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MARZULLI-lower-thirdHi, LA – below is the link for the soundcloud archive of the posted interview. Many thanks for your excellent commentary! This interview was first broadcast today and I am certain that Joe will be playing it many times — your commentary is always so informative, timely and engaging to the network listeners!  This is the supernatural focus that is wonderful for them.


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L. A. Marzulli Interviews “John of Persia” on Jihad and Islam

L. A. Marzulli sits down with John of Persia who gives us a candid view of Islam through the eyes of an Iranian/Persian Christian. With the recent suicide bombings in Brussels, how then should we live? Is Islam about to undergo a reformation or will the radicals continue to not only dominate the face of Islam but also continue their unmitigated terrorist attacks.

The Signs of the Times or The Time of the Signs?

Peggy and I are in OK City and yesterday we shot two programs with Gary Stearman at Prophecy Watchers.  Always a red-letter day to see Gary and Bob Ulrich.

I also did two radio programs with David Schnitgger on his new radio show.  Congrats David.

Gary and I discussed many issues off camera and this will be the subject of the blog today.


Wall St. tumbles at open on global growth worries


Market panic pushes gold buying to highest level since financial crisis


First case of Zika identified in Alabama as it emerges virus has now spread to 20 U.S. states and DC


Earth changes intensifying: Volcanoes across the globe go ballistic as 2016 arrives

Are we living in an era where Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled or aren’t we allowed to look—as some people insist—at current events and see if they correspond to the Biblical prophetic narrative?

A lot of folks don’t want to deal with what is going on in the world and in some ways who can blame them.  I’ve been accused of fear mongering by both Christians and those outside the church.  However, what are we to do when we see headlines like those that I posted above?  Are we to take Yeshua/jesus’ words literally, as a warning to heed, or should we just forget about those warnings and focus perhaps on these words of Jesus: I’ve come to give you life and that more abundantly, and then expect a new car to appear in our driveway!

What do we do with the admonitions of Paul who warned us The Fallen Cherub, i.e. Satan would come with all signs and lying wonders.

Jonathan Khan wrote of the Shmetah last year and warned of the possibility of an economic collapse.  Others discussed the 4 blood moons that appeared in 2015 and posited these could be a harbinger of judgment.  The Lord awakened me in the early hours of the morning a while back and had me do multiplication starting with the number 9.  He had me multiply 9 X 2 which then equals 18. 8 +1 = 9   Then we take 18 and multiply that by 2 and we get 36.  3 + 6 = 9  No matter how far you go with this the numbers always reduce down to the number 9.

NINE is the Biblical number for judgement.  Was this warning I received the result of early morning gastric woes from too much pizza the night before, or a warning from the God of the universe that judgement was coming.

The North Koreans launched a satellite over Super Bowl weekend.  They also have nuclear capabilities.  The regime is perhaps one of the most repressive and demented in all of history.  With this ability to launch into space the North Koreans most likely have the ability to create an EMP—Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon—and detonate it over the heartland.  This would result in our electric grid going down, which would essentially put us back hundreds of years to a world without refrigeration, air-conditioning and cell phones.  In short, nothing electric would work.  Millions would die in the first few weeks.

Then we have over 1 million Muslims pouring into Europe, not to mention the 300, 000 so-called immigrants that are being allowed into our country as well. This is deliberate and in my opinion is a classic dialectic as “the powers that be” are creating a crises and then will have the answer to ameliorate it. Out of chaos order! This is the plan and “they,” the globalists and those who are promulgating A New World Order, are sticking to it.

In closing todays post. These are the days of Chaos. In my opinion they are unprecedented.  War in the Middle East, famines and pestilence and earthquakes in diverse places.  We can ignore the signs that Jesus warns us would precede his second coming or we can come to grips with what is happening all around us and become bold in our declaration of the Good news that we are in the midst of a Cosmic Regime Change.  We are living in the Time of the Signs.


Mark of the Beast? Part 1

Around 2000 years ago John the Beloved Apostle wrote the book we know as Revelation, or The Apocalypse which means the uncovering or unveiling. He warned of a time where people would not be able to buy, sell or trade without what has become known as, The Mark of the Beast. There has been much speculation about this mark and the recent article that I linked to above is another in a long list of possible candidates for the Mark.  While it is interesting that the tattoo can contain medical and personal records it is, in my opinion not  the Mark of the Beast and here’s why.

There are four criteria listed in Revelation concerning the Mark.  The first one most of us know, in the end of days people will not be able to buy, sell or trade without the mark. 

The second, is this: those who take the Mark wind up in the lake of fire.

The third: those who take the Mark will have grievous sores erupt on their body.

The fourth: There is a passage in Revelation which sates that men and women will seek death and not find it.  Is this literal?  I would posit that this fourth condition may directly tie into the Mark.  Interestingly, Yeshua/Jesus states that it will be like the Days of Noah when He returns.  Without going into the particulars of why his has to do with the Nephilim, I will say this, the life span in Noah’s day was well over 500 years.

With all of this in mind it becomes clear that the criteria of the Mark of the Beast may have implications which are far more serious than a tattoo.


Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight – Planet X and Hybrid Children

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