Feedback From Our DNA Results!

Dear L.A!
What strikes me with your team’s project on DNA-studies from the elongated skulls is as follows:
– A well-defined hypothesis on the background of the project.
– A wide group of scientific disciplines is carefully put together. This is exponentially increasing the credibility of this project.
– The great number of samples of DNA and the use of 3 different, uncorrelated labs is impressive in terms of wanting to present true data.
– Impressive precautions to avoid sample contamination. And to have a forensic expert to supervise this is just making the lab/field work incredible trustworthy.
– A very, very healthy view on how to present Your data. Both positive, negative and invalid results are bravely presented.
Where You do not have a definitive answer You correctly say “we do not know yet. Further investigation is needed”. This honesty and truth-seeking attitude is just making the audience want to see more results. And fast!
As a scientist, I am familiar with looking for possible sources of error in a survey. Here L.A and his team has performed a very well planned, very well-organized work on DNA sampling of the elongated skulls. The broad spectrum of different experts is working together as an organized team. This project is a “textbook example” of how well-organized a scientific study really can be!
Hats off to L.A and his team!
Please let me know if I can be of further help.
Isaiah 26:3-4
Blessings Kristian Lovdal

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My Interview with George Noory on Fatima!

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PPS Report – Al Matthews – Are Hybrid Beings Walking Amongst Us?

It’s a controversial subject and most people won’t touch it without wearing the obligatory tin-foil hat. However, I’ve been studying the UFO phenomenon for decades. I’ve seen two UFOs, the first at Boy Scout camp when I was 12, the second about 9 years ago at night. In my opinion, they are real burgeoning and not going away.
Jesus warns us: It will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns. (I’m paraphrasing)
This calls our attention to the days of Noah. In my opinion what differentiates those days from any other is the presence of nefarious interdimensional entities having sex with the woman of earth and creating a hybrid being known as The Nephilim. So who are these nefarious ones? None other than the fallen angels.
The problem is this if I’m talking to New-Agers and say fallen angels the switch is turned off as they think I’m “religious.” However, if I state that nefarious interdimensional entities are appearing, these folks are all ears.
Dr. David Jacob’s most recent book states that hybrid beings are now integrating into our society. His book is based on decades of research. Some will immediately dismiss this but I would caution: Not so fast citizen!
I have accounts of hybrid beings sitting in my email folders. They are unnerving and for those who have encountered them, it can be life-changing.
 I would posit that we will be hearing and seeing more hybrids as we move forward.
So watch the above video with Al and decide for yourself.

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