The Sunday Bun–from Peru

Sunday Go To Meeting Bun 

From Peru!

“And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.”
Luke 22:44 (NKJV)
Jesus Christ experienced hematohidrosis while praying in the garden of Gethsemane before his crucification as mentioned in the Defenders Bible by Physician Luke as “and being in anguish he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.”

I can’t imagine what He went through, what he must have been thinking as he prayed in the garden. As God, He knows all things. He knows what awaits Him. Yet, He knows this is the only way to set the human race free from the Sin-Code and the grip of the Fallen Cherub, Lucifer. As a man he must recoil from knowing the torture he is about to experience.

At some point an angel is dispatched to comfort Him. I wonder what they said to one another because surely there must have been words of encouragement sent from the Father.

He must have been weary and knowing what awaits Him, somewhat apprehensive, manifesting in the blood-sweat. He knows He is The Lamb of God and He is about to take away the sins of the world.

There is also one part of this story that has always intrigued me. Who is witnessing these events and later re-telling them? It’s not the disciples, as they are all asleep? Could it have been Mary Magdalene? Perhaps, as she is the first person He appears to and we know she loved Him and He her. However, there was no DaVinci Code nonsense going on here and He most certainly did not have any form of physical relations with her.

He agonized and then He sets his face like flint and goes willingly to what He was born into this world to do. No man takes His life from Him, He lays it down willingly…

It is by the Blood of Jesus that our sins are forgiven. By His blood we are saved. By His blood we are cleansed and made new. By His blood we are sealed into the heavenly kingdom. By His blood…. By His blood.

Never forget the price that was paid to set us free.

Chaos in Venezuela – Update with “Juan”

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L. A. Marzulli interviews Juan, via SKYPE. Juan shows us vivid pictures of what is going on there. Our media is silent and more than likely I won’t be able to monetize this on YOUTUBE. Censoring anyone? Sorry about the audio but that’s the best we could do.

Nephilim – Special DNA Report!

L. A. Marzulli weighs in on the History Channels recent DNA testing on a Paracas skull. He shows the conclusions from the Watchers Team investigation and that there were similar results to what the History Channel revealed. Nephilim Special DNA Report!

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Shut Up and Sing… On the Other Hand Why Not Move to Iran?

Katy Perry in Manchester: ‘Touch the Person Next to You’ and Tell Them ‘I Love You’ to Help ‘Conquer Hate’

Commentary & Analysis
by Your Intrepid host…
L. A. Marzulli
Coming to you from an undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains!

“No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist,” the singer said.

During the charity concert — held to benefit the victims of last month’s Islamist terrorist attack in which 22 people died, including an eight-year-old child —Stevie Wonder also called those who attempt to associate terrorism with Islam liars.

Love is all you need… unless some Jihadi has a bomb strapped to his body, or a knife at your throat or an AK pointed at your forehead.
Love is all you need and it’s so easy to state this at a conference where as a star, like Perry and Wonder, you are  chauffeured to and from the venue.  You have body guards around you and you are essentially isolated in every way, from the people you are pontificating to.
Wonder’s absurd claim that Islam is not to be associated with terror let’s me know that he’s ignorant to the stark and brutal reality of Islamic-terror.
Katy and Wonder should try holding a concert in Iran or Saudi Arabia or Pakistan! Good luck with that…
Perry sated last week: we need to co-exist.
Again statements like these tell us these are people living in the fantasy-land of stardom.
Tell that to the victims of the Boston Bombing, the Orlando Massacre, the Fort Hood Shooter, or the San Bernardino victims who were gunned down mercilessly..
Wrapping it up: The Jihadi’s have one goal and that is Sharia. Think about just last week where a bus-load of Christians were massacred. Of course this has nothing to do with Islam. Both Perry and Wonder should reconsider their naive and dangerous denial of the reality of the threat of Jihad. It’s real, ongoing and the body count is rising.


No Reason To Be Alarmed…. Really?

President Trump tore into London’s left-wing Mayor Sadiq Khan Sunday in the wake of a terror attack in London that left at least seven dead and dozens injured — after Khan told Londoners there is “no reason to be alarmed.”

I want to reassure all Londoners, and all our visitors, not to be alarmed. Our city remains one of the safest in the world,” he said. Khan
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Coming to you from an undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains!
Londinistan’s newly elected Muslim mayor announces to the world that there’s no reason to be alarmed. Meanwhile 7 people are killed by knife wielding Jihadi’s. I wonder why the left isn’t harping on Knife-control? Ooops, once again not a peep from them.
Of course anyone who stands up to the Islamists like our president is called an Islamaphobe. Trumps attacked for tweeting about closing immigration from countries that harbor terrorists but not a word about the rampaging Jihadi’s slashing at women’s throats on the London bridge.
Khan’s words are nothing more than an empty promise. A reassuring placebo that in the end will do nothing to stop another attack. Make no mistake about it, there will be another attack and more than likely soon.
Then we read that the Brits knew about the attacker. They knew he was radicalized. They knew he was a”lone” wolf yet did nothing.
We must come to an understanding that terrorists acts like there are not going to go away. The Jihadi’s have one goal and that is world domination. They have stated they want to see the black flag flying over the White House. They want Sharia law.
The west must come to an understanding that we are at a cultural impasse. We are witnessing a clash of cultures. Canings—like shown in the picture above—cutting off the hand or the opposite foot for stealing, female genital mutilations and honor killings are common place throughout the Muslim world.
Is this what we want here?
The West needs to come to grips with what Sharia is and understand that the Jihadi’s and radical Imams dictate protocol.
The left will never understand that our country and it’s freedoms are based on the supernatural events that have colored the body politic. We are a Christian nation. The Middle East embraces Islam, which is based on a different set of supernatural events.
The current political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago. L. A. Marzulli
To wrap it up for today. How many more killings will we witness before our leaders actually implement real change? Of course it’s not their sister, brother, father or child that is killed, so the horror of Jihad never really hits home. As Khan states, no reason to be alarmed. This is the “new” normal.



Sunday Bummer-Bun – London Terror…. Again.

Three Jihadi knifemen are shot dead by police after killing six and hurting 30: Gang yell ‘this is for Allah’ after mowing down crowd on London Bridge and then going from bar to bar in stabbing frenzy
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Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Coming to you from an undisclosed location deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains.
I suppose we should just hold a continual candle-light vigil, until the second coming, because the mindless slaughter of innocents, in the name of Allah, is not going to stop….ever.
Cradle your teddy bear, light your candles, place a wreath of flowers on the blood-stained ground and repeat the mantra that you’ve been told, by the idiots in the MSM to repeat, Islam is a religion of peace.
Another bunch of Jihadi thugs, carrying out their murderous rampage, struck London yesterday. As long as countries allow the so-called immigrants and refugees into their countries these acts of terror will become so commonplace that people will begin to flee the countries they live in. But where will they go? Perhaps people should stand their ground and push back against the Jihad, radical Islam and the so-called immigrants.
Of course that would be politically incorrect and it may result in a dim-witted “comedian” acting out his or hers own Jihad against what they consider to be Islamaphobic.
Here’s what I think is really going on. All of what we see is orchestrated by the elites. They want the chaos. They revel in it. They created it in the first place. They opened the doors of Europe.
What Charles Martel fought against, at the battle of Tours, turning back the Islamic hordes, centuries ago, Merkel and others of her ilk have opened their borders and allowed free access to their countries.
This is deliberate. Out of chaos… order. In my opinion, what we are seeing is a classic Haegelian Dialectic.
The first move was 911. (oops there that pesky building 7 again!)
This sent us into Afghanistan, and gave the deep-state access to the 1 TRILLION dollar a year opium harvest. (Black budgets anyone?) This set the world into an orchestrated “chaos” where the disruption of “normal” life is now an ongoing series of suicide bombers, knife stabbings, rampaging trucks, and masked shooters gunning down innocents.
The outcome? A new world order? A global government? A new religion?
What about Chris-Lam? The merging of the two religions, Christianity and Islam, in order to bring peace. Could this be the final “leg” of the dialectic. It will be a merging of the two religions to bring about world-peace. I can hear the pundits at CNN singing Kumbaya now.
Am I out on a limb here? Perhaps. However, we know from the Book of Revelation there will be a one-world government and a one-world religion. As farfetched as it seems: what was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold.
Wake up…


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