The Anatomy of a Hoax!

WATCHERS 10.2 – Anatomy of a Hoax from L. A. Marzulli on Vimeo

This is our official disclosure of what we now know is a hoax. Thus, we call it The Anatomy of a Hoax.
The Creature fooled everyone, including doctors, geneticist, veterinarians, nurses and radiologists.
It was complied by a master taxidermist and we’re still not sure why anyone would go to this length to create it,  except perhaps to discredit Jaime Mausson.
I want to set the record straight because there have been some disinformation and “hit-pieces” regarding this.
First off, you will see and hear my skepticism all throughout this film. The bottom line was I didn’t know whether this Creature was real or a hoax. I leaned toward real, after speaking with the Vet, and it’s in print in my book, Nephilim Hybrids, that more testing needed to be done. This film is the result of the “more testing.”
The second point I wish to make is this. Once Watchers found out the Creature was a hoax I called Gary Stearman at Prophecy Watchers, as well as Derrick Gilbert from Sky Watch and told them to hold off on airing the programs we had filmed a few weeks earlier because we had new information.
This film features our journey and exploration into testing the Creature. You’ll see just how it came down. How up to the last-minute the Creature fooled the two Vets that were examining it.
Whoever created this hoax was a master. The question lingers, why did he or she do this? Was it to deliberately discredit Jaime Mausson? Did the creator of this Creature draw from something he or she had seen in real life? Perhaps we’ll never know all the answers but Watchers did the investigation and brought the results of it to you and here it is!
Come and explore The Anatomy of a Hoax!
Thanks for watching!
In Other News!
Aleppo – The Sarajevo moment?
ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, ‘Quiet Neighborhoods’

This has to stop! American’s should push back with everything legal within our power. 

40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow

Is this a foreshadow of what is to come?

A great Video from my friend, Brien Foerster!


I love this guy! He gets it and pulls no punches!


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TNephilim HybridsW10 FRONT

Every civilization has stories of gods coming from the sky and producing offspring with human women. Most people tend to dismiss the stories as nothing more than a fanciful tale from a long-gone era.
Others recognize the truth often hidden within the stories, but believe that they tell of a time that is buried in the ancient past and that we no longer have to even contemplate such an occurrence in our time.

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Unfortunately for both groups, the Bible is filled with details. Details that not only recount the time long ago when these heavenly beings cohabited with human women and produced a race of giants, but details that indicate a return of those heavenly beings and a renewal of the events now viewed as ancient history.

Perhaps most frightening of all, recent discoveries reveal that it’s no longer prophetic, but the renewal of that breeding program has already begun!

DNA RESULTS From the Paracas Skulls and the Oregon Skull that we tested in a private collection! See the full report in the appendix of Nephliim Hybrids!

A Winged Creature—HOAX!—that fooled us all!

The Catalina Island Cover up of the picture of a 9 foot skeleton that I exposed!

The GIANT Lovelock CAVE handprint, that someone “erased”!

The Mysterious “Ghost Wolf” Or what I would now call a demonic manifestation caught on a game trail camera!

Startling revelations of the Serpent Mound in Ohio which tie back to The Seed of the Serpent!

Steve Quayle was right! The AFGHAN Giant was/is real. First hand account from one of the shooters who came face to face with the giant.




Prophecy – Has Damascus Become a Ruinous Heap?- WWIII – UPDATE

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
I have a friend who is in the Middle East, as with most sources he must remain anonymous. This is his assessment of the destruction of Damascus. Has it been destroyed? Is Damascus become a ruinous heap? You decide. Look at the graphic footage above and decide for yourself whether this ancient prophecy has been fulfilled.
WWIII seems to be forming and yet Obama, as usual, dither and is an amateur on the world stage in regard to the geo-political threats we face.
The threat of an EMP at this point may be all to real.  Think about it. Kim Yong Un, in North Korea has threatened to nuke us. The Mullah’s in Iran have echoed the same vitriol and this in the wake of what might be the worse “deal”—billions in $$$$ for a phony agreement for the Iranians to stop building a bomb—in the history of the USA, other than NAFTA!
Then there’s the Russians and the Chi-Coms who might launch a preemptive strike. They both perceive us as weak and if they did knock us out the BRICS nations would rise to the top of the financial heap, as the Deutsche bank is on the ropes. 
In the meantime here’s the INTEL I received about Damascus. L.A.
Damascus from what I have heard is something out of an apocalypse movie. Parts are utterly destroyed and parts appear to function almost normally . What the percentages are I can’t say .
The important thing to remember though is there are two actors who will absolutely not let Assad’s regime, whether he’s in it or not, fall.
One is Russia which I’ve been trying to explain to people for years is protecting its only warm water port; Latakia.
People think geography no longer matters. It does. Latakia gives Putin the ability to project naval power into the Mediterranean . He will not lose it at any cost. While there was a time when if Barry O acted, for instance when they crossed the famous  “red line” one could have envisioned a scenario in which the country would have been partitioned along homogeneous ethnicity lines with the Allawites confined to a coastal redoubt which would have given Russia Latakia.
The other actor is Iran which will not lose its Shia crescent which allows it to maintain supply to Hezbollah which allows its regime to project power against Israel and offers future land bases for missiles that would threaten the Mediterranean and ultimately all of Europe.
When Putin saw Barry O collapse like a cheap suite along with a feckless European response he saw an opening to regain the old Soviet influence in the Mid East. That would have undone all of US foreign policy since WWII which was to prevent same. Barry O not only didn’t prevent it he literally handed over the keys with the deal Kerry cut which crossed the US military /Intel red line and they scuttled the deal  with the bombing last week. When President’s leave power vacuums by abandoning their leadership roles and failing to act to protect American interests, the power vacuums can not only be filled by foreign actors. American Generals can actually start wars and scuttle deals as well and in this case they have.
So now we have the worst of all situations; a strengthened increasingly radicalized Erdogan in Turkey, our erstwhile allies looking to ISIS for help, America helping the Shia’s squeeze ISIS in Iraq without defeating it meaning ISIS is free to metastasize to other states including the US and Europe which throws open the doors to “refugees ” who inevitably include amongst their numbers hard-core ISIS  terrorists who will continue the fight on our soil.
This leaves the traditional American allies of Jordan, Saudi, the Emirates and Egypt scrambling to ally with Israel to protect themselves from a Shia hegemony. Don’t think Putin won’t exploit that as well . It is truly a dreadful set of circumstances.
(From a Watcher in the Middle East)


Politics: Battle in Aleppo – Inside INTEL.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
This INTEL came from a source that I am not at liberty to disclose. The war in Aleppo has reached a fever pitch and as I have stated numerous times on this blog, what we are seeing is WWIII.
Dear LA
Damascus isn’t the story. Aleppo is. Our military and Intel were so incensed with the horrific deal Kerry cut with the Russians , giving them access to us and our allies Intel which they can then share with Iranians and Hezbollah that last week our air assets bombed one of Assad’s installations ” by mistake”. But then Barry O sets up an investigation to find out who gave the order. That means no mistake, elements of our own military did it to deep six the Russian deal which it did. Russians and Iranians responded like Russians and Iranians and took out the main hospital and now we have a military almost openly sabotaging our own appeasement policy and the chances of direct conflict between Russian and US forces have escalated to almost inevitability. The Russian/ Syrian/Iranian policy is simply going to be to destroy Aleppo and kill everyone in it, Dresden style and we can either stand by like neutered eunuchs or be involved in direct combat with the Russians. Our former allies, seeing us selling them out are turning to the only force that might help them stay alive. ISIS.
You’re doing a helluva job Barry. Impossible to have ducked this up more than we have . And we are basically at war with our own military at the same time whose attitude to Obama/Kerry is roughly that of NYPD to DiBlasio. I can’t recall a more dangerous situation than the one developing now.
There has been emails across my desk that warn of a Russian EMP against our heartland. I’ve also warned against this for years. I’ve written about it, in Days of Chaos and discussed this on  numerous talk shows. Of course all of this saber-rattling could blow over and let’s hope it does. In the meantime, pray, stock up on food and water, and get to know your neighbors.
These are turbulent, tumultuous and unprecedented times. 
Days of Chaos anyone?


Muslims Refugees outnumber Christian Refugees 99 to 1! Is there an Agenda Anyone?

Obama as Pionnochio
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

12,587 Syrian Refugees Admitted in FY 2016: 12,486 Muslims, 68 Christians, 24 Yazidis

( – The administration admitted a total of 12,587 Syrian refugees during the just-ended fiscal year, exceeding the target President Obama declared last fall by 2,587 (20.5 percent).

Sixty-eight of the 12,587 Syrian refugees (0.5 percent) are Christians. They comprise 16 Catholics, eight Orthodox, five Protestants, four Jehovah’s Witnesses, one Greek Orthodox, and 34 refugees self-identified simply as Christians.

Here are the latest stats from our goverment and it becomes very plain to see what the agenda is. In short, it is the Islamization of the USA. The stats tell us everything. There is a concerted effort, on the part of this administration, to marginalize and I would go as far as to say discriminate against Christians.
The link below will take you to an article that discusses what the author calls a back-door for jihadists to enter the country.

Here’s another “prediction” we will see another terrorist attack in this country before the end of the month. Like France, jihad will become a way of life in the USA, along with honor killings, female genital mutilation and the implementation of Sharia law. While Hillary insists people like me are Islamaphobes, the hand-writing is on the wall.

We will continue to see Jihad in the USA and the fact that Obama will bring as many undocumented muslims from Syria and elsewhere is, in my opinion, erring to the side of national suicide. The backlash against muslim immigration in Europe is set to overthrow the policies of Germany’s Merkel.
In closing today’s short post. If Hillary wins the White House, it will spell the end of America as we know it. People like me are part of the basket of deplorable’s that Hillary informs us is anyone who would dare posit that we should VET people from countries that sponsor Jihad before allowing them into our country. (Here’s the post that discusses this.)

The fact that the Obama administration never and I mean never bolsters the Christian position let’s us know where his loyalties lie. We have only one choice to take back America and it is with Donald Trump.
So the bottom line is this Muslim Refugees 99% – Christians 1%.



#22 Americas’ Stone Henge Part 2

I will be postponing Acceleration Radio until further notice and concentrating on our PPS Report TV show. Here’s the newest installment! Once I figure out a landing place for the show it will be back on. Thanks! L.A.

Headed to the Knoxville Conference! Hope to see you there!




Are we on the Edge of a Financial Collapse?

dollar crash!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Deutsche Bank woes stoking fears of 2008 financial crisis repeat

We’ve heard rumblings of a coming financial collapse for a while now. However, Deutsche Bank seems to be on the ropes. (Please check out the article above) Our dollar—which by the way is fiat currency—might not be worth the paper it’s printed on.
Everywhere I go, including my recent trip to Saskatchewan, people think we’re worse off now than we were 15 years ago, before the tragic events of 911.
By the way, O’Bummer vetoed the bill that would have allowed victims of 911 to sue the Saudi’s. In the TANK anyone? Rigged system?
We’ve seen Greece’s financial system collapse as well as Cyprus. Now, Venezuela’s economy has reached a crises level and basic goods are almost impossible to purchase, if you can find them.
There are roving gangs, riots, murders, and a mass exodus from that country, which is now the new normal, along with three parented babies. (End times?Days of Noah?)
The crises in Venezuela is a direct results of what happens when a country embraces SOCIALISM! It doesn’t work and never will. Of course you won’t hear about this on the 6’Oclock news. Vote for Bernie!  (LOL)
The Federal Reserve— which, as most of us know, has nothing to do with our government, but is a private banking cartel that controls our money supply—might be poised to raise interest rates. Trump stated, in the debates, that if the FEDS do this the Stock Market might collapse.
The last collapse was in 2008 and we’re still reeling from it as there are 93 million people who remain unemployed. If we awaken one morning to see that our net worth has been cut in half—welcome to Cyprus—how then should we react?
I’ve harped on this before and I’ll say it again here. Stockpile food and water. PERIOD!
All one has to do is look at what is taking place in Venezuela to see what happens when the financial system goes south. Bread lines, soup lines, anarchy, riots, looting and killing. When people are hungry they do desperate things.
In closing todays post. Our country is in the midst of racial tension that I heaven’s seen since the Martin Luther King era. Food prices continue to go up for basic necessities like milk.
Our dollar continues to shrink and folks wonder how to make ends meet. If the system is rigged, if there is a push to form a New World Order—and I believe there is—then we should not be surprised if the dollar tanks completely.
Of course, this is where Trump comes into play. He’s the spoiler. He’s not supposed to be there. He’s the man who might upset the New World Order Apple Cart.
He just might reverse the downward financial spiral that we find ourselves in. He’s got my vote as he’s on top of the worlds financial markets and he’s warning us that we might be on the verge of a nasty recession, or worse.


My Take on the Debate!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I watched the debated last night, along with what was probably a record crowd in TV history. I must admit I had butterflies, as I was nervous for The Donald.

Hillary is a carrier politician. She’s seasoned, shrewd, calculating, and is a master in this kind of forum. Trump was on the defensive for most of the night. He made some good points but he let, what could have been historic, unsaid.

He didn’t press Hillary on her emails. When he did mention them the crowd, who was supposed to remain silent, cheered. Had he gone after her with the email scandal he would have come out on top.

This was Trump’s first debate. Hillary has participated in over 30 of  these. She clearly has the advantage. She got inside Trump’s head very early on and stayed there. However, Hillary’s condescending smile and her eyeball rolls at Trump’s  answers will not play well with most Americans.

Who does she think she is anyway? I couldn’t stand it.

Then there was the so-called neutral debate monitor, Lester Holt who was anything but neutral. The guy was all over Trump for most of the night. This gave Hillary a clear advantage. It’s always good when the debate monitor is on your side.

Holt interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary only 7. You think the system is rigged and Trump can’t get a fair shake? You bet.

Trump appeared presidential though and I thought he did incredibly well for someone who is not a politician. However, there are two more debates and he must hone his skills in order to cement a victory over Hillary.

Hillary has no business even standing on the platform and Trump knows this all to well. He must attack her and hold her accountable  on Ben Ghazi, her 30,000 plus deleted emails and her failure to do anything note worthy while she was Secretary of State, not to mention the scandalous Clinton Foundation.

Trump’s crowning achievement was when he stated that Hillary had been in Washington  for 30 years, so why didn’t she do any of things she’s talking about now. It was a pithy statement and one that he needs to repeat, as I believe it will cause the lightbulb to go off in many voters who are on the side-lines.

In closing todays update. If Hillary wins the White House, there will be higher taxes, liberal supreme court judges, mass immigration, abortion on demand everywhere, and essentially she will cement the last disastrous 8 years of the O’Bummer administration.

Trump is our only hope to move America in another direction. He’s not god and won’t be able to correct everything that’s wrong, but on the other hand, he’s not the same-old-worn-out political hack spewing tired talking points.

So the bottom line for me is this. Trump is the challenger and I would state the debate was a draw. Charles Krauthammer stated after the debates were over, because Trump is the Challenger the debate  “win” goes to him. Bully for the Donald!