Mark of the Beast? Part 1

Around 2000 years ago John the Beloved Apostle wrote the book we know as Revelation, or The Apocalypse which means the uncovering or unveiling. He warned of a time where people would not be able to buy, sell or trade without what has become known as, The Mark of the Beast. There has been much speculation about this mark and the recent article that I linked to above is another in a long list of possible candidates for the Mark.  While it is interesting that the tattoo can contain medical and personal records it is, in my opinion not  the Mark of the Beast and here’s why.

There are four criteria listed in Revelation concerning the Mark.  The first one most of us know, in the end of days people will not be able to buy, sell or trade without the mark. 

The second, is this: those who take the Mark wind up in the lake of fire.

The third: those who take the Mark will have grievous sores erupt on their body.

The fourth: There is a passage in Revelation which sates that men and women will seek death and not find it.  Is this literal?  I would posit that this fourth condition may directly tie into the Mark.  Interestingly, Yeshua/Jesus states that it will be like the Days of Noah when He returns.  Without going into the particulars of why his has to do with the Nephilim, I will say this, the life span in Noah’s day was well over 500 years.

With all of this in mind it becomes clear that the criteria of the Mark of the Beast may have implications which are far more serious than a tattoo.


X-Files – The Truth is Out There

I watched the X Files last night and unlike one of the so-called critics who panned the show, I thought it was fantastic.  I’ve always been a fan and I’ll watch the episode tonight.

However, that being said.  The storyline and plot could have come out of the research that we show in our Watchers series, especially 7 & 8 in the series.  We actually went into the lab and removed an implant with the late Dr. Roger Leir.  Who get’s to do this?  We also experienced what I can only call High Strangeness in the operating theater, as the implant which showed up on X-ray, ultra sound and CAT scan had suddenly disappeared.  It was like it was being cloaked, hidden from us.  One prayer changed all of that and I’ll elaborate on this in the Video portion of todays blog which I hope will up sometime today.

Roger & L.A..009Here’s a shot of the “Doc’s” removing the implant.

Roger & L.A..010Here’s a picture of the implant after it was removed.



So where does all this lead?  Unlike the fictional X-files this is reality.  This person was abducted and implanted when he was 5 years old.  The implant may have changed his DNA as after it was removed he lost weight and then became sick with common colds and flu, which he had never dealt with according to a follow-up conversation I had with him about 6 months after the removal.

Roger & L.A..004If you look at the bottom of the X-ray you will see the implant.  It’s right above the numbers 65.

So how did this implant manage to find itself in “Bills” leg? Who put it there?  What is it’s purpose?  Unlike the X-files where everyone goes home at the end of the day Richard Shaw and I live it.  We’re actually shooting for Watchers 10, today.   This interview will be extremely revealing.  More on that soon.


Hybrid Beings Walking Among Us? Daily Update! New Video!



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January 15 -17: Reno Nevada appearance I will be speaking Friday night and then two sessions on Saturday followed by a Q & A.  Sunday morning on Prophecy!

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Are Hybrid Beings Walking Among Us?

Hybrid!This interview was posted in our PP&S News Magazine:

I receive a lot of emails in response to some of the radio shows I do.  When I’m on Coast to Coast with George Noory the inbox fills to overflowing.  John B. Wells’ show Caravan to Midnight is the same way.  This interview was the result of a person writing to me having heard me on John B.’s show.  She is known affectionately as a Caravaner and that is how I represent her here.  She has had two encounters and both seem to jibe with Dr. David Jacob’s new book, Walking  Among Us. You may remember in the September issue of P.P. & S. I interviewed Pastor Mike McCloud, who had an encounter with what both he and I believe was a hybrid woman. Mike was doing a prayer walk in a park when he encountered this woman who as she ran by him growled like an animal not to mention that her pupils had turned completely black.
This interview while similar is more in keeping with what Dr. Jacob would call the integration of hybrids into our society.  I find it both unsettling as well revealing that this is happening now.  I have written about the so-called alien abduction and subsequent breeding program in many my books and it would appear that these hybrid beings—everything from the Black Eyed Kids to the woman in the park—are beginning to show themselves.  I discuss this at length in The Days of Chaos.
L.A. Marzulli
L. A.: You have had two encounter with “people” who did not appear human.  One was a man the other a woman let’s start with the woman first.  Where was she when you encountered her?
Caravaner: At a gym working out, mid town Anchorage AK.
 L. A.:  Why did she draw your attention to her?
Caravaner: At this pusedo-powerlifting gym, ( not a real hard core one this is) many girls dress for attention. This one had very small shorts which made the legs stand out even more than normal, these legs were beyond runway model in length. She also was very powerull and did over 10 push ups which I rarely see in a female. I have have geen a ‘gym rat’ for over 30 years and have seen it all. She was not certain of her routine, which was very odd. Normally a strong person has their own redundant circut and is narcisistic in controlling the floor.
L. A.:  Why was her behavior “different.”
Caravaner: For wearing such skimmpy shorts she was not trying to connect with any of the men on the floor. Also she was not very sure of her surroundings. She was not stoned, I know stoned power lifters when I see them.
L. A.:  Did you make eye contact with her?
Caravaner:  No. Not even in the shower area, she did not make ay atempt looking around, and kept her back to me somewhat.
 L. A.:  Did she speak?  Did she say anything to you or anyone else?
Caravaner: Only her friend, (who was not working out) I think they spoke upon entering the locker room, looked like her lips were moving.
 L. A.:  Did she have any other friends at this work out place?
Caravaner: Yes, only made contact with this person, when leaving the floor and  entering the locker room and then again once inside woman’s locker room when leaving. They looked like Mutt & Jeff, the friend was abnormally short, had a very low brow dark hair, not fit at all.
 L. A.:  How long did you observe her?
Caravaner: Off and on during my work out, around 75 minutes. She left floor before I did. Then in the locker room was total bizarre human anatomy. I , never saw a form like this, (in either) man or woman.
 L. A.:  What time of day or night was it?
Caravaner: late afternoon
 L. A.:  Can you describer what she looked like?
Caravaner: Very tall, blond, not feminine, not queer, more robotic in the way she moved. (When she was) changing, (and) her back (was) to me it completely startled me, the rib cage was long, longer than even any African shirtless runner I have ever seen. I tried to count the ribs, but others were coming in and you know, did not want to freak out any. There were I am sure more ribs than normal. For someone so trim, there was no real female shape, and then the breasts were really weird, super small.
L. A.:  How tall would you say she was?
Caravaner: 6’2″
L. A.:  How did she wear her hair?  What color was it?
Caravaner: Blond, sort of mid length, not styled.
L. A.:  Did she have any jewelry like a watch, necklace or rings?
Caravaner: None, and this was the weirdest part, no tattoes.
 L. A.:  How did she leave the scene?
Caravaner: walked out
 L. A.:  Have you ever seen her again?
Caravaner: once for only a few minutes, was leaving floor and out door when i entered for my routine. I am a regular, and never saw her again.
 L. A.:  Did she physically look different and if so how?
Caravaner: listed above.
 L. A.:  Your closing thoughts about the woman?
Caravaner: Well, after using the steam room, where she coughed a lot, and showered, she put back on her gym shorts and shirt, which she had left discarded on locker room floor, no gym bag, no brush, nothing. Just left. With the woman who retrieved her. She was awkward, straddled the cosmetic counter naked and had trouble with socks and shoes. Any who came in must have tought an exhibisionist. I knew though, she did not have the training for putting on the socks ad really had difficulty in tying the shoes. Believe me, I only glanced from time to time because she was in full spread view. Then after this, put on the clothes.
Aftermath:  This interview with the Caravaner raises more questions than it answers. Was the women the Caravaner saw at the gym a hybrid being like Dr. David Jacob’s insists are now manifesting?  I do find it interesting that she appeared to have a handler, just like Jacob’s says these hybrid beings have.
I’ll discuss this in more detail as well as Part 2 of the interview on the video which I’ll create today and post as soon it’s finished.


From The Mail Bag! UFO Update – Interdimensional Portal?

Hello la,
 I wanted to share with you a dream my mom had about the coming great deception. I’m going by memory of what she told me over Christmas break when around the time she had this dream.
So she said” (she)was at some kind of get together with a large group of people while hanging out in an open field. She was sitting next to her husband all of a sudden a large craft that took up the whole sky appeared and sat there in awe for a few minutes then disappeared!” Her husband responded in the dream saying “how can you deny that?!” Then soon woke up from the dream.


I have written about what I have come to call The Coming Great Deception, since the first book of the Nephilim Trilogy.  Week after week the Ancient Alien show, on the History Channel, promulgates the idea that we were visited by extraterrestrials.  The show will point to ancient megalithic structures, like the Great Pyramid or the Herculean stone walls of Sacsayjuaman, in Peru.  They investigate crop circles and of course show what appears to real physical evidence of intruders/aliens coming to earth.  We also showed this in our award wining Watchers 7 film!  Four-fingered hand prints on the wall that fluoresced under UV light and implants that we removed at Seal Lab, in other words real, physical evidence that an outside agency—think fallen angels here—are visiting us and are engaged in nefarious activity.

There is another paradigm or world-view which also addresses the phenomenon.  I say this phrase at the beginning of Acceleration Radio:

…and what about UFOs?  While we may disagree as to where they come from we can agree that they are real, burgeoning and not going away!

We are told in the Biblical Prophetic narrative that there will be a one world religious system.  This begs the question, how in the world are we going to get 7 billion people on this planet to embrace this?

I think this hinges on Darwinism and here’s why.  Darwinism tells us that there is no supernatural, no God of the Bible, no spontaneous creation, from nothing, i.e. ex nihilo.  It creates a void in its adherents and thus never addresses the question, where does life originate from? In Ben Stein’s must-see movie, Expelled, we see Stein sitting down with Darwinist Richard Dawkins.  Stein poses the question, where did the first self-replicating molecule come from.  It is clear that Dawkins doesn’t have a clue, and he’s right when he states that no one else does either. Then, Dawkins launches into a diatribe about how life may have been seeded here.  This is the world-view that is now set in place to accept the coming Strong Delusion that the Bible warns us will come in the last days.

UFOs continue to appear over the skies of the world with impunity.  Pilots report seeing mile wide craft!  What are we to make of this?

This dream that Ozzie wrote in to me about (Please email me your stories  at is just one of many that I have received over the years.  I call them warning dreams and I would posit that Our Father is sending them to us to warn us of what is coming.

The Great Deception will be just that.  It will change the world-view of many people instantaneously.  In other words, unless a person knows what he or she is looking at priori, they will believe what they see.

A few nights ago a friend of mine who lives in the next canyon over, and whose house is perched about 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean—he has one of the best panoramic ocean views in town—called me and told me he had seen a UFO darting across the night-skies over the water.  He relayed that the craft shot back and forth over and over again and that he was mesmerized as he watched it.

I informed him that he needed to rebuke first and ask questions later.

These intruders and the vehicles they ride in are not going to go away.  We need to understand that the Ancient Alien Crowd, new-agers, channelers like those who contact The Ashtar Command, UFO contactees, and countless others will embrace the deception and in fact are helping to promulgate it.

The video above which appears to show an inter dimensional portal opening if real, is astonishing and should be a wake up call to the church.

We are admonished by Paul that The Fallen Cherub will come: with all sings and lying wonders.

Do we really take to heart these words of warning or do we dismiss them?

Think about it, a little later in this same chapter Paul warns us further when he states: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

What is the truth?  That Yeshua created all things and without him nothing that was made was made.

What is the lie?  That we were created, seeded here by ET.

The Great Deception is Coming folks. The signs are all around us.