PPS REPORT – Interview with Dan Gordon!

MARZULLI-lower-thirdDan Gordon weighs in on recent events in the Middle East. He discusses the missing Egyptian aircraft and points to terrorism as the cause.
Dan has appeared in many of our Watchers episodes. He holds dual citizenship, both Israeli and US and thus, it gives him a very unique perspective of events that are unfolding in the Middle East.

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 Days of Chaos?  Are you Kidding Me???!!!

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In the Aftermath of Brussels. A Post from 2013.

I have been warning of the coming Jihad for years now and for the most part it has fallen on deaf ears. It’s coming here and we will see more of these attacks. In the meantime another candle light ceremony is not going to stop the Jihadi’s. L. A. Marzulli


Commentary & Analysis 


L. A. Marzulli


Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) — As they strolled through Westgate Mall, guns strapped to their torsos, the attackers chatted on their cell phones while they sprayed bullets at terrified shoppers.

Ruthless and nonchalant, they randomly gunned down shoppers at the upscale mall in the Kenyan capital.

At one point, they took turns to pray, removing shoes to perform the ritual washing in a room stacked with boxes. They bowed down in Islamic prayer, taking a break from incessant gunfire.


 This terrorist attack happened far from the shores of America.  It was conducted by radical Islamists, Jihadists who mercilessly cut short the lives of at least 67 people.  They conducted the attack with precision and cunning, even stopping to pray to their god before killing another innocent bystander.

So why am I running with this story now?  Yesterday a second journalist was beheaded by ISIL in Iraq.  The Islamists cut the head off this man and ended his life in a very gruesome way.  This is the face of Jihad.  This is what radical Islamists bring to the table.  As an article I posted several weeks ago stated, Radical Islam is the monster in the room!

Let ‘s look at the numbers.  There are roughly 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world.  if only 1% of them are radicalized that would be 1.4 MILLION terrorists.  The numbers are higher, but for the sake of erring to the  conservative side, I’m going with only 1 percent.

Our malls are unprotected.  Millions of people visit them daily and on the weekends many families spend time together there.  They are beautiful, and in many cases the architecture is stunning.  Water falls, quite pools, statues and other art are standard fare.  Giant mobiles slowly  turn over head.  Food courts boast multi-national dishes from the four corners of the world.  People think the mall is a safe place to go. Think again….

I believe the Islamists will target our malls.  They are a soft target and if they strike they will cause panic and fear, which is exactly what the Jihadists want.  There are 47,835 malls in America at the moment.  http://www.ask.com/question/how-many-malls-are-in-america

All of them are sitting ducks, easy prey for those who seek to kill us.


When, not if this happens here—God forbid—what is our next step as a nation.  What will we do to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Islamic Slogans Spray-Painted Onto Three Indiana Churches

“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down [any] authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.”  From the Koran


Our malls, schools, sporting events are all soft targets.   We must take action soon, by deporting any and all people from Middle Eastern Countries who support terror groups, period.  The fact that three churches were spray-painted gives us an idea that “they” are already here and like Major Hassan—the Fort Hood Shooter—there’s no way to tell who the bad guys are until after the smoke clears.

The KKK and other hate groups used to lynch people in the last century.  This was home-grown terrorism.  Our FBI could put a stop to the threat of Islamic terrorists if they are given the go-ahead.  However, Obama doesn’t seem to have a plan….!  In the end if we cower and do nothing they will attempt to fly the black flag of ISIL over the White House.  They say what they mean and mean what they say and we can’t sit and discuss peace with them.  They do not peace, they want a world that is under their interpretation of Sharia law.

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 Days of Chaos?  Are you Kidding Me???!!!

( No soft landing places here!)

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Global Overview…

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

North Korea tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb on Wednesday, state news agency KCNA reported, marking the politically isolated country’s first nuclear test in three years, a move that was condemned by the U.S., Britain and Japan, among others.


While Obama goes for our guns and acts like an emperor the Middle East is melting down.  With the recent execution of a Shia cleric by Saudi Arabia, the Iranians have cut ties with the Saudi’s.


While most Americans can’t name the two major sects of Islam the Shia/Sunni divide, which essentially has gone on since the death of Mohammed, some 1300 years ago, continues, except Iran has missiles and if war breaks out will we see Iran go with a nuclear option against the Sunni branch of Islam?  The Iranians have spread terror and instability all over the Middle East.  Benjamin Netanyahu commented on this last year in his historic address at the United Nations.

Added to this global complexity is the breaking news story of North Korea, allegedly testing a Hydrogen bomb.  Japan is not happy with this as North Korea fired a missile over the island several years ago.  Crazy? http://www.theguardian.com/world/1998/sep/01/northkorea

Kim Yong Un, is a mad-man and his regime continues to carry out the cruel practices set in place by his father and grandfather.  There are concentration camps where North Koreans are brutally starved and tortured to death.North Korea iur


The picture to the left is a drawing by a man who escaped the horrors of the camps.  It is beyond the pale what is happening in these camps and we most likely will never know the death toll.

Back in the states, Obama is acting with yet another executive order for gun control. (He’s now done over 225 of these!) I thought we elected our representatives to have a say in these matters?


While he is busy about the task of restricting our second amendment rights the Middle East implode’s.  This is yet another example of the Obama doctrine of leading from behind, which essentially is not leading at all.

Of course most Americans really don’t want to hear about any of this and who can blame them.  This is why the Romans ruled the masses with bread and circus.  Distract the populace with entertainment.  Think the latest Bill Cosby/Bill Clinton bimbo eruptions.  Or the latest outing—no pun intended— of Bruce Jenner.  We have thousands of immigrants pouring into this country and many of us are wondering not if, but how many terrorists are already here and when they will carry out another heinous act like we saw several weeks ago in San Bernardino.  Please remember that it took several days for this administration to call it terror and even then Obama could not say, Radical Islam.  I wonder why?

We have a national debt that is through the roof.  We are now over 19 trillion dollars in debt and yet the bozo’s in Washington continue to spend like there’s no tomorrow.

The people are rallying around The Donald and for a good reason, he’s articulating what many of us are thinking but are too afraid to say it in our politically correct environment.

These are chaotic days and yet, the church, for the most part won’t address the real threats we are facing.

We are warned by Yeshua/Jesus that there would be troublesome times in the days that would precede His return.  The planet is out of control and the North Koreans having a hydrogen bomb is not going to make any or us sleep better at night.  Think I’ll cling to my Bible and gun….

In closing todays post.  We are in the midst of a cosmic regime change.  In other words there are dark forces behind much of what we see.  Who is the god of this world?  He comes to rob, steal and destroy and we know from the Biblical prophetic narrative, that he will gather the kings of the earth to fight against The Rider on the White Horse.   Days of Chaos?  You bet.

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