Another UFO Update!

Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says

Last year, the Navy for the first time acknowledged that three UFO videos — one from the 2004 USS Nimitz incident and two from 2015 — were real videos of unidentified flying objects.


Dire Warning and Commentary
Chicken Little
The Sky is falling! The sky is falling! So said Chicken Little in the children’s story most of us have read.
The UFOs are here! The UFOs are here! So says L. A. Marzulli and doing so for decades…and still counting! However, this warning is not G-rated!
I visited Prophecy Watchers’ new studio yesterday—which by the way is incredible—and Gary and I discussed the ongoing UFO disclosure which is happening right under people’s noses and yet most are asleep or ambivalent toward the phenomenon.
Remember, the phenomenon is real. It has been redefined by the MSM and is now acceptable! FOX News and other media outlets are running stories about UFOs almost daily.
Just remember this and it is a dire warning. When they finally do show up everything changes and changes instantly. The entire planet will focus on the event.
The revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence will challenge the church in ways that right now are unimaginable. What I mean is this. When we go up they show up. But the question is who goes up? There are 7 billion people on the planet. Only a remnant will greet Him in the air. So what happens to the rest of the so-called “professing Christians” who are left behind?
Does the revealing of ET create the falling away that we read about in Thessalonians? Does this falling away or apostasy happen to the remaining church after the Rapture?
Time will tell but I think this will happen and this will help usher in the one-world religion that we read about in Revelation. Hang on folks…We’re expecting some turbulence up ahead!

UFO Update – On Drudge

US Navy confirms it has another video of Nimitz UFO encounter yet to be released!

The Navy said the video of the USS Nimitz UFO has been classified “secret”. A former US Air Force intelligence expert has since told Daily Star Online this video could be “clearer” and at least “10 minutes long”

Commentary and Warning 
L. A. Marzulli
The UFO phenomenon is not going away is it? I’m sure for most of you if you showed this article, that was posted on the Drudge report, to your pastor they would smile at you and dismiss it. Most of your family members would laugh at you. Your co-workers would roll their eyeballs. Perhpas even your dog would begin to wonder about you… just kidding.
Seriously, reporting about the UFO phenomenon has gone main-stream. It’s no longer a subject that is assigned to Coast to Coast—I’m proud to be a guest on the show for over 20 years—or “conspiracy theorists!” (I hate that term…)
UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away. It is the Coming Great Decpetion as the cover of our recent PP&S magazine shows. (If you don’t have subscription think of what your’e missing!—Shameless plug!) (Thanks to Mark Conn for the great graphic!)
We must come to a realization that WHEN the craft like the one depicted above appears in the sky and just sits there for a few days, everything changes. I can’t stress this enough.
Think about it. When this happens the media will go into a frenzy. This is all the news channels will discuss…day after day. The “event” will change EVERYTHING!
However, I would posit that “something” is restraining “them” from fully manifesting. Could it be the Spirit of the Living God indwelling the Christian believers that is holding back a full-blown revealing? I think it is which is why I say: We go up they show up! We go up they come down…

Huge UFO Over California – Impeachment UPDATE!


The Dirty Dems are going to impeach our President.

Fact: The republicans were not given a chance to question Pencil-Neck who was conveniently absent from yesterday’s proceedings.
Fact: The republicans could not call their own witnesses.
Fact: The 8 lines of the transcript of the phone call between Ukranian president and President Trump explicitly exonerates Trump from any Quid pro quo.
Fact: The entire proceedings looked more like a FGB kangaroo-court where the outcome is already set no matter how much evidence to the contrary is produced.
Fact: The Republicans were supposed to be able to have their own day of questioning but that never happened.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden who actually did a shake-down in the Ukraine which I posted a while back, skates, as well as Hillary who deleted 30,000 emails. Double standard? You bet!

November is coming! Vote them out of office!

TRUMP 2020


VIDEO: ‘Giant UFO’ over California seen ‘by more than 100 witnesses’


The internet has of late been in a frenzy over a weird object hovering above the small California town of Menifee. Footage that first emerged on YouTube on 3 December, despite originally being shot on 19 October, sported a vast amount of lights, with the glow leading viewers to think it could be a drone lurking in the clouds.

On top of that, the object seemed to be silent, stuck on the horizon without changing its position, making conspiracy theorists likewise rule out skydivers.

Thanks to Mike for sending me this article.
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Real, burgeoning and NOT going away! That’s all I have to say.
Please consider purchasing the book and bonus DVD’s. It’s happening… what are you waiting for?

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2 MILE WIDE UFO! Real, Burgeoning and NOT GOING AWAY

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
My email account lit up yesterday as some folks forwarded me this story which appeared on The Drudge Report as well as other media.
A few years ago I investigated the Stephenville Lights. I interviewed Ricky Sorrel who was an eye witness to the phenomenon. Ricky stated, on the record that the craft he saw was about one mile wide. He went public with his testimony and then his life changed. He had black helicopters appear over his house. His phone was tapped. He was threatened. This was back in 2008 and I interviewed Mr. Sorrel as well as the reporter who covered the story in the local paper.
I state this because everything has changed since 2008. We now have ongoing disclosure with the media treating the subject of UFOs seriously. In 2008 anyone coming forward with a sighting was ridiculed and called a conspiracy theorist or a tin-foil-hat nut. Now, UFOs have gone mainstream.
So what does this mean to you and me? The full disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is ongoing and it’s just a matter of time until a craft appears in broad daylight over a major city somewhere on the planet and just sits there. At this point life as we know it changes. I call this event The Coming Great Deception.
I don’t have the time or space to write about this in this blog and I would point you to my book, UFO Disclosure – The 70 Year Cover-up Exposed.
Please consider getting this book and reading it. You should also give one to your pastor.
 As a watchman, all I can do is shout out what I see…
Folks DISCLOSURE is happening.

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Order the book and get two Bonus DVD’s!

Footage of UFO From The Space Station

Hi L.A.!
I’ve been following your work for years and actually came up with the same conclusions as you way back in the mid to late 1980s.
I had been noticing recurring statements in New Age literature about UFO’s and their link to meditation and the spirit world.
I started putting things together with the UFOs and the rapture of the Church, but then pretty much kept this “theory” of mine to
myself.  It was so refreshing when I first got online in the late 1990s and read where others had arrived at the same conclusion.
Then I stumbled onto you with YouTube and the rest is history.  I had heard Chuck Missler teach about the UFO/Nephilim connection
on his radio show, but no one else until your videos on YT.  I thank the Lord for your hard work, which at times has not been so well
received or rewarded.  So happy to see that it is finally coming onto the mainstream of the Church.  I have also purchased several
of your books and your Watchers Series which I have shown to friends and family, such a blessing!
Anyway LA, in case you’ve not yet seen it, check out this video from a very reputable YT Channel, Mr.MBB333, this one is on a whole other level.
Mr.MMBB333 has appeared on the History Channels “Ancient Aliens” and I’ve always found his work to be top-notch.  Here you go>>>

Thank you again LA, and may the Lord bless you and your’s,
Marcus V./Dallas, Texas


Folks! UFOs are real burgeoning and NOT going away! We have two resources that will bring you up to speed about what is going on and where all of this is headed. In my opinion, this is the coming great deception and it’s no longer a theory but it’s manifesting now! Get up to speed. Arm yourself with what I and many others believe is the truth about the UFO phenomenon! L. A.

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UFO Update!

Clearer USS Nimitz UFO footage ‘showed it had legs below tic-tac body’

“It was always really clear but what you see now is fuzzy and grainy, hardly identifiable.

“The shape of it [was odd] as it had some protruding objects at the bottom of it.

“I couldn’t tell if they were curled back or straight down because I was a good five or 10 feet from the feed.

“But there were definitely legs on it. It was oblong, like a tic-tac.”

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away. However, there are many people that are still ignorant of the fact that the first rung of disclosure happened with this showing of a Tic-Tac shaped UFO. This information was first released, nationally, on The Tucker Carlson show on December 2017. Since then there has been a steady stream of pundits and commentators on Tucker discussing the UFO phenomenon.
Make no mistake about it. The disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is an orchestrated event. It’s being rolled out cautiously. It is a managed agenda. I’m just amazed at the lack of interest in the church at large, which led me to create this quote which pretty much sums things up.
“The Christian Church has a morbid ambivalence toward the UFO phenomenon.”
We have to ask ourselves if this is the Coming Great Deception? In my opinion, it is and at some point, we will see full-disclosure. However, there is another saying I coined a while back and it is this.
“We go up they come down. We go up they show up!”
Jesus states that unless one is born from above they cannot see the kingdom of heaven. This is HIS prerequisite, not mine. How many so-called Christians are born from above? How many are filled with the Spirit of the LIving God? I would posit that it is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is RESTRAINING the full-blown revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.
Thus, when we are taken up in the blessed hope i.e. the rapture of the church there is no longer anything restraining the Fallen Ones from revealing themselves as humanities saviours.
1 Corinthians 15:51-53 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
51 Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not all sleep; but we shall all be changed
52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
Arm yourself so you won’t be deceived!


The Army and a UFO Group Are Investigating…Something


The U.S. Army and a prominent UFO research group are teaming up to investigate mysterious technology, but won’t come out and say where the tech comes from.
To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, the organization led by former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge, will work with the Army to “characterize” technology under the organization’s control, and then use the tech to improve military vehicles. We have a lot of questions about this bizarre partnership, starting with the most important: Where did the technology come from?
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

(Thanks to Watcher Doug Riggs for sending the link!)

I have been writing about the UFO phenomenon for 30 years. I have studied it since I was 16 years old. I had one sighting when I was only 12 years old which was life-changing. I’ve been warning people about what I call the Coming Great Deception which is the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. This concept is being promulgated on the weekly Ancient Aliens TV show and countless films pumped out by Hollywood.
Many of our youth are being sucked into the idea that the human race was seeded here and in fact visisted by Ancient Astronauts. This has caused many of our youth to abando the Biblical world view that the God of the Bible created everything. That Jesus spoke everything we see (and don’t see) into existence and without Him i.e. Jesus, nothing that was made was not made.
At this year’s sold-out True Legends conference, I discussed in depth the ongoing UFO disclosure. I showed the now-famous footage taken by Commander David Fravor showing the Tic-Tac UFO over the Pacific ocean. Fravor presented this on The Tucker Carlson show in December, 2017. This was the beginning of the on-going UFO Disclosure movement.
Jesus warns us: That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Jesus’ warning should be a wake up call.
Unfortunately many folks still don’t get it and remain in the dark and ignorant concerning the UFO phenomenon.
Don’t be fooled or caught up in the so-called revealing of the UFO/extraterrestrial presence.
This is the coming great deception…oh wait, it’s already here!


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