L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule!

L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Schedule – 2017

January 4 & 5 : Living Word Community Church  53 East Madison Ave., Dumont, NJ

January 7 :  Calvary Chapel Stroudsburg  146 Bossardsville Rd, Sciota, PA

January 25: MUFON Orange County Wednesday, January 18th, at 7:30pm

March 31: Hear the Watchmen Conference – Dallas  www.hearthewatchmen.com



April 7-9 – Prophecy Conference – Rockford Illinois –


 April 28-20: Detroit Michigan Conference. www.jilm.org    http://www.jilm.org/tp42/page.asp?ID=339278

May 12: The Anchor – Oceanside California – Pastor Levi Moran

May 18 -19: Ohio with Russ Dizdar! Details coming soon.


June: 11-18 – Cusco Peru with Steve Quayle & Timothy Alberino


August 18-19: Hear The Watchmen. Details soon.

September 15-17: Propehcy Conference with Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Tim Alberino, Anselm Rambla.


October 13-17: Prophecy Watchers Conference!



October 20-23:Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference –  Freedom Lights Church.

November: Alabama – Details coming soon.

L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers. He does not necessarily share their views unless noted.

What happened? Some Thoughts and Updates!

Last night there were tornado’s in Missouri which is where FRINGE radio is located. The show was postponed because of power outages!

The Watchman Chronicles DVD will be shipping soon. We’ve had some snags at the duplicators but everything is now a go.

I’ll keep you informed as to our progress. As soon as we get them we’ll start shipping them out. Thanks for your patience.

Now on to bigger things…

Congress wants to raise the debt ceiling…again. Nothing will really change in Washington until Term Limits are set and these career politicians get the heave-ho!

Paul Ryan is actually defending Congress working for only 9 days in April. Gee, the rest of us should have a job like that.

Paul Ryan is floating what amounts to Obama-care-lite. Rand Paul and others are furious and are pushing back.

Mitch McConnell, another long-term-I’ve-been-here-so-long-I-actually-had-lunch-with-Lincoln, republican, has announced there will be no tax cuts this year! Really? I’m furious about this as I pay upward of 50% of my income to the Feds and the state. Can’t run a business like this. Unless there is relief soon there will be no Middle Class.

The media is talking about the Deep State. Here’s the definition:

deep state


noun: deep state; plural noun: deep states

  1. a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.”the deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern”

LOL! This is called the shadow government and I’ve been banging this drum for years. There is a shadow government and it’s been in existence since WWII. The last real president we had was JFK, and looked what happened to him. That being said, Trump was never supposed to be elected… period. As I’ve stated before the 2016 election was supposed to be about The House of Bush vs. The House of Clinton. No one ever expected Trump to actually win.

The Deep State spies on us, puts pressure on politicians, keeps the endless wars going and subverts other nations. The Deep State will destroy anyone who gets in its way. Russia hacking of the 2016 election? Really? Not a shred of evidence. Who tapped General Flynn’s phone line? Hmmm.

In closing. The country is more divided than ever. The Weasel’s in Washington continue to control and manipulate the rest of us. Remember, our fore-fathers fought the American Revolution because of taxation without representation. It’s got to stop folks, It might be time to protest by recalling some of these career politicians who think it’s fine and dandy to work only 9 days in April, while the rest of us wonder how we’re going to pay our taxes, mortgages, car-payments and keep food on the table. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs. VOTE THE BUMS OUT! Drain the swamp!



Women’s Day….

This came across my desk and it is both pithy and erudite. L.A.



             RE: The hypocrisy of International Women’s Day and

                                                          Social Engineering

Dear L.A.,

THANK YOU for all that you and your staff do. It is a gift to so many that you bring truth and guests that share their research, educated opinions and views with a true Christian point of view. Your interview skills and research abilities are a gift that allow viewers to hear truth that is not being presented to them. You have a rare gift.

Today is International Women’s Day – for decades I have found the women who are involved are both shallow and hypocritical –  using this day as a rage outlet for their personal unhealed wounds that need healing and thus not focusing on real issues. Does this mean that they have not been hurt – often badly? No – simply that as Carl Jung would point out they are going after real issues for wrong reasons. An excuse to scream, rage, blame men and white women. It is so hypocritical – and that the monster,

Hilary Clinton is held up as a wronged “hero” and Madonna – the woman who popularized women being “boy toys” and focused on being materialistic – are the leaders of this building, tide of narcissism and rage – is hard to fight.

The problem over the decades since the sixties is that the “soft” conspiracy of social engineering has been lost with the outright social traumas of the Kennedy, MLK, 9/11, Boston, etc. However Social engineering and the use of women through “marketing” – advertising, popular music to keep the majority of the masses from focusing on healing and wholeness and from seeing the slow take over of many of our liberties in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Quickly –what are these Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial women NOT doing as they promote a culture of personal rage that keeps all dialogue and healing from happening?
* The women’s movement holds up the real massacre of women at the Engineering  School in Montreal as their banner. However – I worked on the compensation for the women that lived. Example: a female Chinese engineering student, lined up with the others against a wall, was shot and left for dead along with her fellow students. After much hospitalization, she lived – however she had to live with the horror and real pain of her own shooting and the survivor’s guilt of having lived when her fellow students had died. Being that it was Quebec and they are very vicious about recognizing real PTSD and victim’s pain – after months of negotiations ALL we could get for this woman was a payout of about 170 thousand as lifetime benefits for physical rehab, PTSD, counseling and support.  Even in the U.S.A. at the time – the payout for the horror that she and others had gone through would have been millions with recognition of the trauma. WHERE are the women that shout and scream about the massacre on helping this and other silenced women?


  • Since the eighties real concerned women have been going on about the Clitorectomies that happen in Africa Immigrant, Islamic and Coptic Christian populations in the U.S.A., Canada, Britain and Europe. This is done by women  – mothers – to their daughters. It ranges from the removal of the Clitoris – the least invasive – to the removal of the labia as well, that can leave women incontinent and lame for life because major ligaments and muscles are often nicked or cut during the procedure. Not to mention that it is done by mothers and their friends with no anesthesia and no medical skills.


* Women have embraced physical yoga taught by Gen Xers and Millennials who have no real training and certainly no years of training in India. They pick and choose the “divinity” and parts of the Hindu religion that they feel matches their narcissistic desires at the moment. AND YET – – Bride burning in India is a horrible and fairly common practice. The mothers of the groom are usually the one behind the practice. Some grooms “lose” five brides to their Saris supposedly catching fire on toasters. WHY? The mothers choose brides from rich families that have to give huge dowries; when a bride dies the husband gets to keep the dowry. When a young man gets five dowries – he is often set for life. WHY AREN’T THE WOMAN’S MOVEMENT GOING AFTER THIS HORRIBLE PRACTIC THAT KILLS THOUSANDS OF YOUNG WOMEN IN INDIA???  Is it because it is perpetrated by women?

  • Bhutrus Gali (sp?) of Pakistan is often held up as a wonderful woman hero. Why isn’t the truth brought out? Under her presidency in Pakistan – thousands of young women in rural areas were taken for their dowries, accused of not being virgins and then the husband kept the dowry and the young women’s family disown them – or kill them – and they end up with no life in charitable shelters for their whole life. Hear the women’s movement speaking up on this? The husband’s sisters and mother are usually behind this marriage selection and accusation.


  • Having worked forensics there are ways that women who are often weaker, do defend themselves. This is more and more recognized. BUT WHAT IS NOT recognized is women’s real crimes and murder. Many women are withholding medication, treatments and food from spouses, elderly parents and autistic/disabled children and siblings but have not been called and charged with their crimes. Many women are stealing step children’s estates, autistic/disabled siblings estates and not charged for it because they are women and women’s crimes are overlooked.


  • Women’s rape is not being looked at seriously. Women have been sexually abusing children and teens for years. And yet this is not looked at the horror that it is.  IN Nebraska a teacher rapist of a fourteen year old boy went to prison, got out and successfully sued for child support. Where is the outrage? Where is the call to responsibility? No rapist should have access to the biological child and certainly not to ANY financial compensation.In Texas and elsewhere – women who have sex with men – including oral sex with condoms – then with intention impregnating themselves – – although their crimes are proved in the courts they are still being awarded child support.


It is estimated that 15 – 20 percent of all births were planned and plotted by women without their partner’s consent. This is not the same as accidental pregnancies between consenting partners. These are plotted entrapments meant to keep a relationship ongoing, force a marriage and for other reasons. Why are women not calling ourselves on this practice?


  • Women have since the seventies been very involved in sabotaging other women and not promoting them in positions of management and authority.  Most women know this and know how women apply the same logic of why it is okay to stalk and steal husbands to job and career opportunities. Why are Meryl Streep and others pretending so much of women not advancing since the seventies is white male privilege?
  • Women knew in the seventies that high heels were a western form of Chinese foot binding and hobbling. And that Fashion beyond nice, long wearing clothes that were comfortable to be in was materialistic. In Hollow Wood we strove to find good, down to earth roles for women and to have them clothed in sensible ways. However, many actresses found that the “sexy” way was easier than working with the industry for empowerment of both women, men and children. Now we have women police chiefs, detectives, surgeons running on five inch, ankle breaking heels – that cost a fortune and do not hold up – wearing crotch and breast revealing outfits. What kind of empowerment is this? A healthy body does not have to look like the monster Hermaphrodite, Hilary in a pants suit – – healthy women look very beautiful in pullovers, jeans or trowsers and sensible shoes.


The current outrage at heels required in many corporations is another lack of holding ourselves responsible – The Beauty Myth came out in the early nineties that demonstrated the wrong disparity of one third of women’s income being spent on yearly fashions to keep up with males in similar positions in the corporations and law firms. But women preferred Sex in the City and drooling like stupid ninny’s over 800 dollar, foot binding high heels than to take responsibility.

* It is said that Madonna is actually CIA and along with the “bull dykes” that took over the women’s movement – making it impossible for heterosexual and/or white women to participate – screaming white women down as the aggressors – – the “powers-that-be” used Madonna and others in the ENTRAINMENT INDUSTRIES to do social engineering to guide society into materialism and the dull lull of constant sex, “romance” and basically not looking after our world and having true spiritual pursuits. Where are the women researching this? Mention it and one is screamed down!

* I will not go into the abortion genocide. In the late 1970s and later we had Thomas Verney, M.D.s excellent research on the consciousness of the fetus  – this work was screamed down and hidden because it went against abortion. Although there are medical conditions, rapes and other possible valid reasons for medical termination of the life process – from the 1970s on women and men should have and could have demanded safe conception control – as well as personal responsibilty NOT to sink to the level of mindless sex addictions that the society was programming them for – – a pursuit of men and women as healthy, spiritual mature beings – – instead women chose to be sex objects re Behind the Green Door, the playboy mansion and Deep throat – – –

For the filming of the Exorcist and it’s release – NO women’s outcry at the using of the sacred Cross – – the symbol of the freedom that Jesus Christ purchased our freedom with – – as a sex toy. Basically the Blair parents, Friedkin, Blatty, Warner Brothers and William Morris Agency unleashed a tide of materialism and child/teen sex with the release of the film –  so that while many focus on pea soup vomit they do not see the actual evil significance.

L.A.  – I could go on with the mind ruining images that the films, Television, video games and music industry have pushed on girls and women that have NEVER been challenged by the current women who are raging. This rage is shallow, narcissistic and all about the women who are carrying it on. It is far easier to be addicted to rage and screaming down the men and others that these women are raging at – than to take personal responsibility and start the healing process for individuals, groups and humanity.

I write this as a women who has been, as a child/teen sexually assaulted and beaten since birth, kidnapped, held and raped for three days, had my educational funds taken by parents, gone through a time when women almost no ability to have good jobs and education  – and as a woman who is autistic/dyslexic and handicapped- I new from th3e fifties that things needed to change – – BUT not by blame – – – I have dedicated myself to helping others  and have given thousands of hours of pro bono counseling. But few women were listening and to see this narcissistic, wrongful rage of idiots in the streets who have not helped or addressed real issues – is overwhelming.


Thank you again for all that you and your staff do!






Sunday Go To Meeting Bun

The Bun

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Most of us know the story. Jesus has been falsely accused by the Jews, handed over to the Romans and now he has met one of the cruelest of punishments ever devised by man, crucifixion.
The Roman soldiers taunt Him as do the Jewish leaders. They scoff and jeer and hurl insults at Him. Remember not only was Jesus scourged within an inch of his life but he carried the wooden cross beam and then was pierced by three nails, which held him fast to the ancient implement of torture and death.
With all this in mind, He looks down at the people who are more like “raging bulls of Bashan,” and utters what may be one of the most profound remarks found in our Bibles.
Father forgive them for they know not what they do.
Jesus’ statement in the thick of being tortured to death, sets up a mandate for us who are His disciples. Essentially we are to forgive everybody, everything… period.
We are to pray for those who spitefully use us.
We are to bless and not curse those who insult  or injure us.
We are to turn the other cheek to those who strike us.
We are to walk two miles instead of one.
We are to love our enemies.
Who among us can live up to this ideal? Yet, this is what the Christian walk is all about, learning, through the circumstances that life brings our way, to model what our savior did while He was on the earth.