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Mary of the Bible or Something Else?

Iraq apparitionCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

The Recent Marian Apparitions in Northern Iraq and the Sign of Jonah

These apparitions, which occurred over the town of Alqosh on the night of Wednesday, January 21st, 2015, have been compared to those of Our Lady of Zeitoun in Egypt, given that they are apparently to be classed under the rare category of visio sensiblis, whereby they are fully visible to all present, and can even be captured on camera.

First off.  I love the Mary the mother of Yeshua/Jesus.  She is held in high esteem, as she gave birth to the Messiah.  As scripture says about her, All men shall call me blessed.  

However, so-called Marian apparitions have appeared in places like Fatima, Portugal in 1917, or more recently in Medjugorje, Bosniawhere for over two decades individuals have been witnessing so-called Marian apparitions.

Now, in 2015, something is appearing in Iraq.  The question for us is this, is what is appearing now and in the past the real thing?  Why would Mary be able to materialize at will and why is it that what we see at many of these apparitions are luminous blobs of light.  (See photo to the left)

Take a good look at the picture on the left which supposedly comes from Iraq.  While it resembles a human figure, to state that this is the Mary of the Bible is a leap for me and a big one at that.

We are told, Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14

I realize that there are many folks who embrace the so-called Marian apparitions, and I won’t start bashing away at their beliefs on this blog.  That being said, has anyone actually tested the spirits at any of these events?  In Fatima, Portugal in 1917 thousands were gathered including clergy and yet no one to my knowledge ever challenged the apparition that appeared there. 

To be fair there are some folks who are evangelicals who claim to see angels.  One man who led what I would consider a phony revival, stated that the angel who appeared to him was named Emma.

Going back to the Bible as our “guidebook to the Supernatural” we see that there are no female angels in the Biblical narrative.  So something doesn’t jibe for when I head about men claiming to hear from a female angel.

So what are we to do with this?  We know that in the last days there will be troublesome times and according to Yeshua/Jesus who states: many will come in my name saying I am the Messiah.  Mathew 24: 5

I don’t believe these apparitions are the Mary of the Bible.  I would posit that they are something else and while they give the appearance of benevolence they are, in my opinion, messengers of deception.

In closing todays post.  Throughout the Biblical narrative we see angels appearing to men and women with messages.  They appear always as men, period.  They deliver their message or warning and then they leave.  I believe in angels and I also believe they can appear.  However, these blobs of light are eye candy and appeal to the flesh and thus, are, in my opinion not the Mary of the Bible.  So here we are in 2015 and we have something supernatural happening in Iraq… perhaps The Prince of Persia is once again up to his old tricks as he has never been deposed of his authority in the region.  So with all due respect to those who are willing to embrace the apparition as the Mary of the Bible, I would caution them to test the spirit behind the light show, in other words, rebuke first and ask questions later. 

The Coming Great Deception

UFO-VCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Note:  This is a repost of a blog I wrote a while back, but with everything going on in the Middle East, I thought it pertinent!  

The Coming Great Deception and Luciferian Endgame

From L. A. Marzulli’s Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural book!  Why re-invent the wheel?  

IT IS TIME TO CREATE an amalgamation of the three areas of the study of this book: politics, prophecy, and the supernatural. Following is an outline that gives an overview of the most pertinent points.

* The ongoing struggle in the Middle East is cause for great concern to all the nations of the world.

* The jihadists of radical Islam are bent on destroying the state of Israel and the “Great Satan” (i.e. The United States).

* Hamas and Hezbollah are in fact at war with Israel and are ramping up for another attack.

* Al-Qaeda will join forces with Hezbollah and Hamas to attack their sworn enemy, Israel.

* The prophecies found in the Bible are 100 percent accurate and reflect a “God” who knows the future because he is outside our space-time continuum.

* The Fatima apparition changed the worldview of thousands of people in an instant and could very well be the harbinger of worldwide deception. Those who were in the field that

day, who saw the “miracle of the sun,” for the most part became believers that the apparition was of Mary. As I have pointed out earlier, I believe this was a deception and that the apparition was not the Mary of the Gospels.

  • There are supernatural events currently taking place on a global scale.
  • It seems the existence of UFOs and alien abductions are supernatural events that are orchestrated by fallen angels/Satanic forces.
  • Prophecies written over twenty-six hundred
    years ago describe a time in history where a confederacy of nations will come up against Israel described as, “a land of unwalled villages.”
  • Israel will respond to this attack by using its nuclear arsenal.
  • Shortly after the war between Israel and the jihadists, great supernatural events will manifest on the earth (as I have discussed regarding the “great rebellion” in 2 Thess. 2.)The following is a scenario that I hope will never happen; however, I believe that we might see something along the lines of what I am about to propose. The Ezekiel 38-39 war will unfold as the prophecy indicates, and those nations that come against the “land of unwalled villages” (Israel) will be destroyed by a nuclear response. The world will watch all of this in horror, just as it watched the coverage of the Lebanon war this past summer (2006).I believe that this nuclear exchange will be the trigger for the supernatural to manifest.

    I have a theory regarding this and it is that Satan and his cohorts will use this nuclear exchange as the event they need to manifest the UFOs over multiple cities on earth. The timing will be perfect, as the world will be holding its collective breath as it witnesses the destruction not only in the Middle East but in the United States as well. The world will be ready to embrace a “savior” to end the senseless destruction. While this might sound extreme, I point to the text from Luke 21:26, “Men will faint from terror, apprehension of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken” (NIV). It will be the beginning of the Great Deception. This deception is that the ET’s are here to help us through this time of chaos, that they are true progenitors, and that they have created numerous holy men, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, to try to enlighten us. They will say that they will show us who God is. Remember the quote from the alleged Pleiadian cosmonaut, Semjase? We will be told something very similar to the lie that Semjase told Billy Meir, that God is a force. To reiterate, this goes against Judeo/Christian theology in that God is not a force but rather is personal, and we can know Him.

    Can you imagine if over the city of Jerusalem and perhaps other cities around the world, UFO craft manifested in broad daylight and remained hovering indefinitely? I believe something along these lines will happen, and when “they” arrive, “they” will tell us the reason “they” have manifested because we resorted to using weapons of mass destruction, or nuclear armaments. They will say they have chosen to intervene at this time because, they will say, they genetically manipulated us, and they want to see us survive as a species. But because of the recent destruction, they have chosen to take action to assure that end.

    Will this singular event (the manifestation of UFO craft) change everyone’s worldview, instantaneously? If people see a demonstration of the kind of technology and power that the UFO will demonstrate, coupled with the holographic imagery depicting the miracles of the Bible and other faiths, as I’ve discussed before, most will believe what they are seeing. This will cause the “great falling away” discussed in length in this book. Most people will believe the lie that they see in front of them. Hence, worldviews will be drastically altered.

    It is important to remember that the war of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, which will have just transpired between Israel and the jihadists, will be primarily driven by religious reasons and the corresponding religions: Judaism and Islam, which are based on supernatural events that happened millennia ago (events like the parting of the Red Sea, the ten plagues of Egypt, the flight to Jerusalem by Mohammed on a winged horse, Jesus rising from the dead on third day, etc., all of which are supernatural occurrences that are part of each religion’s foundation.) Therefore, what if the “aliens” proclaim that they were in fact the supernatural force responsible for creating all of the world’s religions in the first place and that alien technology was responsible for creating the miracles found in the Bible and other “holy” books. Recently on the History channel, Barry Downing, author of The Bible and Flying Saucers and a Presbyterian minister, expounded on this theory by saying that Jesus’s resurrection occurred when he – Jesus—was beamed up from earth by a flying saucer. He also believes that the pillar of cloud that is described in the book of Exodus was a UFO and was also responsible for the parting of the Red Sea. 1.

    I quote from Downing’s writing because he is discussing the Ascension of Jesus. He is equating it to direct intervention from a UFO. Here is what he says:

    . . . but I very much suspect that the ascension cloud was the same UFO which led the Israelites through the Red Sea, gave Moses the commandments, carried Elijah to heaven, “descended” like a dove at the baptism of Jesus, perhaps carried away bodily at the Ascension. This was probably the same “cloud” which brought two men to meet Jesus at the Mount of Transfiguration, and probably the same type of UFO which brought angels to the Shepherds at Christmas.2

    Downing embraces, in a nutshell, what I call the “alien gospel,” which is synonymous with the subtitle of this book; The Coming Great Deception & the Luciferian Endgame. Simply put, the “alien gospel” will reveal that the “aliens” created humankind by genetically manipulating primitive man (early humans) thousands of years ago; therefore, they are in fact our progenitors. Hence, they will present the supposed missing link in human evolution. They will claim that they are responsible for genetically engineering the leap between apes and humans. This, of course, will dovetail neatly with Darwin’s theory of evolution that has been taught now for over a century as a fact, not a theory.

    The idea that the aliens, or ET, were directly involved in the miracles and/or supernatural events that are the foundation for the world’s major religions will cause the great deception that will draw people away from what I believe is the truth of the Gospels—and replace it with a lie.

    What if the aliens have holographic film of Moses parting the Red Sea or the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus? Imagine seeing the exodus from an aerial view: Moses raising his arms, the waters parting, and the Israelites going through
    on dry land. Imagine then the aliens claiming that this miracle was really the intervention of extraterrestrials, and their superior technology that allows them to manipulate matter.

    Or what if the holographic film shows the tomb of Jesus being struck by a brilliant beam of light, and moments later, the stone is rolled away and Jesus emerges. What if, like the reported apparition at Fatima, we see an image leave the ship and float toward the cave, and we realize that Jesus’s resurrection too is, once again, the intervention of extraterrestrials? Could this deceptive event, or revealing, be the catalyst that will cause the great falling away or apostasy that is described in 2 Thessalonians 2 in the Bible?

    I believe that everyone seeing this holographic film will “realize” this new “truth” and will embrace it. All of the old prejudices and wars that have been fought for centuries over religious beliefs will fall, of their own weight, in the light of this new revelation. This will be the beginning of a one world religious system described in the book of Revelation: “All the inhabitants of earth will worship the beast” (emphasis added) (NIV). Millions will be caught up in the deception and the great falling away, the Apostasy, as I discussed earlier will be complete.

    I know the scenario I just described is fantastic, but let me remind you of the writings of Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 where he says that Satan comes with all “signs and lying wonders.”

    I think the church has underestimated the power of the Luciferian Endgame, as it has used the comfort of a pretribulation rapture as panacea for the deception that might befall every man, women, and child on the earth. Remember too that Jesus himself warns “For false Christ’s and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible” (emphasis added) (NIV, Matt. 24:24).

    I believe that the seemingly unrealistic scenario that I have described above very well may be the Luciferian “Endgame.” In other words, I believe that fallen angels disguised as aliens will in fact manifest, and lay claims to the creation of the human species, and execution of the miracles that have happened on earth; this will be the great “lie” against which the Bible warns. Although this may sound preposterous, in the “Supernatural” part of this book, UFO sightings, the Fatima apparitions, Mothman prophecies, crop circles, and the abduction phenomenon are just a few examples of supernatural events that either have occurred or are occurring in real time. I believe that these supernatural events are harbingers of something far worse than the evil forces that have already come upon the earth. So why will people believe the lie, which will state that aliens are our creators and the force behind all miracles on earth? Let us examine the reason.

Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural
Politics Prophecy &the Supernatural


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Sunday Go To Meeting Bun: The Supernatural IS Manifesting

Mary ApparitionSunday Bun


L. A. Marzulli

St.Virgin Mary Apparition in Coptic Orthodox Church 

St.Virgin Mary Apparition in Coptic Orthodox Church in Warraq-Cairo-Egypt 10-12-2009-Part 1 – YouTube

2 Thessalonians 2:9 ….whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

all – each, every, any, all, the whole, everyone, all things, everything

power – power for performing miracles

signs – a sign, prodigy, portent, i.e. an unusual occurrence, transcending the common course of nature

lying –  conscious and intentional falsehood

wonders – miracle: performed by any one

Someone posted on the Blog they weren’t buying the so-called apparition of “mary.”  The above link will take you to a better video.  Check it out around the 35 second mark.

The above scripture warns of what will take place in the last days.  It is a clear, concise, no-nonsense warning of what will come upon the earth in the end of days.  We know The Fallen One will come with all signs and lying wonders.  I believe it is a very sobering warning and it was written for such a time as this.

As I mentioned on Friday, the church sits and listens to preposterous stories, Mary and the virgin birth,  Jesus turning water into wine, Peter getting two gold coins from the mouth of a fish, Moses parting the Red Sea, Talking Donkey’s, The Ark of the Covenant destroying Israel’s enemies, Moses receiving the 10 commandments from God, Prophecy of the Messiah’s death, as in Isaiah 53, Jonah being swallowed by a whale, The flood of Noah, and on and on it goes.  Most of us believe all the stories, even though many of those listed above are fantastic!

The supernatural is real and is manifesting, and we are warned it would be so in the last days.  So, why is the church asleep at the wheel?  Why isn’t the church and the pastors warning of what is already here?  The church teaches about the supernatural, but won’t discuss the supernatural manifesting in the world today…. go figure!  Week after week we hear these seemingly absurd stories and we lap it up and accept it because we’re sitting in a building and some guy in a pulpit is telling us this happened.  Do we realize how nuts this sounds?  Virgin birth?  Are you kidding me?  Yet, we believe this happened, as Mary was overshadowed by the spirit of the living God and conceived.  Yet, take two steps out of the church and God help you if you see something in the sky, like a disc or orb or unknown craft.  Whatever you do, don’t say anything about it, keep it to yourself and repeat until your brain is numb: What I saw was swamp gas, reflecting the planet Venus in a weather balloon. 

In closing todays Bun:  We are warned in the book we hold so dear, that in the last days, the Fallen One would come with all signs and lying wonders.  I believe we are in the window of time where we are seeing this prophecy fulfilled.  UFOs are manifesting.  The phenomenon is real and it’s not going away is it?  Strange lights in the sky are seen everywhere,  so-called Marian apparitions are seen as well.  We need to understand that outside the four walls of the churches there is a cosmic war raging and it is beginning to spill out over into our world.  At some point, when the Fallen One is cast out of his domain, all hell will break loose.  It’s coming and we are seeing the beginnings of it.  We can choose to ignore it at our own peril and “play” church, or we can seize the day, take up our armor and go to war.  Wake up!




Mountain Top group baffled by Medjugore events?

Thanks to my friend Steve McHenry for the link to the story!
Published: September 8, 2010

John Yuscavage is a man of science, always looking for explanations for life’s hows and whys.

But the Mountain Top man is baffled by the events that unfurled before him and others during a recent trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He said he saw the sun spin. He watched as it changed colors, too. And he witnessed rosary chains turn to a gold color.

“My question is scientifically – or common sense – how can that be explained? It can’t. The sun spinning? That’s like an everyday event at Medjugorje. How is science going to explain that? They can’t,” said Yuscavage, who has a doctorate degree in physical chemistry and has read many books and other published accounts about Medjugorje’s mysterious events.

Medjugorje is a place known to many for its miracles. It’s said to be the site where apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to six Croatian children in 1981 and continue to appear to a few “visionaries” each month, offering messages of faith, peace and love.

John and his wife, Donna Yuscavage, were among 22 area individuals who visited Medjugorje in May. Since their return, they’ve been meeting each month and jotting down the miracles they saw.

John Yuscavage, who owns Triangle Pharmacy in Mountaintop with his brother, Joseph, referred to the minutes from the group’s first meeting. Three pages of typed notes show accounts of flower petals falling from the sky, rosaries turning color and people being healed of their medical ailments.

“One lady had a lump, and when she came back it was gone,” Donna Yuscavage said. Another was pain-free and able to walk without a brace on her leg after the visit, she said.

Donna, too, said she witnessed unexplained events, including a priest who seemed to read her mind and the spinning sun.

“I saw what a lot of people see. The sun starts spinning clockwise. It turned pink and then baby blue, and these things started shooting out of it like rays,” she recalled.

John said his experience was similar – and he’s bothered that he can’t explain what caused it.

“I am looking for facts,” he said. “I am looking as a scientist and as a skeptic. The numbers are there. The facts are in the numbers. Millions of rosaries have changed in color. Millions of people have seen the sun spin. Villagers see it. We saw it. In fact, 21 of the 22 people we went with saw it. What I’m saying is the evidence is overwhelming that this is happening.”

Arlene Krajewski, Mountain Top, didn’t have high expectations for her visit, but secretly hoped she would experience “something” in Medjugorje.

“I experienced the sun spinning,” she said, noting it had a blue hue around it the first evening she was there. “It was also pulsating.”

Another day, she said it appeared white with a pink glow.

“It didn’t hurt my eyes at all. It was amazing,” she said. “I got goose bumps.”

Krajewski said she has always gone to church on a regular basis, but her experiences in Medjugorje strengthened her faith.

Her husband, Henry Krajewski, also had an extraordinary experience, she said. A Mass was being celebrated inside a Medjugorje church as Henry aimed his camera at the sun. He didn’t capture the sun on his camera, but images from the indoor Mass, she explained.

John Yuscavage also saw what the camera had captured and asked Henry what was going on.

“He said, ‘We just watched the Mass.’ There was a Croatian Mass going on at that time in the church,” John remembered.

With all the “supernatural” occurrences, John said he hopes an investigation is done.

“The evidence is overwhelming that this stuff is happening,” he said.

According to published reports, the Vatican formed a commission earlier this year to investigate claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary appears in Medjugorje. The Catholic church has not investigated or recognized the sightings, although Medjugorje is visited by pilgrims from all faiths annually.

“What we saw, what we experienced, will be with us for the rest of our lives,” John Yuscavage said. “We are a family. Most of us will be going back.”


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

If you were there what would you think? Would you be confused? Would you believe that the phenomena was benevolent? Would you think that this was the Mary of the Bible. What about the reported healings that are taking place, surely that would be a sign from God?

See how confusing this can get? Before I get too involved I want to say that I love the Mary of the Bible. However, what is appearing at these apparition sites is not, in my opinion, the Mary of the Bible. It is a deception. Last week I BLOGGED about false signs and wonders in an Evangelical church. This church said that gold dust, gems and feathers were manifesting. I pointed out that no one was testing the spirits and that these were false signs that appealed to our flesh. Now we come to Medjugore. What are we to think? The spinning sun, the rosaries that turn to gold. Has anyone tested the spirits there? Has anyone shouted, I rebuke you in the Name of Yashua, while these signs were manifesting?

You see it’s all about deception. If I want to deceive you I’m not going to show you the end game. I’m going to lead you slowly and gain your trust and confidence. In my opinion we are dealing with supernatural deception. These entities that are manifesting are, in fact, messengers of deception and cannot be trusted. Period! Just because the sun appears to be spinning, or gems appear out of someone’s mouth, or someone is healed, doesn’t mean that the most High God is involved.

We need to test the spirits. We need to understand that we are living in the time that Yashua/Jesus warns of. We need to be on guard.

These apparition sites bolster the so-called Marian claims of being co-redemptrix. Briefly put, the apparition is trying to say that it is responsible for the redemption of mankind through the cross. While this claim has never been officially sanctioned by the Vatican, nevertheless it is a direct assault on what Yashua/Jesus did on the cross! No one else died for our sins and therein lies the danger of these apparitions. As much as I love and respect the Mary of the Bible, she did not die for my sins… period!

You see that is the end game. It takes people away from praying to Yashua/Jesus. From knowing that He alone is our redeemer. That His body was beaten and bruised for our iniquity. That’s the bottom line. Remember the admonition of Paul who tells us, that even if an angel of light brings us another Gospel let him be anathema/cursed! Isn’t this exactly what is happening at these apparition sites? Isn’t another Gospel supplanting the original one?

In closing todays post. Catholics as well as Protestants, need to realize that spiritual deception comes in many forms. However, in many cases there are obvious “give-a-ways.” One is that these apparitions deny the work of the cross, the other is that they deny the divinity of Yashua/Jesus. It is important for us to realize that we can be deceived and led astray when we accept supernatural experiences without checking them against the Guidebook to the Supernatural and test the spirit behind it. Let us be aware that we are living in the days of deception and cling fast to our faith and trust in Yashua/Jesus and Him alone.

False Signs and Wonders?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Speaking of the supernatural, some stuff is happening in Litchfield, IL, that may warrant some comments from our spiritual watchmen. John Owens.

Rebuke first and ask questions later!

I believe in the gift of healing. I believe in the gift of speaking in tongues. I believe in the gift of discerning of spirits. In fact, I believe that the gifts that are mentioned in Corinthians are for believers today. However, there are a lot of used-car-like sales people out there peddling a “supernatural” scam. This latest so-called manifestation happening in Illinois, has the same type of scam tactics that I have heard and seen before. So lets’ strip it down and expose what may be going on.

The appearance of gemstones, gold dust, feathers and gold teeth appeal to our flesh. It’s the same idea as “seeding” into someones ministry with $1000. He gets rich and you get broke. Both scams appeal to our flesh and is summed up in one word, money.  There is not one mention of holiness in the article. No one is on their face before the Lord. There’s not one mention of repentance, being sorry for all the junk that we’ve done in our lives.

I once sat in a church for  6 months and watched the same type of ballyhoo go on. At one point the pastor, told everyone that we could demand from God. He had everyone stand and say, “Lord, we demand that you…. (fill in the blank) Everyone chimed in eagerly! Wow, this is great, I get whatever I want! A new car, a new home, a new wife! Whatever! It was a dividing point for me as the guy was preaching what I would consider blatant heresy. A few months later I was let go because the pastor who was doing this was the senior pastors son and I was speaking against him. So much for objectivity. The “kid” then became senior pastor and lasted about two months. He declared his belief in polygamy and the church folded within 24 hours. False teacher was he!

There is a report in the article that talks about “glory dust,” falling on everyone. Once again this appeals to the flesh. Like Tod Bentley and his female angel Emma, this is more hocus-pocus. In my opinion there is a false spirit behind this whole thing. Like Bentley at some point we will see it manifest in infidelity, financial impropriety, or blatant control of the group by one man.

I have seen the Lord touch someone and I have witnessed healing. I have had a word of knowledge for someone I was praying for and I have had visions. As I stated earlier, I believe in the gifts of the spirit. This kind of cheap theatrics, with gemstones coming out of the mouth of the pastor is, in my opinion a false sign and wonder. It is similar to the so-called Marian apparitions that Catholics believe in.

In closing today’s post. We should learn to test the spirits and not just accept everything that comes to us. Someone should rebuke the spirit that is in control of the church. Command it in the name of Yashua to be silent and cast the deceptive thing out. If the pastor is engaging in stage magic, he should be run out-of-town on a rail!

One of the hallmarks of the last days is deception. In my opinion this is yet another deception to draw people into false signs and wonders. At some point it will collapse of its own weight and the truth will be evident…. L. A.


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Acceleration Radio – Recap!

John Ventre was my guest on Acceleration Radio last night. By the way we were in the #2 spot for the entire show – thanks for tuning in! John is the MUFON director fro two sates, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ventre discussed at length the ongoing UFO flap that has made Pennsylvania the hottest UFO spot in the country. He told us of an encounter that happened where several witnesses viewed a craft that ejected some sort of metallic objects from the bottom and later retrieved them. Ventre had samples taken from the tree where the objects landed. He had soil and leaf samples taken and tested by two laboratories and they found anomalies in them. It would seem by the number of sightings that are reported throughout Pennsylvania that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away. Ventre also mentioned that the History channel backed off on its quest to obtain flight information around an airforce base near Willow Grove after someone apparently threatened the network. This is disturbing to me because the History Channel is not a fly-by-night outfit and I think that they wouldn’t back off on a story unless something very out of the ordinary was employed do “redirect” their efforts and thinking. This brings me back to the theory that the denial by our government concerning the so-called extraterrestrial presence may be left over from the Truman era. There may be one or two die-hards that are still keeping the lid on the phenomena. A few years back a friend of mine was at a retirement dinner for an Air Force general. Out of the blue this Air force  guy comes up and starts to tell my friend that UFOs don’t exist. My friend thought it was very odd behaviour on the part of this guy and wondered why this man went out of his way to try to convince my friend that UFOs were just a lot of “swamp gas!” As I said last night on the show, if it was just one or two of these sightings I would dismiss it, but it’s not, in fact according to Ventre it’s over 300 sightings in one month. All of this to say that at some point there will be disclosure and as those of you who frequent this BLOG know, I believe it will lead to the Great falling away that we are warned of in the Guide book to the supernatural. It would appear that we are on the verge of some kind of disclosure as the phenomena is certainly burgeoning. When? I have no idea, but I will bet it’s sooner than later. This can’t go on indefinitely, can it? What are they waiting for? Well, I believe they are waiting for the perfect global crises and then they will manifest in full, with all the lying signs and wonders that they are capable of. This may also include so-called Marian apparitions, the likes of which are happening just outside of Cairo Egypt! p.s. Here’s the link to the earthquake site that some of you requested.

Prepare yourself! Pick up a copy of the Alien Interviews or Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! Give a copy to your favorite skeptic and I guarantee after reading the books he or she will come to an understanding that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away!

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