A volunteer from the U.S. religious group Family Radio, a Christian radio network, hands out pamphlets with warnings of an impending Judgment Day at Times Square in New York May 13, 2011. The designation of May 21came from Family Radio president Harold Camping, who predicted that date through a series of mathematical calculations and the unraveling of codes behind the Bible story of the great flood. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (UNITED STATES - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY) - GM1E75E08B501

Rapture prediction for April 23 just latest of kooky doomsday calls

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
Do I believe in the Rapture? Of course, I do! Do I worry about the timing of it? NEVER!!!! We are told by Jesus to go out and destroy the works of the Dragon! We’re told to spread the good news of salvation. Nowhere are we admonished to argue about the timing of or the date of the Rapture.
It will happen when it happens and I have not the slightest doubt in my mind that He, who spoke the universe into existence and will create a new heaven and earth will have absolutely ZERO problem with beaming us up!
That being stated. Guys like Meade do a great disservice to Christians everywhere. He makes us all look like fools to those who will read the article. It’s posts like this which demean Christians and the word of God.
We must ask ourselves why this guy gets press time? I would posit that the MSM licks its chops at statements like this as there is an anti-christian bias. Think about it when nothing happens on April 23, the MSM will laugh and taunt and have a field day.
However, what was written will come to pass. What was foretold will unfold…
The Rapture will happen at some point. It is my blessed hope. Those who are outside of being born again and spirit filled have no idea of the supernatural world, as the natural man or woman cannot understand or fathom the supernatural world.
As I’ve stated last year and this year about the universe in which we find ourselves. No one knows where we are in this universe or what this really is!
No one has a clue. End of story.
This is where the incarnation of Jesus almost 2000 years ago sets Christianity apart from everything else on this planet. When He was here he had mastery of time, space, and matter. He healed everybody of every disease. He cast out demons! He walked on water—that must have been fun! He fed thousands from just a few fish and some bread. Finally, he poured out his LIFE for us breaking the sin-code once and for all.
The writer of the article most likely doesn’t have a clue about how great Jesus really is and that He will return, perhaps sooner than anyone thinks.
We are engaged in a cosmic war that is ramping up. Israel—which is God’s prophetic time-piece is celebrating her 70th year. Meanwhile, Iran is saber-rattling with the chant Death to Israel! Yemen fired a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia yesterday. Hezbollah has vowed to destroy Israel and Turkey has stated the same.
We are headed toward what I would call The Coming Great Deception and I will be speaking on this in Canton Ohio this weekend!  I will be exposing the works of the Devil as will the other great speakers!
The Rapture? I’m ready for it at any time but in the meantime, I’ll keep my hand on the plow and not look back….!





UFO DISCLOSURE! Is Something About to Happen?

‘There was something out there’: Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin ‘passes lie detector test after recalling his encounter with alien life’ during historic 1969 mission to the moon.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

#greatdeception     #UFOsarereal!

I have a one-liner that I share from time to time with my good friend over at Prophecy Watchers, Bob Ulrich. It’s this: No one cares Bob.
It might sound like a negative statement but I don’t mean it that way. I am alarmed at the liaise-fair attitude within the church at large and many Christians in general in regard to the ongoing UFO disclosure.
We are seeing real disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence in all media and yet there’s not a peep about from most pulpits. Why is that?
At prophecy conferences, there is an absence of youth in attendance. I would posit that we may have lost an entire generation to the Ancient Alien guys.
Don’t believe me? Here’s an email that came across my desk.
Love your new book the secret hospital corridor. My granddaughter Scarlet was listening to all her classmates who thought it was cool to believe in anything and everything except God, new age, Satan, aliens, until I gave her your trilogy that you wrote years ago. Now she knows God is God and the great deception is near. Thank you. Without your books and DVD’s a lot of people would be lost. M.
These emails are what keeps us going here. We also have lots of folks come up to our table at conferences or at churches and thank us for what we’re doing. It makes it all worth it.
However, I think something is coming and it is what I have come to call, The Coming Great Deception. The Deep State, The Powers that be, are rolling out disclosure and we must ask ourselves this, where is it heading?
It’s time to realize that disclosure is ongoing and it can only lead to the governments of the world formally announcing the so-called extraterrestrial presence. Pastors, warn your flock or watch the chaos and confusion when a formal announcement is made.
In the meantime, Fatima 2 – Strange Phenomenon will be available tomorrow. This film deals directly with what I would call a harbinger of deception, as I believe that what happened in 1917 was a precursor of what is coming…wait, it’s already here!

Fatima 2 as well as the accompanying book, will be available TOMORROW!

Never before seen photographs from the 1917 event!


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Tonights Topics:
It’s happening and the church is on SNOOZE! LOL! Yesterday someone wrote to me asking what good is it being a watchman if no one is listening. Welcome to my world. I man my post and if the folks don’t want to listen it’s on them not me. You would think that there would be at least some interest….zzzzzzzzzzzzz Flat lined! LOL!
Check it out. Once again UFO disclosure is on Prime-time FOX!

UFO’s ARE REAL! Harry Reid’s UFO Program

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

“Intelligence analysis ruled out that the craft was Russian or Chinese.”
“… fears that UFOs might be Satanic.” (4:20)
“I was flying and there was an object next to me. I couldn’t get rid of it, I slowed up, it was there. I sped up, it was there. I would dive, it would be there. I called. Nothing on radar,” Reid said.
(Thanks to Rosa for forwarding the link!)
This is really an explosive interview with former senator Harry Reid. It should be a wake up call to every American that the ongoing UFO phenomena is real, burgeoning and NOT going away.
One of the quotes from the clip states that there were fears that UFOs were, in fact, Satanic. This fits nicely with the Coming Great Deception that I’ve discussed for almost two decades now.
Here are some thoughts.
What does our government really know?
Are certain factions of our government actually working side-by side with so-called extraterrestrials, as our “whistle blowers” in our film In Their Own Words – UFOs are Real, indicated?
Is Wright-Patterson the holding area for all downed craft, like Colonel Hill stated and we reported?
Are testimonies like that of Bob Lazar, who claims to gave worked at Area 51, credible? I think they are…
Then we have Reid stating that UFOs appeared over nuclear missile silos. We actually covered this in Watchers 7! We sat down with Robert Salus who gave us his in-depth-never-seen-on-film-before, testimony.
Salus stated that a large UFO hovered above a missile base and switched off all of the intercontinental ballistic missiles.  He also told us of his abduction and how he was taken out through the closed window.
The UFO phenomena is very complex. There are sightings of UFOs seen by people all over the globe. They come in the classic disc-shape but also in triangles, cigars, pyramids and even squares.
Then there is residue left from the “craft” such as scorch-marks on the ground or burn-marks in the trees can be observed.
Then there is direct contact, like Robert Salus abduction years after his sighting at the base.
Finally, and perhaps the most troubling aspect of the phenomena, sperm is taken from the men and ova from the women. There seems to be a breeding program that has been ongoing for decades.
Dr. David Jacob’s—who I interviewed for my books as well as Watchers—believes that hybrid beings are now integrating in our society.
While this might sound bizarre, here’s an actual email from someone who may have encountered two of them. Judge for yourself as to the veracity of the woman account. Here is the account.
High Strangeness in the Market.In June 2012 I was with my husband and daughter at our local county fair. While my daughter was on a ride we noticed 2 younger looking people walking around to the left of us heading towards the ride. We stood and watched these 2 which looked male and female,  possibly brother and sister, they looked very similar.  They moved in sync and not at all like a human walks. One tried to gain access to the ride and the gate was shut. The carnival worker stuck out his hand like hey what the heck are you doing. They stood waiting together for the ride to end.
My gut was in check. First honest thoughts were these kids were on drugs. My husband and I both gave each other the same look like these guys are messed up. My daughter got off the ride and we began to walk away.  I turned back to look and they were standing there with their necks arched up in an impossible way and smiling or rather smirking at me. This was broad daylight and I couldn’t believe it. 
I didn’t say anything to my husband in front of my daughter but I knew what I saw was not human but acting like it. I waited till later to talk to my husband.  I was hoping he would say yes I saw these two weirdos and they must have been on drugs and then maybe I could have tried to forget what I saw. Instead, he looked at me straight in the eye and said they were not human. My heart just sunk. 
These beings are some time of reptilian who had physical human looking bodies were at our small town Iowa fair. This is no joke or deranged fantasy. I wish I had never seen them and had it confirmed either by another witness.
In closing todays post. Disclosure is now in our faces. I think 2018 will reveal even more that what we’ve heard in the last several weeks. Stay tuned for more commentary here and above put on the armor of God and  get prayed up…

UFO? No, but Can You Imagine WHEN it HAPPENS?

SpaceX launch sparks fears of alien invasion in Los Angeles

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

My phone started ringing, people were texting me and emails came pouring in. WHAT IS IT? L.A. did you see what’s in the sky!
I’ve seen rocket launches before and so I knew what it was. Still to someone who has never seen a rocket go up the sight was impressive. As the headline from FOX states the launch caused panic and fear. The talking head from FOX—reading from the trusty tele-prompter—confirms that it was not a UFO… I can rest easy! LOL!
Last week Disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence happened and there was little or no reaction from the folks. Tucker Carlson stated, on his show, that this was an important story but there was little follow-up on the other major networks.
I had two pastors email me and that was about it.
If you haven’t read this weeks series of blogs may I suggest you get up to speed and check them out.
We turned a corner and it’s going to be interesting to see what the next step in “disclosure” is. Will “they” inform us that the Roswell event of 1947 was real? I covered this in my film: In Their Own Words: UFOs are Real. (Shameless plug!)
In my opinion, Roswell was a real event and what crashed in the New Mexico desert was collected and carted off to Wright-Patterson field in Ohio, as stated by Colonel Hill’s death-bed confession which is told to us by Jim & Carol in our film. (Go to Vimeo and rent the stinking thing already! LOL)
The Deception is brewing and perhaps because we’ve had decades of shows like Star Trek and Star Wars, is it possible most people can’t discern between reality and fantasy?
Perhaps this is why the folks didn’t react last week when the real disclosure occurred.
However, we see the reactions from a rocket-launch at Vandenberg! So what happens when a mile-wide craft shows up?
There’s a saying I coined early this year.
We go up, they come down. We go up, they show up.
Think about it. The cat and mouse “game” of UFOs appearing and then disappearing has been going on for decades. I would posit that “they” are being held back, restrained by The Restrainer!
When He is taken out-of-the-way they will manifest. We go up, they come down…