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watchers-7-and-further-evidenceFurther Evidence.


I get many emails each month and this one came across my desk resulting in this interview. The person wishes to remain anonymous, and thus, will be referred to as “Jane.” Her story is unique to me as I have never heard of an unborn calf being taken from its mother’s womb prematurely and then mutilated. As far as I know, law enforcement has yet to bring charges against anyone in these mutilations that have continued now for decades. Here’s her story and afterward I will comment. (All the names have been changed in accordance with the witness’s wishes).


My story begins on Sunday, January 1, 2005. At least if my memory serves correctly that was the actual date. Our daughter and grandson were living with us at the time: she, having gone through a divorce back in March of ’04. My grandson had received a rifle that year for Christmas. He was excited because he was going to the pasture with Grandpa to check on the cattle and then sight in his new rifle. My daughter was in her room on her computer and I was in my room on my computer. I heard Tom come back in and didn’t think they’d been gone long enough to check both the cattle and sight in a rifle.

In a few minutes I heard the conversation as my daughter Sherri asked, “Did you get to sight in your rifle?”

“Oh no, Grandpa Bob is too mad.” Tom replied. “What’s Grandpa mad about?”
“Someone mutilated my cow.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I went to my daughter’s room and asked if I had heard what I thought I’d heard. She stated that what I heard was correct: a cow had indeed been mutilated.

I asked Tom where Grandpa Bob was. He’s outside, but he’s mad. At that point I went outside to locate my husband. He was visibly upset and rightly so.

I was naive enough in those days to believe we should report it to local law enforcement. So I called the sheriff ’s department; I recall asking if anyone else in the area had reported any cattle mutilations. The shock on the other end of the line gave me the answer. I requested they send out a deputy.

About an hour later a deputy showed up. She followed my family out to the pasture where the cow was located. We all know what mutilation means, but to actually see it in first person is quite a shock. I had a sense of icy cold evil around me.

cattle-mutilationThe cow’s left eye was severed flat with her skull, the lower half of her head was pretty much gone. All that was left was bone oozing very minute amounts of blood.

The jaw bone was laid bare, and her tongue, nose, mouth, were all gone. “They” had made a very smooth, precise, rather semi-circle type cut to remove these tissues. The tips of her udders were blackened and her rectum had been cored.

The deputy was trying to tell us that a wild animal was likely to blame.

For weeks, nothing would touch that cow, no coyotes or other regular predators would take any of her for food. The buzzards would sit on her and poop but not eat her, and the carcass lay there for a long, long, time before it eventually rotted away and the bones drug off. Very unreal.

Flash forward to Tuesday morning of the same week. I’m up and dressed and ready to depart for work. In fact, I was walking through the kitchen headed toward the sliding glass doors to leave when my daughter called out to me from her room to ask me a question. As I started to turn around it was like I ran into an invisible hand or force field of some type. It hit me dead on in the chest and I was actually moved back a couple of steps.

I stood wondering what in the world was going on when I felt a tingling sensation in my feet. This sensation began rising upward as I stood there. I began to realize that if this continued, I was going to fall. Luckily for me there was a kitchen chair within arms reach and I grabbed it and literally fell into the chair.

I recall that my heart was skipping a few beats and I was thinking that at any second I would be in the presence of the Lord. After a short time and I was still here, I decided to see if I could get up and stand. Since everything appeared to be normal I went on to work. After getting to work, I kept having the feeling that I needed to call in my replacement and go home. It was just one of those weird things: hard to explain to someone else, but I called her anyway and my replacement said she would be there shortly.

Everything was fine until all of a sudden I felt like someone was poking my stomach with about 10,000 tiny needles. If I sat down and stayed still, it wasn’t so bad.

My replacement finally showed up and I left to come home.

I pulled into my driveway at 10:00 am (keep note of the time). I almost drove down the road just a little farther to check on the cows but just didn’t do so. Instead I went in and just lay down and rested.

That afternoon when my husband got in from work, he went to check on the cattle. What he found was a newborn calf that had been mutilated in the same manner as the cow had been two days prior.

The thing was, the mother cow wasn’t even due for another couple of months. She had previously shown no signs of giving birth any time soon.

After hearing the news, I again called the sheriff ’s department out to file a report and the same deputy came back and took a report, this time saying a panther was probably responsible.

Later that night our neighbor called, having heard about the earlier incident. For the record, this particular neighbor lives right across the road from our pasture where the two incidents took place. Although, from their location they would not have been able to see anything going on.

My daughter spoke with the neighbor on the phone, and told him about our second event. He told her that about 10:00 am that morning their dog was going nuts and looking in the direction of our pasture. His wife looked out but couldn’t see anything. I have to wonder what I might have seen had I gone that way at 10:00 that morning instead of pulling into the drive.

My family has owned this land for over 100 years. Nothing like this has ever occurred before, and hopefully never again. This was not an experience that I would care to repeat – ever!

I can’t explain exactly what happened to me on the day of the second mutilation, although I’ve never felt anything like it before or since.

Also these are the facts as closely as I can recall. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I feel your work is “spot on” and I am very thankful that someone from “our” side of the fence is tackling these issues.


The story you read is true and “Jane” came on my radio show, Acceleration Radio, and told us about what she experienced. The questions remain: why would anyone do this and then leave evidence of the mutilation unless it was to cause fear?

It’s one thing to read about this here; it’s another to be living it. How would you react when realizing that whoever is doing this does so with impunity?

This phenomenon has been going on for decades and so far law enforcement has not brought charges against anyone that I know of. Linda Moulton Howe created a video a few years ago entitled Strange Harvest. It remains one of the best videos on the subject, in my opinion. What is this strange harvest being used for? What is even more unsettling is that there have been cases of human beings mutilated in the same way. To me, this bears the fingerprints of the Fallen One. Is he using this genetic material to build hybrids? That’s where I would put my money as I believe we are in the days that are like those of Noah. Will we see the return of the Nephilim? Only time will tell. 

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UFO – Not Going Away Are They? This is what Watchers 7 and Further Evidence is ABOUT!

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L. A. Marzulli

Watchers Contest Winners!  We liked these two the best!  Hey guys, send me your address and you’ll split the prize!  Thanks to all of you who participated!

Rob LathemWatchers – Investigating the Supernatural 
Michael GuraWatchers: Secrets of the Supernatural 


Why did we make Watchers 7 & write Further Evidence?  The answer is simple.  UFOs are not going away!  They are being reported to the tune of 2000 sightings per month, and that only represents the ones that are reported.

At some point, I believe there will be a revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.  One scenario would be that Obama, or whoever is in the Oval office, announces to the world that UFOs and their occupants have been visiting earth for a long time and we have known about them and believe their intentions are peaceful.

When, not if this happens, it will be a game changer or what I would call a mega-lever in that everyone on the planet will have to adjust his or hers world view.

Watchers 7 & Further Evidence investigate the phenomena from all angles.  We talk to the some of the worlds leading experts on the subject, many of whom embrace a different paradigm and world view than our own.  However, that is what makes Watchers 7 & Further Evidence interesting and in many respects, cutting edge as you, the viewer and reader are getting information from multiple sources and then can form your own conclusions.

One of the most revealing statements to date has been from former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who stated at the Citizens Hearing for Disclosure in Washington DC, a few months ago: UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.  

So what are we to do with that statement?  Ignore it?  Pretend Hellyer didn’t say what he did?   Watch some reality shows on TV, so we don’t have to deal with the phenomena?

We are told in the Bible, or what I prefer to call The Guidebook to the Supernatural that in the last days, The Fallen One will come with all signs and lying wonders.  I believe the UFO phenomena with all of its side parts, like cattle mutilations, implants, and crop circles, fits the bill, and is what I have come to call, The Coming Great Deception.

Think about it, when they show up, everything changes and as Steve Bassett stated in our film; when they show up it will be ET, ET, ET 24/7, 365.  It’s all everyone will be talking about!

He’s right and he understands what is about to take place here.

The skeptics tell us not to worry and write endless ad hominem attacks on those of us who are warning of what is manifesting in the skies all over the world, with impunity, yet I wonder how many of these self-appointed “experts” have spent any time in the field doing hard research?

In Watchers 7, we take you into the lab and examine a four-fingered hand-print which fluoresced under a U. V. light.  We then take a sample of the material and examine it under a Scanning Electron Microscope with an EDX feature.  What we found was the hand print did not have any of the elements a human hand-print should have.  Guess what?  We’re not in Kansas anymore!

In closing todays post.  I believe the UFO phenomena is accelerating toward a climax.  Dr. David Jacob has stated openly in our film, he despairs for the future because of what he believes is a breeding program which will replace humans with hybrid beings.  Jacob has over 35 years of research under his belt, with hundreds of cases in his files.

Cris Putnam, co-author of the best selling book EXO-Vaticana has stated he believes the Vatican is aware of ET and is anticipating an “alien savior.”

One thing is certain, UFOs are not going away and at some point the UFO Phenomena will become self evident….


Watchers 7 DVD ($20.00) and the companion book Further Evidence ($24.95) by L. A. Marzulli, with Richard Shaw: Further Evidence – with over 40 full-color photos of UFOs, expert witness testimonies, behind the scene shots, and more!

“This may be the best UFO documentary I have ever seen!”  Bob Ulrich – Prophecy in the News!

Watchers 7, is over 80 minutes in length, with riveting, in-depth interviews!

Further Evidence, is a 7″ X 10″ oversize book, with startling UFO pictures, like the “Turkish UFO”, which shows “aliens,” inside the craft.

See and hear the former Canadian,Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, state unequivocally: UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over head! 

In depth interviews with:

Gary Stearman – Host of Prophecy in the News.

Stephen Bassett – Organizer of the Citizens Hearing on UFOs in Washington DC.

Cris Putnam – Co-author of EXO-Vaticana.

George Filer – Former Colonel and UFO witness.

Chuck Missler – Author & Biblical Scholar.

Dr. David Jacobs – Abduction researcher.

Jamie Maussan – Host of the weekly UFO program seen by over 4 million people in Mexico each week.

David Stinnett – UFO researcher.

Jim Wilhelmsen – Author and UFO researcher.

Jose Escamilla – UFO investigator.

Dr. Roger Leir – Implant removal.

Steven Colbern – Chief Scientist for A. & S. Research.


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New Mexico Conference Update! WARFARE!

May 10-12 – New Mexico Conference – Dine’ Baptist Church in Waterflow, NM

I will be speaking from noon until 6pm today and on Sunday morning.

We had a good crowd last night and I heard several very interesting stories, one involving a skin walker.  A skin walker is someone who uses the skin of an animal to actually transform into that animal using occult means to achieve it.  They terrorize those whom they choose and they have power from the dark side.  

UFOs are seen here, one landing from time to time on Hogback mountain which is just a stone throw away from the church.  

A Bigfoot like creature has been seen near the river.  It is a very large black animal and it has the people spooked to say the least.  

There was also  a Chupacabra, who over a period of time destroyed a heard of goats.  

The area is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  This is a place where the gate is open and unwanted spirits are coming in.  Shamans and medicine men have opened these gateways to the demonic realm over a period of perhaps a thousand years.  

One young man came up to me and told how he thought he had been abducted ten years ago.  We prayed but he was still badly shaken.  He believes he may have an implant.

There is a lot that is going on here and I believe the elders of this church as well as the people need to join together and reclaim their land.  This will take a real committment of fasting and praying and going before the Lord.  

I would ask each of you who come here to begin to target this area in your prayers.  Prayer changes things and it is our greatest weapon.  Please pray for the Farmington area and specifically that the stronghold of the enemy would be broken.  

We serve a mighty God, who can break the strongholds of the enemy.  Let’s join in the fight and PRAY!




L. A. Marzulli on Coast to Coast Wednesday night!

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

(Original Artwork by Doug C.)

I’ll be on Coast 2 Coast tomorrow night and I’ll be discussing the WATCHERS DVD along with what the so-called Star of Bethlehem was. Hint: It was not a mothership but a rare conjunction of stars in the heavens.

I have been investigating UFOs since 1976. I saw my first one when I was boy scout and we were taking a shortcut back to camp so we wouldn’t miss lunch. There were four of us and we were walking in a single file up a bolder-covered, ravine. The kid at the front said, “Wow what’s that!” I was the last to see it, but when I did it was the classic silver disc hovering in the sky. I watched it for about 20 seconds and then it shot straight up into the air and vanished, literally in a twinkling of an eye!

It is now 2010 and the subject of UFOs and the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe is a non-ending discussion. Shows like the History Channels, Ancient Aliens, explore the extraterrestrial/Ancient astronaut hypothesis. As those of you who read this BLOG know, I espouse to the interdimensional explanation for the phenomena. I’m in good company here because Jacque Vallee holds to this view as well.

I believe that disclosure is happening slowly as we see countries release their classified documents that tell us that we are being visited by craft that is not of this world. These craft move with impunity in airspace all over the globe, they take our cattle and then deposit them back in farmers fields, except the animals are drained of blood, and as Linda Moulton Howe states, there is a strange harvest that accompanies these mutilations as organs are removed with surgical precision.

The picture above is a representation of what I believe is the ongoing breeding program that is happening. In short, people are taken against there will and ovum and sperm is taken from them… why? I receive reports from people, on a monthly basis, about encounters with so-called hybrids. Are they integrating with us, as Dr. David Jacobs and others believe is happening? Are we seeing the conclusion of this breeding program? Are there modern NEPHILIM?

Pilots report seeing Mother ships, craft that is over one mile wide. Crop circles appear in our fields in complex arrangements that can only be seen from the air. I have heard that there is now a UFO reported every ten minutes. There are those in the X-opolitic crowd who belive that ET will reveal themselves soon and that they are our saviors.

In closing today’s post, we made the Watchers DVD to get people talking about the phenomena that is happening around us. It includes dramatic footage of an implant removal conducted by Dr. Roger Leir. It has footage of a cattle mutilation and then discusses human mutilations, which has been swept under the rug by most UFO investigators. That’s why we made it and there are more to follow soon as Watchers, is episodic. Hope you all will tune in to Coast to Coast Am tomorrow night! See you there!


Watchers DVD!

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This is the best DVD that’s come across my desk in a long time, and I’ve seen just about everything.— Bob Ulrich, Prophecy in the News

Dear L.A., just wanted to let you know I watched your Watchers DVD and it is GREAT! Everyone needs to see this! — Dawn

Watchers DVD is the best production I have ever witnessed regarding the UFO phenomena!— Chris Ward

I honestly want EVERYONE I know to watch it. Seriously. I wish I had the money

to send a copy to everyone I know.— She She Kilough

Well to begin it is one of, if not, the best video documentary I have ever seen.
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Human Mutilations: A MUFON Cover Up!

On Acceleration Radio last night my guest was Butch Witkowski. It was an unnerving two-hour show that plumed the depths of the Human Mutilation phenomena. At one point in our discussion I asked Butch if there was a cover up within the UFO community. Without hesitation he replied that there was. He said that the human mutilation cases are not something that MUFON wants to discuss. He also elaborated that others, who have tried to bring this to the forefront have never been asked back to speak. This is astounding when you think about it. Here is an orginization that prides itself in discovering the truth. But wait, unless the truth is something that the Grand Puba’s that head up MUFON agree with, unless the “truth” fits into their paradigm, it is ignored or worse covered up. The human mutilation phenomena is the missing piece of the UFO puzzle and it nails down the concept, to anyone who is reasonable, that those who are responsible, are in fact malevolent entities. I can’t say it plainer than that. An entity who would mutilate a person while he or she is alive, which is torture, is evil! There is no way around it. According to Witkowski, the autopsy reports that he read, confirmed the fact that these poor souls were alive when parts of their bodies were being stripped away. He also mentioned a story about a Pennsylvania man who was abducted and then mutilated. When the body was found it was removed from the crime scene without a coroner present. This is against Pennsylvania law! Then, it was  later brought back to the family in sealed casket. Sounds like something right out of the X-files doesn’t it?

I am used to being censored. MUFON won’t have me speak at any of its meetings because of my belief in the Nephilim and that fallen angels are responsible for the phenomena of UFOs. The churches won’t have me speak because of my belief in the Nephilim and that fallen angels are responsible for the phenomena of UFOs! I was also fired from my last church position, in part, for the contents of my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The pastor had censored the book without reading it. When I challenged him on this he didn’t have much to say. This kind of “thinking,” or lack of it, is intellectual fascism. That same closed-minded, mind-set is all to common in the churches, but it is also rife in organizations like MUFON! Mine is a lonely post and not many people want to hear the truth. The bottom line – and you’ve heard me say this half a gazillioni times – is this. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! Human mutilations are the darkest part of the UFO phenomena. They show us who these beings really are and graphically depict their twisted, perverted practices. Those who are in the Exo-politic movement and others who tell us these beings are friendly would do well to talk to Witkowski and others who have investigated these grizzly, crime scenes. I use the words crime scene because these mutilations are torture and murder and those who are responsible need to be brought to justice. Of course if those who are perpetrating these crimes are interdimensional beings it’s going to be hard to arrest them and bring them to trial. This is the problem isn’t it? These beings operate with impunity. They take what they want, with no regard for human life. With this in mind we are truly in the days of Noah. The fallen ones are back with their nefarious agenda. The Nephilim are here….!

Remember if you have an encounter, rebuke first and ask questions later!

Acceleration Radio! Human Mutilations and UFOs with Butch Witkowski.

I choose this photograph to post because it is a drawing of a human mutilation as the real photo’s are very graphic and are unnerving to say the least. My guest tonight is Butch Witkowksi who was a homicide detective and now is a MUFON investigator. Butch and I will be discussing the human mutilations that are now being linked to the UFO phenomena. The similarities between the cattle mutilations and the human mutilations can no longer be ignored. I believe that these horrific crimes – and crimes are what they are – have been deliberately ignored by a section of the UFO community. Human mutilations are malevolent, destructive, and should be proof that these so-called friendly E.T. supposedly from the Pleiades star system, are in fact evil, and I will go a step further, as I believe they are satanic in their origin. Butch and I will focus on a very strange case that happened in Pennsylvania. In short, a man went missing on his farm and after his wife called the authorities a search was conducted for him that lasted three days. Cadaver dogs were used and turned up nothing, then on the third day in a thicket about 75 feet from the house, the naked body of the missing man was found. It was drained of blood and the man’s hands were raised in front of his face as if he were trying to ward of something terrifying. The body was removed from the scene without a coroner being present, something that is never done in a crime scene investigation. We read in the book of Enoch that when the Nephilim roamed the earth they began to drink the blood of men. In my opinion, the human mutilation phenomena that is being associated with UFOs, graphically demonstrate that the fallen angels are back and engaging in much of the same activities as they did before the flood, as in the days of Noah…. Here is a link to the real photo’s.

Warning they are very graphic:


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