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Hello la,
 I wanted to share with you a dream my mom had about the coming great deception. I’m going by memory of what she told me over Christmas break when around the time she had this dream.
So she said” (she)was at some kind of get together with a large group of people while hanging out in an open field. She was sitting next to her husband all of a sudden a large craft that took up the whole sky appeared and sat there in awe for a few minutes then disappeared!” Her husband responded in the dream saying “how can you deny that?!” Then soon woke up from the dream.


I have written about what I have come to call The Coming Great Deception, since the first book of the Nephilim Trilogy.  Week after week the Ancient Alien show, on the History Channel, promulgates the idea that we were visited by extraterrestrials.  The show will point to ancient megalithic structures, like the Great Pyramid or the Herculean stone walls of Sacsayjuaman, in Peru.  They investigate crop circles and of course show what appears to real physical evidence of intruders/aliens coming to earth.  We also showed this in our award wining Watchers 7 film!  Four-fingered hand prints on the wall that fluoresced under UV light and implants that we removed at Seal Lab, in other words real, physical evidence that an outside agency—think fallen angels here—are visiting us and are engaged in nefarious activity.

There is another paradigm or world-view which also addresses the phenomenon.  I say this phrase at the beginning of Acceleration Radio:

…and what about UFOs?  While we may disagree as to where they come from we can agree that they are real, burgeoning and not going away!

We are told in the Biblical Prophetic narrative that there will be a one world religious system.  This begs the question, how in the world are we going to get 7 billion people on this planet to embrace this?

I think this hinges on Darwinism and here’s why.  Darwinism tells us that there is no supernatural, no God of the Bible, no spontaneous creation, from nothing, i.e. ex nihilo.  It creates a void in its adherents and thus never addresses the question, where does life originate from? In Ben Stein’s must-see movie, Expelled, we see Stein sitting down with Darwinist Richard Dawkins.  Stein poses the question, where did the first self-replicating molecule come from.  It is clear that Dawkins doesn’t have a clue, and he’s right when he states that no one else does either. Then, Dawkins launches into a diatribe about how life may have been seeded here.  This is the world-view that is now set in place to accept the coming Strong Delusion that the Bible warns us will come in the last days.

UFOs continue to appear over the skies of the world with impunity.  Pilots report seeing mile wide craft!  What are we to make of this?

This dream that Ozzie wrote in to me about (Please email me your stories  at is just one of many that I have received over the years.  I call them warning dreams and I would posit that Our Father is sending them to us to warn us of what is coming.

The Great Deception will be just that.  It will change the world-view of many people instantaneously.  In other words, unless a person knows what he or she is looking at priori, they will believe what they see.

A few nights ago a friend of mine who lives in the next canyon over, and whose house is perched about 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean—he has one of the best panoramic ocean views in town—called me and told me he had seen a UFO darting across the night-skies over the water.  He relayed that the craft shot back and forth over and over again and that he was mesmerized as he watched it.

I informed him that he needed to rebuke first and ask questions later.

These intruders and the vehicles they ride in are not going to go away.  We need to understand that the Ancient Alien Crowd, new-agers, channelers like those who contact The Ashtar Command, UFO contactees, and countless others will embrace the deception and in fact are helping to promulgate it.

The video above which appears to show an inter dimensional portal opening if real, is astonishing and should be a wake up call to the church.

We are admonished by Paul that The Fallen Cherub will come: with all sings and lying wonders.

Do we really take to heart these words of warning or do we dismiss them?

Think about it, a little later in this same chapter Paul warns us further when he states: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

What is the truth?  That Yeshua created all things and without him nothing that was made was made.

What is the lie?  That we were created, seeded here by ET.

The Great Deception is Coming folks. The signs are all around us.

Childhoods End – The Coming Great Deception…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Note: Peggy and I watched the first episode and were watching the second show in the series live on TV last night.  However, when the scene came where they were essentially using what was a Ouija board, I had to turn it off.  There are some things I will not and can not take into my spirit.  It was very disturbing.  L.A.

ChildhoodsEnd_gallery_101Recap_09Please take a good look at the picture.

Now take a look at the Baphomet statue which was unveiled Baphometthis year.

Similarities anyone?

This is where we are as a culture, where we are constantly being bombarded by the media, pop culture, the record industry, movies and TV.  Now, Arthur C. Clarke’s, Childhoods End, is being televised on the SCI-FI channel.  I’m going to watch it on the net at some point today.

In my Nephilim Trilogy, the third book is called, The Revealing. It is the last book in the series and it ends with hundreds of UFOs appearing in the skies above earth.  The character Johanen tells the protagonist MacKenzie, or Mac, that they—these “intruders”—will tell the world they created us, genetically manipulated us, started the world’s first civilizations and religions and now at this critical juncture in human history they, The Overlords (although I don’t refer to them as that in the book, I’m using Clarke’s verbiage.) are here and they will usher mankind into a golden age.

The problem is this, the overlords or what I believe are the entities that are in the craft, are from the second heaven and are in fact, in my opinion, The Fallen Angels.  They are—as Jacque Vallee states—messengers of deception.  They come bearing gifts and knowledge but with a price.

We are told in The Biblical Prophetic Narrative that there will be a one world religious system at the end of days.  When we look at the global religious tension, and realize the disparity between religious ideology this prophecy seems to be absurd!  Yet, what was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold.

It’s going to happen and I would posit the way it does maybe will be with a scenario just like Childhoods End, depicts.

In closing todays post.  If these are the last days, and I believe they are, then we’re right on track and events are proceeding as planned.  The Fallen One and those who serve him, will reveal themselves at some point.  We are in the midst of a Cosmic Regime Change.  The King is going to return because that’s the only way to oust the evil entities who control the planet and wish to destroy mankind.  The Fallen Cherub wants to be worshipped.  He will set his man, The Anti-Messiah, in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.  In the end, The Rider on the White Horse, Yeshua/Jesus will return with the armies of heaven riding with Him.  This is the only solution to what mankind faces.  He will set up his Millennial kingdom on earth and once more, He will rule from Jerusalem.  


The Coming Great Deception?



L. A. Marzulli

Please watch both videos then I’ll weigh in after!

UFO – Real, burgeoning and NOT going away.

Oil – The Life blood of the Planet!

The first video shows us the ongoing UFO phenomenon.  What is this beam of light and what technology is being used in its creation; and more importantly, who are the originators of this technology?

The second video gives us the continuing tension of the geo-political landscape.  We hear about the civil war in Syria—something I’ve blogged about for months—and how it may lead to WWIII.

Russia is being punished by the US and her allies for setting up BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—who have coalesced to move the global-default-currency from the US backed petro-dollar to the Chinese Juan.  The battle ground for all this is the Middle East, specifically Syria, with the Russians, the Chi-coms and the Iranians backing Syrian president Bashar Al Assad and the US and the Saudi’s trying to oust him.  What also comes into play, and complicates matters is the great Sunni/Shia divide between these rivals sects of Islam, which results in massacres on both sides.

Oil is the life blood of the planet and at today’s price it is $36.73 and continuing to fall.  Since Russia is the worlds second largest exporter of crude oil, the fall of crude oil is a punch to the Russian’s economic gut.

So how are these seemingly two disparate events, a UFO shooting a beam of light, and the ongoing Syrian civil war linked together?

The video from Alternative Media is hinting that a nuclear war, or at least a nuclear exchange may be forthcoming.  I have posited many times here and in my books that the detonation of a nuclear bomb would generate the greatest collective fear mankind has known.  We would all be in it together, we would experience the horror of a nuclear exchange, as we are all linked up via the Internet and the global satellite network.  This is the perfect moment for our  so-called creators to show up and offer us peace, prosperity and a great leap forward for all mankind.

While the scenario sounds absurd and something out of a SCI-Fi movie, the Ancient Alien crowd, along with those who believe in Panspermia,are chomping at the bit for disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.  They would, in fact, welcome these visitors!

This is a very plausible scenario, in my opinion, and would certainly turn the world on its head.  It may also spell the end of the worlds religions as when these “visitors,” these messengers of deception show up, they will inform us that they created all of the worlds religions in the first place.  Moses and the burning bush.  Jesus’ resurrection, Mohammed receiving the Koran, all were the work of ET.

This would certainly help to amalgamate the worlds religions into a one-world religious system which is what the Biblical prophetic narrative insists will happen in the last days.

In closing todays post.  These are certainly unpredictable  times. If a Nuke is used anywhere in the world it will be a game-changer as we haven’t seen a nuclear event since the Nagasaki nuclear-bomb, which essentially ended WWII. Is this how Damascus is destroyed? One thing is for certain.  These are the Days of Chaos.



Monday Morning Musing with Marzulli

monday-morningMonday Morning Musing with Marzulli



Days of Chaos

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Fear Porn or Reality?  Wake up Ostrich people!

L. A. Marzulli appears on Therion Rising!

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Ted Cruz! Bully for Ted!

Can  you say Islamic Terror?  Can you say Jihadists?  Can you say radical Islam? It’s just amazing to me that Ted Cruz has to spell it out for this guy.  This reporter and others of his ilk should  be required by law to where a button that states: I am a weasel!  This is what’s wrong with our media.  I called out Michael Moore last night on the Conspiranormal radio podcast show, challenging him to re-think his stance on allowing Syrian refugees into his home.  Mike, trust me it’s a bad idea.  This blindness and over-the-top political correctness is what’s wrong with our media.  They are afraid of the truth.  Over the weekend we had yet another terror incident, this time in Mali, which left 29 innocent people who were vacationing there, dead.  So here’s the bottom line.  Anyone coming in from a Middle Eastern country that harbors terrorism or has anti-Israel ideology shouldn’t be allowed in this country, period.  We should also deport students as well who originate from these countries as well.

Trump continues to call for the monitoring of mosques.  He’s right.  I posted a clip on this blog a while back which gave a hidden view of England’s central mosque in London.  The ideology promulgated there and shown in the dramatic video isn’t going to change and I believe is already here in this country.

What will the politically correct crowd do when we see another attack happen here, perhaps—God forbid—in one of our unprotected malls.  I’m sure, like Prince Charles, they’ll blame it on climate change.  Unbelievable! Are you kidding me?  (Insert the song: We’ll never be Royals here….!)

The Coming Great Deception!

Thanks to Watchman Dave!

These are the kind of links I want for the new TV show, which by the way the studio is coming along nicely and I’ll go shopping for cameras and lights with Richard Shaw today!  Thanks again to all who contributed.

This is a primer for what I call The Coming Great Deception.  I first used that term in book number one of the Nephilim Trilogy.  This short video gives us the overview of panspermia, the theory that all life on earth was seeded here from another advanced civilization.  Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled, delves into this in a masterful way and when Ben sits down with Richard Dawkins, the idea of panspermia is put to the forefront of Dawkins answer to the mystery of life.  Brace yourself as it’s going to happen at some point….

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The Global Overview – The Days of Chaos!


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Lawlessness – Caution Graphic verbiage!

This clip is so over the top I don’t know where to begin.  Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and millions of Americans moved illegally to Mexico and acted this way?  First off, most of us would be behind bars awaiting deportation.  Mexico wouldn’t tolerate our illegal entry, into their country, in a heart beat…. period.  These kids are foul-mouthed, and are clueless about history, what our Constitution states, and the overwhelming fact that illegal entry is illegal entry, yet, here they are acting cool and hip and doing dance moves while flipping the bird and using the F-bomb at every turn.  If this isn’t lawlessness I don’t know what is.  It shows us how far down the rabbit hole of political correctness we are.  These kids and later the adults who show up in the video hawking T-shirts are adamant about their entitlements.  I have news for these people, many Americans are tired of political correctness.  Bully for Trump as he has voiced what should have been done decades ago, the building of a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.  I love the fact that he’s going to make Mexico pay for it.  Bush promised us a wall and we never got it and so the border remains porous.  The Mexican drug cartels have a strangle-hold on the country as they ship their poison into ours.   How many of you reading this has had a family member in re-hab?  The Mexican government is corrupt and the people are steeped in poverty.  I understand why people south of the border want to come here and I also admit that our immigration system—what do expect from a government organization—is broken.  There needs to be reform.  I agree with The Donald that on day one of his becoming president he’s going to go after the gangs!  No other candidate has addressed the gang issue to date.  He’s going to close down Mosques that preach hate.  He’s going to deport the illegals and close our borders to people coming from countries that harbor terrorism and hate our way of life, like Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Bully for The Donald!


Chem Trials












(Thanks to Watchman Andrew!) There are no such things as Chem-trails as the picture above is just jets leaving con-trails in the sky.  Really?  Go back 20 years and we didn’t see this did we, yet the average American most of the time never looks up and when they do they don’t wonder about what they see.  Take a good look at the picture above because someone is spraying our skies with chemicals.  Is this geo-engineering?  What in the world are they spraying and why?  Look at the way the chem-trails criss-cross each other, effectively creating a grid-like pattern.  In Watchers 9 Days of Chaos, there is a section which tells of a necropsy that was done on bees.  This was done because of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has decimated the bee population.  It was found that the bees had over 100 times as much aluminum as they should have had in their systems.  Hmmmm.  Think these are contrails?  As Jesse Ventura would say, Think again.  Of course the main-stream weasels will insist that anyone who calls these “spider-webs” in the sky chew-trails, are wearing tin-foil hats.  Glad I’ve got mine on and it’s polished to a bright sheen!


It amazes me that Hillary skates and I’m not talking about a winter sport.  How can she possibly get away with the events which happened in Benghazi where our ambassador was brutally tortured and sodomized before his death, as well as our marines which died trying to defend him.  The Obama administration told us it was a movie that incited the violence.  We know now that this was not the case.  Hillary was called in and grilled by a special committee to investigate the events of Benghazi but she skated, as the republicans didn’t have their act together, as usual.  The mother of one of the marines, who died defending our embassy, accused Clinton of lying.  What are we to do with that information?  Of course the liberal, left-wing, Prius driving, limp-wristed media won’t do it’s job and thus Clinton is still running for the highest office in the land.  God help us if by some outside chance she actually becomes the first woman president.


Cultural Pushback – Carly Fiorina and the VIEW.

These woman on the view give us a clear understanding that it’s only liberal women, who support abortion, who they’ll give their support too.  Fiorina is an outsider and these gals on the view act more like junior high-school mean-girls then as hosts of a popular day-time TV show.  Shame on them!  Carly Fiorina sets the record straight and The View has cancelled her appearance on the show as I assume they don’t want to say the derogatory remarks to her face.  The audience should be ashamed too, as they laugh at the ridicule and below-the-belt remarks.  Of course if Hillary Clinton said the exact same thing, I would posit that these same gals on The View would be gushing over every word.  Double standard?  You  bet.

Elongated Paracas Skull Update

Rivero Peruvian Antiquities fetus figure-2The first week of October, I went to the Los Angeles natural history museum Mummy exhibit and seen a Paracus skull displayed with other skulls that were obviously cradle boarded. They wouldn’t let anyone take photos and had a guard stationed in front of the skull exhibit. You could take pictures of everything else but not the skulls. The skull was identified as a Paracus skull and had only two plates with a small hole in the back of the head. I was ecstatic, I never thought I would be two feet in front of one. It might still be displayed. Anyway, keep up the good work and God bless… 

Thanks to Watchman Zechariah!

I think this is push-back by the powers that be, just as is evident by Nat Geo’s new issue about the supernatural which basically tells us there is no supernatural.  There is also a one page article in the magazine on the giants, which informs us that there are no such things as the Biblical giants.  Notice in the above post, that the viewers of the exhibition were not allowed to take pictures of the skulls.  Interesting huh?  Why not?  What are these people trying to protect.  You will also notice that the exhibit was all about promoting the concept that all of these skulls were the result of head-binding.  Take a good look at the lithograph above—thanks to Brien Foerester—from 1842.  This is a fetus that was found in a female mummy.  It has an elongated skull as well as fully formed teeth.  Obviously you can’t cradle board a baby while it is still in its mothers womb.  In my opinion, there is an outside agency that is manipulating the human genome for its own ends…. Oh wait!  We are told this would happen in Genesis 3!  The seed of the serpent will be at enmity with the seed of the woman! 

 UFO Update

(Thanks to Watchmen Angelyn) Is this a portal opening up in the sky? Are we seeing a doorway into another dimension?  The bottom line for me is this, we are seeing stranger and stranger phenomena as time goes on.  We’ve seen and I’ve discussed hybrids, UFOs, bizarre lights in the sky,  and now what seems to be a gate-way to another world.  I believe were close to some kind of event as the UFO phenomenon is real burgeoning and not going away!


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I want to take a moment and personally thank those of you who contributed $100 to the new studio.  We’ve raised about $26,100.00—Yesterday’s amount! We’re getting closer and I believe we’ll reach our goal which is around 30k. We’re on the home stretch! THANK  YOU!

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