Venezuela – The Collapse of Venezuela – What Socialism has Wrought

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L. A. Marzulli

Days of Chaos!


CUMANÁ, Venezuela —

20160620-VENEZUELA-slide-6HQ7-master768With delivery trucks under constant attack, the nation’s food is now transported under armed guard. Soldiers stand watch over bakeries. The police fire rubber bullets at desperate mobs storming grocery stores, pharmacies and butcher shops. A 4-year-old girl was shot to death as street gangs fought over food.

Venezuela is coming apart at the seams. Anarchy, dissent, roving gangs, rapes, murders, missing people, lack of food, water and basic necessities, plague the country.  In short this is the fruit of a socialistic government.
Socialism has never worked and it never will. The Soviets tried their brand of Socialism—communism—and the system basically collapsed of its own weight after just 70 years.
Socialism stifles the entrepreneurial spirit, puts down any incentive to do better, crushes the will to create something new and gives to those who don’t deserve it.
Our current president is, in my opinion, a socialist. He has engineered Obamacare and essentially lied to the American people when he stated: if you have a plan you can keep your plan.
He also has practically abolished the middle class, raised taxes and created a constricted economic landscape where 92 million people are not in the workforce and another 55 million are on food-stamps.
Trump has stated that unemployment is not the 6% that the government tells us, it’s more like 25% or perhaps even higher.
The democratic party is slanted so far to the left, which is why someone like Bernie Sanders, a communist, could actually almost beat Hillary Clinton. The democrats want a bigger government, higher taxes and a socialistic utopia. The problem is, it will never work, as someone has to pay for all the false largesse of a Big-Brother-tax and spend-Government.
According to some pundits, Obamacare, the socialistic dream of health care for all, will come crashing down in 2017. Reason for this is simple, You can’t get free stuff. Someone has to actually pay for it!
All we need to do is look at the poverty, despair, and collapse of Venezuela to understand the fruits of socialism. It’s rotten to the core and Americans should rally against this ideology.
Socialism doesn’t work and it is in every way a failed system and yet a certain segment of Washington is not only flirting with it, it’s embracing it with open arms.
In closing todays post. All government can do is regulate. It never creates anything. Venezuela is in chaos. So much for the Socialistic Utopia.
A government is best that governs least. (Thomas Jefferson)


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Sunday Go to Meeting Bun – Recovery Time….


Sunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

I was rear ended on Friday by a 30 foot delivery truck. I was stopped at a light listening to a Gary Stearman lecture on the Supernatural, when the guy in the truck plowed into me. He never hit his breaks. The collision was very violent and it moved my 24 year-old-tank of a car—the steel frame saved me—into the car in front of me. My hat flew off my head and landed in the backseat.

When I got out of the car and examined the damage my heart sank, as I realized that the car was most likely totaled. About 5 minutes later pain began in my lower  left back, left shoulder and left knee.  The tow-truck came and I sat in the passenger seat as we towed my car about 20 miles to the body shop. I made small talk with the driver, as I began to sink into depression.

Peggy met me at the shop and we went to the Urgent Care, where a doctor checked me out. I didn’t need X-rays, as I had a full range of motion.

When we got home I braced myself for the pain, that I heard would most likely happen the day after the accident. I sank lower into a funk. By the next morning I had hit bottom.

I went for a two-mile run and the Holy Spirit reminded me of what my first mentor—and the man whom I dedicated The Cosmic Chess Match too—Wayne Kendal, taught me 36 years ago. It was one of the first lessons I learned from him. It was about recovery time. (I’m not talking about physical recovery time from an injury)

Here’s the gist of it. Stuff happens in everybody’s life, we are told in our Bibles that in the world we will have trouble but that Jesus overcame the world. (I’m paraphrasing)

In other words I was overwhelmed by the accident, the violence of it, the fact that my car was most likely totaled. The realization that the insurance company wasn’t going to give me what the car is worth as I had restored it to mint condition. I began to feel sorry for myself and as I stated I got depressed, bummed out, self-centered, self obsessed, petulant and I wanted to move far away and disappear…

So maybe I’m overreacting here, but I’m being honest. The low point was the next morning before the run.

I went to my running spot, stretched out and did a two-mile run a t a good clip. During the run, as I mentioned earlier, the Holy Spirit began to speak and He reminded me of Wayne’s instructions so long ago. I asked myself, how long was I going to remain in my self-induced funk? A day? A week? A month or a year….?

In other words this where the recovery time becomes crucial for  us. Fortunately my recovery time was less than 24 hours and I began to pray asking the Lord to forgive my attitude and then the peace came.

Notice I didn’t get another car. The circumstances hadn’t changed an iota, but my attitude did, as I gave it over in prayer to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

We have free will. I could have stayed in the bummed-out-mindset for who knows how long, and in fact many of us do just this. We allow the circumstances to dictate how we think and feel. They cloud our thinking rule our emotions.

The good news is when we release whatever it is, in prayer, the peace that the world can not give floods our souls. 

It’s all about recovery time. If Wayne were still here he would have grinned at me  said: Very good Marzulli…

I want to thank all of you who prayed for me as I truly believe the reason there is no lingering pain is because of the prayers that went to the throne room in my behalf.

One last item. The night of the accident there were three fires, close to us that surrounded us. They were all put out, but Peggy and I found it really weird. Coincidence? I think not.

The enemy hates us and comes to rob, kill and destroy. This is why we put on armor daily and wash our minds by the renewing of the word.




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Our 2nd Amendment


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment

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But sometimes we just have to acknowledge that the Founders and the Constitution are wrong. This is one of those times. We need to say loud and clear: The Second Amendment must be repealed.

Here we go. The loony-left is at it again, including our president who—no surprise here—in the wake of the worst shooting in US History,  (Except for the Wounded Knee massacre) calls for gun control.
The AR15 used in the shooting is an assault weapon. The second amendment was put into place to protect us from a tyrannical government. Rounding up the guns, like they already did in Paris, France, won’t stop the shootings. The Bataclan nightclub was a gun-free zone….150 dead. Interesting how Rolling Stone and Obama as well as myriad of celebrities, jump on the no-guns bandwagon.
May I remind you that the Boston Bombers used pressure cookers to create a bomb. Perhaps we should round-up those nasty weapons of mass destruction from every kitchen in America!
The problem is not the guns, the problem is the ideology of radical Islam. Obama didn’t address this and as The Donald pointed out Obama seemed more angry at Trump than he did  Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter.  Obama  was petulant and excoriated those who pointed to his inability to call the act the work of radical Islam.

The reason why it’s important to call out, by name, radical Islam, is that this is the driving force behind the heinous, cowardice, acts being committed world-wide. It is the ideology of radical Islam that must be confronted. By not calling it by what it is, Obama can and does steer the focus to gun-control, which is not the issue.
Think about it. If there had been one or two people “packing” at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the entire scenario that went down, most likely would have had a different outcome.
Same thing goes for the Batacaln club in Paris as well as the unarmed soldiers who died at the hands of another Jihadi, at Fort Hood.
In closing todays post: I just love when Hollywood jumps on the no-gun band wagon with feigned righteous indignation. Meanwhile, these actors shoot up more people and the body count is through the roof in the violent movies hollywood turns out year after year! (Do as I say and not as I do.)
Rolling Stone is out of touch with reality. People should be trained in gun safety and schools should have teachers who are packing. If a shooter knows someone will shoot back, they’ll think twice about engaging. In Israel this is the norm, teachers are armed.
In the meantime, Obama is allowing hundreds of so-called Syrian refugees into the country and there’s no way to vet them. Who is coming across the southern border?
The second amendment should be held sacrosanct to all americans as it is our only defense against a tyrannical government.
The communists in Russia rounded up all the guns as well as Hitler and the Chinese. Nothing new here. If the people can’t shoot back, the powers that be can round them up and do whatever they want to them.
Of course this is America and that can’t happen here right? Two words come to mind. Wounded knee…. Just ask the Native Americans how giving up the weapons worked out for them…. By the way when you read the paragraph below, when it refers to “The Ghost Dance,” according to Chief Joseph, it was, in fact, The Holy Ghost Dance. These people were born again spirit filled Christians.


On December 29, the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry surrounded a band of Ghost Dancers under Big Foot, a Lakota Sioux chief, near Wounded Knee Creek and demanded they surrender their weapons. As that was happening, a fight broke out between an Indian and a U.S. soldier and a shot was fired, although it’s unclear from which side. A brutal massacre followed, in which it’s estimated 150 Indians were killed (some historians put this number at twice as high), nearly half of them women and children. The cavalry lost 25 men.

The conflict at Wounded Knee was originally referred to as a battle, but in reality it was a tragic and avoidable massacre. Surrounded by heavily armed troops, it’s unlikely that Big Foot’s band would have intentionally started a fight. Some historians speculate that the soldiers of the 7th Cavalry were deliberately taking revenge for the regiment’s defeat at Little Bighorn in 1876. Whatever the motives, the massacre ended the Ghost Dance movement and was the last major confrontation in America’s deadly war against the Plains Indians.