On The way To the Raleigh Conference

I’m on the tarmac waiting to take off to the Raleigh conference. I’ll post more when I arrive and get settled in tomorrow morning. We had lot’s of comments on yesterday’s post as the video is certainly unnerving at best. We are so far down the rabbit hole and in my opinion the video is a portent of what is to come. Just the fact that thousands of people would be chanting together for a new holocaust is so far beyond the pale that it’s hard to imagine. War is coming to the region and when it does it will be a game changer.
DEBKA file this morning discussed new US troop movements in Kuwait and other areas in the persian Gulf. Please remember that the Russians are moving ships and troops as well. At home Obama needs another TRILLION dollars. This is Kensian economics at it’s best. Tax and spend…. just dreadful… Wake up America, your reality is changing….
See you tomorrow morning before the conference!

26 thoughts on “On The way To the Raleigh Conference

  1. LA, I tried so hard to make the Raleigh conference but was thwarted at every turn by the enemy so I just prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill you and the audience with his knowledge and for the words you uttered to be straight from Jesus! I will be in Maryland but I feel access to you will be much more limited there 😦 Things are moving so quickly at this point, I’m never sure what tommorrow will bring. We certainly are on the cusp of something! I’m asking ALL your followers to pray up a storm for you between now and the Maryland conference as the powers and principalities of darkness are very strong in the Washington, D.C. area. Anyway, God Bless and keep you. See you in Feb!

  2. LA…
    Thank you so much for coming to the Raleigh Conference…..We traveled in from Charlotte. For any one that has an opportunity to come to one of your conferences, it is well worth it. We already had Watchers 1& 2 (birthday gift to my wife last year). At the conference I bought Watchers 3 and the Cosmic Chess Match. More people need to “wake up” like we did several years ago. You are a blessing to us, both in your videos and especially in person….we feel like we have known you for years! Another great thing that we know is God’s leading is that we met Sam & Alice who also live in Charlotte…we exchanged numbers and contact information and plan to get together in the near future.
    God bless you……in His name,
    Dale & Kathy (the couple on the back row–I’m the one with the black eye!)

  3. My wife & I had planned to go but the weather was a game changer. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it rained then snowed with temps not getting above 23 with 35-45 Mph winds. Driving down icy roads in the mountains ain’t real bright. I was bummed I missed L.A. Have to see if we get another chance to see you later…maybe Future Congress 2012???

  4. Hi LA, i like your work a lot, I have a question. I’ve been using the word Amen to end my prayers for as long as I can remember. Recently I learned that Amen could be referring to the egyptian god Amen, what are your thoughts on this? Couldit be a tactic for the great deception?

  5. Hey LA, your work I feel is very important to a world that has closed its eye’s to the things that are going on. It seems many will be caught off guard, and expecially in the church, and we have not done what God has commanded by keeping ourselves seperate from the world which is why so many will fall away. I don’t know if this is the best place to reach you, but I’ll throw out some questions anyway in hopes that you can answer them. I’ve heard how the six fingured giants could run and catch a buffalo, eating it even while they were still running. I’ve heard that the Sons of God mixed with the daughters of men in hopes of diluting the bloodline to stop the Messiah, but what could be the purpose of the mixing this time? Now I know that Genesis 6 talks about the first encounter, and also Jude, 1 Peter 3:18-20, 2 Peter 2:4-6, talk about there punishment, but when I tried to ask my pastor about it, he kind gave me some explanation that had nothing to do about the question. It was like he didn’t even want to touch the subject, and so what do you feel is the best possible way for an average Joe to get the message out? Also what did you think of the movie,” The Fourth Kind?”

    • The dark one will do anything he can to dimminsh, dilute, stop the restoration of, and destroy the Adamic man….because he refuses to worship the man made in God’s image as was required of him…..his refusal caused in fall. His “ego”, his will, was more important than God’s Will.

  6. The show was sorta anticlimactic as it ended just as the guest was getting to the best part – the part he’s never published. It’s nice that you plan to have him back, just wish it was sooner. Like a double header in baseball.

  7. Hi LA,
    Love your work. Is there a way to get your blog posts emailed to my box? I can’t find the form…sorry:) Many blessings to you! Okay, just went to post this and I see the “notify me of new posts” box to check so I am doing so now:) Yah bless.

  8. LA,

    I just would like to say, thank you for all that you do. There is so much research that goes into what you , Klaus Dona, Larry Taylor , Stewart Best do you need to know that your appreciated.

    I recently heard that there was someone else who didnt care for the other person, for what ever reason. My question is.. We are brothers and sisters in Christ , and yet we fight call eachother names, this person knows more than that person, Ive benn doing this longer than you.

    Im sure this hurts our Fathers heart. we are all trying to do the same thing, bring things to people’s attention so they know what to prepare for.No one, but no one, is more rightious or more glorious than Yeshua, and the ego’s need to cease to exisit. That is going to ruin eternity for them. Dave Wilkerson , cried for souls because he knew there were people who were lost, we need that today . We all have something we are told byt he Lord to do and we should take that seriously He, is comming soon!!! I thank Him for that., but till he does we need to be diligent it is 11:59 and all some people can think about is themselves . Lovers of men, ring a bell? Everyone is attacking everyone, I mean really does it matter?? This name is bigger than that one, Its sickning. Sorry I went on Rozzie rant , people time is running out and we dont even know when our number is up, You may be appointed by Jesus himself , but no one is bigger nor better than Him……..I pray for your family LA but this is to be expected and it will get worse. Rozz-

  9. LA,

    Any chance your coming out to the Philly area soon?I currently attend a calvary chapel Gloucester county located in south jersey..about 20 min from philly.Would love to get out to hear you speak!God bless

    • Hi Matt – Why not pitch it to your pastor? I’ve been at Calvary Chapel, Oceanside & Albuquerque. I’ve been in C.C. Oceanside twice and they’re having me back again this year! I’m also spekaing at C.C.Bellflower! He can vet it for himself! I’d love to come! L.A.

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