If You Don’t Think It’s Rigged you’re Drinking Coolaide….

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L. A. Marzulli







If you don’t think the powers that be are working over time to rig the election, you’re drinking the cool-aid. The media are all out to bash Trump and destroy him. The United Nations has called to finish him off. The republican elites—the good old boys club in the Beltway—are calling for Trump to disband his campaign. Really? Are you kidding me?
Meanwhile Hillary can do no wrong.
Wikileaks had its server shut down and thus, more emails that would implicate “Crooked Hillary” as a criminal, are stopped from getting to us.
This election is something out of a Orwellian nightmare, where Big Brother is in charge, with ever-increasing powers to control, control and control some more and guarantee that Big Government’s candidate will win… no matter what.
Jefferson stated this: A government is best that governs least.
I want you all to really think about this next point I’m going to raise. Bring it up to everyone you meet. Talk to your kids about it. There are a lot of snowflakes out there who want a nanny state. However, someone has to PAY for the nanny state.
There are a lot of Christians who are acting holier than thou and won’t vote for Trump because of a comment he said 11 years ago.  In my opinion they don’t realize what’s at stake.
Trump’s not perfect, but he’s got my vote and here’s just one of the many reasons why.
This is simple, easy-to-understand-language, that will cut through all the fog and media spin. The current tax rate under O’Bummer is about 35%. Add your state taxes, social security—what a scam!—and our insurances and you will see that roughly 50% of your income goes to taxes.
We are nothing more than modern-day serfs, period. If Clinton gets in she will raise our taxes even more. Think about it, 50% of yours and mine hard-earned money goes to a bloated, out-of-control-government who can’t balance their own books and keep spending us into oblivion. If this behavior continues, and I can guarantee it will continue under a Clinton Administration, we will go bankrupt.
The stock-market crash in 1929, which bought about The Great Depression was, in my opinion manipulated. Just 16 years earlier a band of private bankers conspired to bring about the creation of the Federal Reserve. It was passed on Christmas Eve, when hardly anyone was present in the House of Representatives. Our country has never been the same since.
Trump’s tax plan calls for DECREASING our taxes to a reasonable 15%. Think about the difference and ask yourself this question. Do you want to keep more of your money or had it over to the idiots in Washington?
In closing todays post. The hour is late and their have been rigged elections in the past. Many Americans are furious with the bozo’s in Washington. We have one chance to fix this. If Clinton gets in we will have HIGHER taxes, endless abortions, super liberal Supreme Court justices, more immigration, open borders and a global—it takes a village—mindset.
If Trump gets in, he will build the wall, he will go after the gang-bangers, he will go after the drugs, he will take a look at the mosques going up all over our country, he will stop the illegal immigration, he will bring us back to what many of us know and love about America. This is it….



In Other News!

Donald Trump: “The election is absolutely being rigged” We are living in Orwell’s 1984. 


WARNING! This is very graphic and the use of would language is abundant. There are F-bombs and other profanity. I posted this because of what’s at stake. The media attacks Trump but these people exposed here are beyond the pale. That being said, people need to see this!!!! Watch at your own risk… L.A.

Rigged Elections? It’s in-your-face media manipulation and unless we get out the vote all is lost. 4 more years of Obama’s policies on steroids. The Globalists will win.
This might be our reality in the next few weeks. Ezekiel 38 anyone?
L. A. Marzulli & Russ Dizdar Interview. September 2016!

Nation against nation…. This is a great overview of what is going on in Syria. Get informed.


Great Interview! Thanks Derrick! WAKE UP!

WWIII – Update. PPS Report – Days of Chaos

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

There are millions of us who are tired of the Weasel’s in the media who are not reporting what’s going on. The media are in the tank with Clinton. Shame on you!



In Other News!

Are we seeing the beginnings of WWIII…


Rigged Elections? It’s in-your-face media manipulation and unless we get out the vote all is lost. 4 more years of Obama’s policies on steroids. The Globalists will win.
This is a behind the scenes look at what is happening in the Middle East!
L. A. Marzulli & Russ Dizdar Interview. September 2016!

Sunday Go to Meeting Bun!

Sunday Bun
L. A. Marzulli

Rejoice in the Lord always: again I will say, Rejoice.
Let your forbearance be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand. (Philippians 4, 5)

I remember hearing this for the first time and wondering how the heck is this possible when we face all the trials and tribulations that life can throw at us.
In other words what if there’s sickness in the family? How about a financial crises, or a family member is  hooked on drugs or alcohol? What about a loss of employment? Your house is foreclosed on? You’ve been accused falsely? Your car was broken into and your laptop and cell phone were stolen? A loved one dies unexpectantly? How do we rejoice when hit with situations like this?
When my children were little they watched movies. Most were about 90 minutes long. At the end of 90 minutes everything worked out. There was a happy ending. I used to tell them, when they were older, that life was not a movie. Sometimes situations take years before they resolve. Other times they never resolve at all.
The point I’m making is this, and  I’ve learned it slowly but steadily over the last 36 years, while walking with the Lord. Here’s the secret…
He’s in control of all things and as the word says: my times are in your hands.
He loves us and he has a plan for our life, as he cares for us.
He will present us before His presence with singing and joy!  With that in mind no matter what we face we can rejoice in the Lord, because the victory is already won and redemption and salvation may be only a breath away.
He is the keeper of our souls.
He is the one who ransomed us.
He is the one who knows us better than we know ourselves.
He will eventually wipe away every tear.
He has triumphed over death.
He will judge the living and dead.
He is the first and the last.
All things were made by Him and without Him nothing that was made was made.
He was sent to earth because His father loved the world.
He can break the power of sin in our lives… Who the Son sets free is free indeed.
His kingdom is everlasting.
He is our hope.
At the end of Watchers 9, I look into the camera and say this. If you think you know Him but you don’t know Him, then you don’t know Him.
Jesus created us, as we are made in His image and likeness. He has overcome the world and thus we rejoice not because of the trials but because we know Him. We have a personal relationship with Him. He is more intimate with us than anyone including our spouses.
Do you know the Prince of peace? Do want peace in your life? Confess your sin and acknowledge Him who was sent to die in our place. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Rejoice!


Politics – If you Can’t See the Media Manipulation You Need Political Glasses!

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
From an undisclosed location on the Spinning Blue Planet! (LOL—That will get a hackle out of the Flat-earthers!)


Please check out the above link. It’s a great piece by Ann Coulter, it’s brilliant!

The 2016 election is reaching a fever pitch. The media hate Trump and are creating every diversion known to man to topple him.

The United Nations hate Trump and are calling out to finish him off.

The globalist hate Trump because he’s going to put America first and NOT the globalist agenda.

Paul Ryan, The Speaker of the House along with McCain, Boehner, McConnel and other so-called Republicans, hate Trump too.

The Washington elites hate Trump and they are terrified, because if he’s elected he will expose the DEEP corruption that permeates the Belt-way.


If you can’t see the blatant-in-you-face-media-manipulation to NUKE The Donald then you need political glasses!

I am amazed that the media does nothing and I mean nothing to hold Hillary Clinton accountable.

We have the thousands of emails she deleted.  We have the deaths of our ambassador and soldiers in the wag-the-dog-spin of Ben Ghazi.

We have her sitting in Washington for 30 years and I challenge you to name one, just one of her accomplishments.

The Weasels in the media and the Power-elites are digging up everything they can on Trump, but you’ll notice nothing appears about Hillary….nothing.

This is our last chance to keep our country. Obama is bringing in upward of 20,000 Syrian refugees. Most will be unveiled.

Obamacare is about to collapse.

We are TRILLIONS in debt and if Clinton gets in, we’ll be TRILLIONS more.

Think about this for a moment. The FEDS take upward of 35% in taxes. Then add 5% for Social Security. Now add another %10 for state and local taxes. The add up  your property taxes at another 2%. What’s left for you as the Government is taking over 50% of our income. Isn’t this what our founders fought for? Taxation without representation????

If Clinton gets in she will raise our taxes. Period.

Do you really enjoy working half a year for free? Do you want to see abortion-on-demand?

Do you want to see more foreign workers taking American jobs?

Do you want to see more of the ongoing Islamization of our country with the building of mosques in every city? Bill Clinton suggested we re-populate Detroit with Syrain refugees. Bubba is Clueless.

We have one shot to correct the mess we’re in and it’s Donald J. Trump. Get out and vote!

Amazing how Obama gets a pass on everything he does. This video surfaced yesterday and I’m posting it here. It shows Obama flaunting his “erection” to flight attendants. Of course the media just goes along with everything he does. He’s untouchable.

Trump says something 11 years ago and it’s blasted all over creation. It’s a double standard. Our media is duplicitous and in the tank with the globalist agenda.





L. A. Marzulli’s Fall Speaking Schedule – Brief Political Commentary on the Last Debate!

Note: I am in an undisclosed location, and not deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains!
Very interesting place here, however, the Internet is very sketchy and thus I have not posted in about a week.
That being said, I thought the debate monitors gang-up on The Donald was disgraceful and along with a  media that’s in the tank for Clinton, let’s the folks know how the election is being manipulated or as Chuck Missler would say, is a managed agenda.
Regarding Trumps remarks: I get, it’s locker room talk and reflects a man who is not born again, in my opinion. It’s “corse jesting.” However, that was 11 years ago. That’s all they got on him.
People change and Trump has changed because he has seen the American people hurting with onerous taxes and unemployment numbers that are a staggering 92 million people out of the work force. He’s all in to make America great again.
For you Snowflake Christians who are holding your political noses, get over yourself and realize that if Clinton gets in it’s over for this country. You want to pay 45% of your hard earned money to a bloated-out-of-control government? Then stay home and watch Little House on the Praire on election night.
But don’t come complaining to me for the next four years, as you watch our freedoms erode, abortion rights go through the roof and the tax and spend policies of Clinton take us into financial oblivion.
We have only one shot to fix this and it’s Donald J. Trump. Look at his children if you want to see the fruit in his life. Even Hillary complimented Trump on his children. Trump’s children say a lot for the man…. There you go. Need I say more.

October 21-23: Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference – With Russ Dizdar! Freedom Light Church –  www.freedomslightchurchofgod.org



L. A. Marzulli’s

Speaking Schedule 2016

January 15 -17: Reno Nevada appearance livingwaterssparkschurch.org I will be speaking Friday night and then two sessions on Saturday followed by a Q & A.  Sunday morning on Prophecy!

February 5: The Anchor – www.theanchoroceanside.com

February 19 – 22: Beit Tehila Congregation Topraise.net

March 18-20: Dallas Prophecy Watchmen Conference! http://www.hearthewatchmen.com

Remember to sign up for live streaming of Hear the Watchmen visit http://www.hearthewatchmen.com/#!live-stream-hear-the-watchmen/wdudm

April 1-3: Burnsville North Carolina


April 27 – 30 – Supernatural Crossroads Conference.  https://pxd.us/?p=1034

Supernatural Crossroads Conference 2016 Camby, Indiana

July 15-17 – Prophecy Watchers Conference.  https://prophecywatchers.com/product/rocky-mountain-international-prophecy-conference-registration/

September 4th: The Space! L.A.’s only Southern California Appearance this year!

September 16-18: Fountain Of Life Church – Regina, Sask. Canada – Michael Pedersen, Pastor http://fountainoflife.church

September 30 – October 2: Hear the Watchman Conference – Knoxville Tennessee. http://www.hearthewatchmen.com

October 21-23: Southern Appalachian Prophecy Conference – With Russ Dizdar! Freedom Light Church –  www.freedomslightchurchofgod.org

October 28-30: Strategic Trends Conference w/ Chuck Missler! https://koinoniainstitute.org/conference/
November 4-6: Deception in the Desert!
L.A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers and does not necessarily endorse any unless specifically noted.

Sunday Bun! At SAllome Point in the Future

Sunday go to Meeting Bun
L. A. Marzulli
At Some Point in the future…
The King of Kings will return and he will be seen by everyone, as every eye will see Him.
The wars will stop.
The earthquakes will stop.
The Jews will look upon Him whom they have pierced and mourn for Him.
Every knee will bend and every head will bow in His presence.
Darwinism will never again be spoken of.
Abortion clinics will be no more.
Porno houses will be shut down.
Diseases will cease.
The god of this world will be bound for 1000 years.
There will be no more hunger.
The King will rule from Jerusalem with a rod of iron.
The nations will bring their offerings to Him.
The curse that is between the animal kingdom and human beings will be no more.
Angels will walk amongst us.
There will be one common language on the earth.
The Millennial Kingdom, with Jesus ruling on earth will be for a thousand years.

(I’m in an undisclosed location and might not be able to blog for a while as Internet will become sketchy. L.A.)







The Anatomy of a Hoax!

WATCHERS 10.2 – Anatomy of a Hoax from L. A. Marzulli on Vimeo

This is our official disclosure of what we now know is a hoax. Thus, we call it The Anatomy of a Hoax.
The Creature fooled everyone, including doctors, geneticist, veterinarians, nurses and radiologists.
It was complied by a master taxidermist and we’re still not sure why anyone would go to this length to create it,  except perhaps to discredit Jaime Mausson.
I want to set the record straight because there have been some disinformation and “hit-pieces” regarding this.
First off, you will see and hear my skepticism all throughout this film. The bottom line was I didn’t know whether this Creature was real or a hoax. I leaned toward real, after speaking with the Vet, and it’s in print in my book, Nephilim Hybrids, that more testing needed to be done. This film is the result of the “more testing.”
The second point I wish to make is this. Once Watchers found out the Creature was a hoax I called Gary Stearman at Prophecy Watchers, as well as Derrick Gilbert from Sky Watch and told them to hold off on airing the programs we had filmed a few weeks earlier because we had new information.
This film features our journey and exploration into testing the Creature. You’ll see just how it came down. How up to the last-minute the Creature fooled the two Vets that were examining it.
Whoever created this hoax was a master. The question lingers, why did he or she do this? Was it to deliberately discredit Jaime Mausson? Did the creator of this Creature draw from something he or she had seen in real life? Perhaps we’ll never know all the answers but Watchers did the investigation and brought the results of it to you and here it is!
Come and explore The Anatomy of a Hoax!
Thanks for watching!
In Other News!
Aleppo – The Sarajevo moment?
ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, ‘Quiet Neighborhoods’


This has to stop! American’s should push back with everything legal within our power. 

40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow


Is this a foreshadow of what is to come?

A great Video from my friend, Brien Foerster!


I love this guy! He gets it and pulls no punches!


Watchers 10 and Nephilim Hybrids –  SHIPPING NOW!


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TNephilim HybridsW10 FRONT

Every civilization has stories of gods coming from the sky and producing offspring with human women. Most people tend to dismiss the stories as nothing more than a fanciful tale from a long-gone era.
Others recognize the truth often hidden within the stories, but believe that they tell of a time that is buried in the ancient past and that we no longer have to even contemplate such an occurrence in our time.

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Unfortunately for both groups, the Bible is filled with details. Details that not only recount the time long ago when these heavenly beings cohabited with human women and produced a race of giants, but details that indicate a return of those heavenly beings and a renewal of the events now viewed as ancient history.

Perhaps most frightening of all, recent discoveries reveal that it’s no longer prophetic, but the renewal of that breeding program has already begun!

DNA RESULTS From the Paracas Skulls and the Oregon Skull that we tested in a private collection! See the full report in the appendix of Nephliim Hybrids!

A Winged Creature—HOAX!—that fooled us all!

The Catalina Island Cover up of the picture of a 9 foot skeleton that I exposed!

The GIANT Lovelock CAVE handprint, that someone “erased”!

The Mysterious “Ghost Wolf” Or what I would now call a demonic manifestation caught on a game trail camera!

Startling revelations of the Serpent Mound in Ohio which tie back to The Seed of the Serpent!

Steve Quayle was right! The AFGHAN Giant was/is real. First hand account from one of the shooters who came face to face with the giant.