Luciferian Dialectic:


L. A. Marzulli

A Dialectic is made up of three parts. The first is conflict, (or Thesis), followed by a counter conflict, (Antithesis) then a synthesis. I believe we may be witnessing a Luciferian dialectic. Let me explain. The United States was attacked on 911. I realize that there are those who believe that a faction of our own government was responsible. They point to the collapse of Building #7, and the lack of plane wreckage, at the Pentagon site. I’ve seen ‘Loose Change’ and I will admit it raises some interesting questions. However, let’s get past the idea that this was a conspiracy, hatched by a secret government deep, in an underground, smoke filled, room. Let us instead go back two thousand years and read this, 

“The mystery of Iniquity is already at work…”

This was penned by the Apostle Paul, and can be found in 2Thessaloninas: 2:7.

         We see that this mystery of iniquity or lawlessness was at work at the time of Paul. I believe that this power, which is Luciferian in nature, has never stopped working and its goal is to bring about the advent of the Antichrist. So how does this figure into 911?

         911 was the initial conflict, the first leg of the dialectic. We may argue as to who did it and why, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. That argument is only a distraction from what I believe is going on in the supernatural. The initial event or conflict was immediately countered by the United States – the second leg of the dialectic – and a loosely formed coalition, by attacking Afghanistan. A short time later we went into Iraq. While I admit that Saddam was a monster and the world is better of without him, I found it hard to understand our excuse for an invasion. The Iraq war has become unpopular and although many of our young men and women have fought to bring about democracy and freedom to the Iraqi freedom, there may be another reason for the war there, perhaps a supernatural one. Remember, the Mystery of iniquity is at work. 

         The ancient city of Babylon lies in Iraq. It was rebuilt and restored by Saddam to the tune of around 2 billion dollars. We never hear about it in our media. It is ignored. Yet, in ancient prophetic writings, the city of Babylon is mentioned, almost as many times as Jerusalem. Is there a reason for this? Many Prophecy scholars have written off the ancient site, to the dustbin of history and believe that the United States is Babylon. This, in my opinion is dangerous, as it replaces what is written literally, with that which is conjectured.

         I believe we will see the total restoration of that ancient site, here’s why. We see from a myriad of sources that the withdrawal of our troops, in Iraq, is an inevitability. It remains to be seen when this will happen. Our presence holds the Malaki government together, there’s no doubt about it. The surge was necessary to quell the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims and dissenting factions, like the Imam, Mouqtada Al Sadr and his militia. Saddam was able to control this complex religious and political dynamic through the use of fear. He murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, but the result was, he remained in control.

         With the imminent withdrawal of Coalition forces, this will create a power vacuum. With the threat of an ever-increasing Iranian army, how will the Iraqi’s contend with this?

        That being stated, the counter conflict, the second leg of the dialectic is just about over. We can now turn our attention to the final element, the final leg, that of synthesis. This will come about when the coalition forces withdraw, and create a power vacuum. Here is a scenario of where I think this is all going.

  1. He then will divide his country of Jordan and give a portion of it to the Palestinians, who by the way make up over 75%, of the population. If he does this, he will have brought peace to the region by solving the 60-year old conundrum, of the Middle East, by giving the Palestinians a homeland. Next, because he is a Hashemite, he controls the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Nothing happens there without his direct consent. He is the only person on the planet who has the authority to cut a deal with the Israeli’s and allow them to build, on the 20 acres that aren’t’ being used for anything on the Mount. In other words the third Temple. If he does this then he can be none other than, The Son of Perdition, that has been predicted for thousands of years. While this is a scenario, it is based on research that I have conducted, that tells us, that in the later days (or end of days) the third temple will be rebuilt.

If we witness these events unfold as I have laid them out here, than we have seen a Luciferian dialectic. The conflict being 911, the counter conflict, the Afghan and Iraqi war, the synthesis, the rise of the Hashemite kingdom in Iraq, with it’s capital in Babylon, not Baghdad! And finally the building of the third Temple on the Temple Mount. It’s a tall order to fill and we will watch and see what happens.

Acceleration Radio: Russ Dizdar today!


Today on Acceleration Radio I have the priviledge of having as my guest, Russ Dizdar. Russ has been involved in delivering people from Satanic ritual abuse and demonic possession.  We will delve into the Nephilim reemerging on the earth. How the Nazi’s are influencing us some 60 years after WWII. The Monarch project which may have produced a Manchurian candidate like Sirhan Sirhan, and more. If you would like to ask Russ a question and be on Acceleration Radio, drop me an e-mail at LA@lamarzulli.net


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”In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The ‘Black Awakening’ will occur! For them, those who served this long cold secret it has to, its the only way to give the world a desperate reason. A willing but painful reason for the need of a new world order and of a leader who will rule with a power that only the ancients felt.” 


Here is the link to the site of Black Awakening. http://www.theblackawakening.com/