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Watch: ‘Dobby Creature’ Spotted in Night Video Creeps Out Harry Potter Fans

I awakened this morning to several emails alerting me to this video. The security camera appears to show a creature that is similar to a “gray” alien. After watching it a few times I’m leaning strongly toward a hoax. The way it walks seems animated to me. The footage suddenly stops abruptly. Why? Is this more dis-information?
Meanwhile, the revealing of the UFO phenomenon is ongoing as we saw in Tucker Carlson a few days ago.
I’m traveling all day today so this is it for this post.


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Wealthy Elitists Freak Out As Hordes Of Homeless People Take Over Their Neighborhoods All Over The West Coast

Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten is angry about the homeless people and the rampant needle use and human feces. Hey Johnny, isn’t this the dystopian world you longed for when you trashed western civilization with your “music”? I’m sure you’ll be lecturing us about NOT building the wall to keep the opioids from infesting our nation further.

We have to ask ourselves a very simple and straight forward question. Is this what ISLAM is really about? Is this Sharia? I would posit it is and beheadings, torture, beatings and amputations seem to be the normal in the Kingdom of Saud. So while the left assures us that Islam is the Religion of peace… oh wait didn’t W state that right after 911?—we see what I would call an alarming display of medieval barbarity. Now we have people who embrace Islam in Congress. Have they spoken out against this type of brutality? No?


“When I came around the corner into the lobby area, I saw the individual with a gun, and he fired two rounds. And I yelled at him and I must have yelled very loud, and he looked at me, and I must have had a really mean look on my face or something, because he immediately dropped his weapon and turned and ran. And then I gave chase.”
Bully for this guy! What a hero!



UFO Disclosure Part II

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L. A. Marzulli


The revealing of  UFO phenomenon continues unabated with this latest FOX News interview.
Folks UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away! The timing of this story is a managed agenda. It is deliberate, it is orchestrated, and at some point, as more information comes out, everything will change.
I am amazed and somewhat taken aback by the lack of interest by most people and especially the church. One would think that pastors would be addressing this. One would hope that Christians would respond. Sadly, there’s not much talk about UFOs and in fact, in most church circles it’s still considered a fringe topic.
Meanwhile, as I show in our film, In Their Own Words, upwards of 30% of the people sitting in your church right now have had an encounter of some sort, a sighting of a UFO, lights in the sky, orbs, sleep paralysis, or an encounter with a being. Some of these folks have been taken … physically abducted. They are too afraid and ashamed to come forward, yet they have a story to tell…
In my opinion, we crossed a line in 2017 when Tucker Carlson had Commander Fravor on his show, who revealed declassified footage of his encounter with a UFO.
Have you wondered how stories like the one I linked to above get on FOX in the first place? Who makes the call? Commander Fravor was essentially an unknown. He didn’t have a book to sell. How did he get on The Tucker Carlson show? Who made the call?
In closing today’s post. I predict we will see more disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence in the coming months. At some point, there will be revealing.
Will we see a UFO hover in one place for hours, which will give the media a field day? What will you do? How will you respond when, not if, this happens?
Are we alone?
This is the greatest question of our time.
Are UFO’s really extraterrestrials who travel from some other planet, or is this part of an elaborate deception orchestrated by the Prince of the Power of the Air? You be the judge…