Back in the Saddle from a New Undisclosed Location!

I’m going to do Acceleration Radio tonight. A big THANKYOU for all of you who have helped us out financially in this time of loss!

First half hour.

The Fire Aftermath
Chemtrails over Thousand Oaks
The Absurdity of the Caravan

Second half hour.

Russ Dizdar – London has Fallen
Russ has just returned from London and Scotland. I spoke with him on the phone a few days ago and what he told me was disconcerting. Hear it for yourself tonight at 6pm.




Our Home and Studio are Gone…UPDATE

Friday, November 16.

Peggy and I are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and financial aid that so many of you have given.

We have rented a house in Thousand Oaks and are buying furniture. Our dogs are still in the kennel but we hope to get our furry friends out by Sunday. One day at a time for the moment.

We have lost all of our books and DVD’s that were stored in our garage. In other words, all our inventory is gone. Picking up the pieces and we hope to get up and rolling in a few weeks. We’ll see. L.A.


We lost everything our house and studio are all gone as well as all of our products that were stored in our garages.

The place looks like an A-bomb hit it. There’s nothing left… nothing.

We are homeless.

God will bring good out of this because that’s what He does.

In the meantime, we have created a gofundme page.

You can also donate through PAYPAL: DONATE To the Marzulli Fire Relief Fund

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Fires Get Close to My Undisclosed Location…

The Fire has now jumped the 101 freeway. Winds are expected to increase. We have moved all our computers, cameras and other valuables into our fire-proof root cellar.
Peggy and I are in Dallas at the Operation Classified Conference. Our daughter and our friend Justine are at the house ready to evacuate.
Very disconcerting but God is in control and no matter what happens He will bring good out of it.

The Era of Madness – Days of Chaos
The Era of Madness
L. A. Marzulli


But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 Timothy 3:1

Strongs:  difficult, i.e. Dangerous, or furious

I live only 20 minutes from where this shooting took place. I drive by it at least once a week. 20 years ago when I had my cabinet shop we did work inside the building. My daughter Sarah used to go there once a week to dance. It was a popular hangout.
We are living in the Days of Chaos. What we are seeing, in my opinion, is unlike any other time in history. Lawlessness reigns supreme. What happened in Thousand Oaks last night is a reminder to us all that these acts of senseless deranged violence can happen anywhere.
Of course, the Democrats and the antigun lobby will be calling for us to round up the guns and void the second amendment. We need to stand fast and push back. Thousand Oaks is a no-concealed carry city. People are not allowed to pack except without a special permit which is very difficult to get.
We can round up all the guns in our country and it won’t stop the maniac who wants to kill and destroy. It won’t stop the Jihadi who wants to kill for Allah. It won’t stop anyone. Perilous times, indeed.
Then there’s the so-called Antifa crowd that threatened Tucker Carlson last night.
The Antifa people chanted “Racist scumbag, Leave town!” This is intimidation of the worst sort and if it continues there will be violence. Threatening conservatives and those who hold a Christian worldview and claim to be Nationalists is nothing short of what the real Nazi’s did in the 1930’s. The Antifa movement are, in fact, the real fascists.





Then we have A.G. Sessions resignation which is creating what can only be described as panic through the Democrats in Washington. I would posit that the timing of this was orchestrated and carefully planned by Our President. The Mueller investigation is nothing short of a witch hunt. The Steele Dossier was created by Fusion GPS and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. End of story.
The corruption that will be exposed now that someone will actually go after the weasels in the DOJ and the FBI may be damaging to the Obama administration as well as the Clinton’s.
Q has been talking about this for months and it is now here. BOOM! I would think that Comey, as well as Rosenstein, will be charged. In fact, this could go all the way to the Obama White House.
In closing. These are the Days of Chaos. Perilous times are here…


DEMS Gain the House – Now What?

Commentary & Analysis
L.A. Marzulli


So the Democrats took the house and the Republicans held the Senate. I can guarantee you that the Dems will go after our President and shiftless Schiff is already calling for further investigation into the supposed Russia Collusion.
Maxine Watters will most likely draw up articles of impeachment since that’s her favorite word in her vocabulary.
Nancy Pelosi will thwart anything Trump tries to do in the House. Remember her famous quote about Obummer’s health care. “We have to pass the bill before we can read the bill.”
So essentially the inmates are running the asylum.
In the meanwhile the American people will be the big losers as the weasels in Washington will continue with the Bogus witch-hunt under Mueller, try to repeal the tax cuts and push the globalist agenda.
Forget about the construction of the border wall, as the Dems will continue their open-border policy.
In my opinion part of the blame for the Republican’s loss in the House can be laid at the feet of out-going speaker Paul Ryan. He could have rallied for Trump. He could have started campaigning for the mid-terms the moment Trump was elected. He could have pushed back against the bogus Russian Collusion story. He could have held Maxine Waters accountable for her divisive comments. As acting speaker of the House Ryan abdicated his responsibilities. I would posit that it was deliberate.
My hope is that Q-anon is right and the sealed indictments will be opened and the American people will finally see the corruption that is like cancer in all branches of our government.


The Church has a morbid propensity toward ambivalence in regard to the UFO phenomenon. L.A. Marzulli












Get the vote out!
The Democrats have nothing to offer us but higher taxes, bigger government, abortion on demand, open borders and ties with the deep state.
  • HRC and many Dems supported partial birth abortion.
  • Senate Committee found no evidence to support sex assault allegations against  Kavanaugh. SCAM ANYONE?
  • The Bogus FISA Warrant regarding the Steele Dossier which is the basis for Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with the Russians was paid for by the DNC and HRC Campaign funds.
  • Chicago has been under Democratic control for years and now has the dubious distinction of being the murder capital of the USA. Chicago has gun control!
  • The media is bias and in essence is the 5th column of the Democratic party. Fake news is the appropriate label for the corrupt and left-leaning “enemy of the people.”
  • Obama’s fiscal policies almost bankrupted the country. All of us who gave “just a little bit more,” and struggled under the Obama years are now recovering with Trump’s tax cuts.
  • The Antifa movement are the real fascists who shut down conservative speech.
  • YOUTUBE and other social media are silencing conservative thought and speech. If the DEMS gain power there will be no stopping the thought police!
  • The Dems are calling for a revision of the Constitution because they don’t like the Electoral college.
  • Dems will keep the open border policy that has cost our country billions of dollars.
  • MAGA and the concept of Nationalism and American’s first are in direct opposition to the globalist agenda. These are “dirty” words to the MSM and the Dems.
  • Obama made fun of Trump calling out Hillary’s Emails and pointing to what many of see as a total breach of National security. How does she get away with destroying 30,000 emails? Double standard anyone?
  • There are thousands of homeless vets. How about we take care of them first. Keep the caravan south of the border. Build the wall.
I could go on but I think you get the point. If we don’t get out and vote the Dems will gain the House and they will go after our President with articles of impeachment.
Trump has packed out venues wherever he speaks. Millions of Americans voted for him. He put’s us first and lowered our taxes, did away with Obama’s regulations and restrictions, built up our military, called for the badly needed wall on our southern border, is tough on trade, stands up to the Mullah’s in Iran and stopped Rocket-man!
Obama’s rallies have only a few thousand people with many empty seats. Obama had 8 years in office and all he accomplished was to double the national debt, create division, regulate and restrict business, allow a power vacuum in the middle east which led to the creation of ISIS to name a few of his “accomplishments.” I wish he would go away and stop lecturing us on how fearful we are.

Make America Great Again! Get out and VOTE!

I Hate Daylight Savings Time…!

Only the White man would think that if he cut a blanket in two and took the bottom half and attached it to the top half of the blanket he would have a bigger blanket.

Old First-Nation Saying on Daylight Savings time…

Then we have the workers at Stone Henge England. This picture will attest to their dedication to Daylight Savings Time.  While this is an arduous endeavor that is repeated in the fall and spring of every year, the Brits have lived up to the task and continue to move the giant stones to keep Daylight Savings time on track!
I want to take a moment and give a special shout-out to Ben Franklin who thought this would be a good idea. Thanks, for ruining my sleep pattern, Ben.

(Thanks to Tony M. for sending the picture my way!)