L. A. Marzulli Appears on Paul Begley tonight 7:30 (PST)

L. A. Marzulli will appear on Pastor Paul Begley’s show tonight at 7:30.
I will be discussing our upcoming DNA report at the Marriott Hotel near LAX on February 2nd.
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Acceleration Radio! 1-16-18

Abductions are real! L.A.  relates 4 accounts of people who have been abducted and had missing time.  Then a SKYPE interview with Al Matthews.
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Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight! Special Guest Al Matthews.

Acceleration Radio!

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Tonights Topics: Strange Abductions…

L. A. recounts four stories from people who have been abducted and have missing time. There is also physical evidence that is left behind.
Jim’s Abduction story. Gone for 1.5 hours.
Al’s abduction story from In Their Own Words: UFOs are Real! Four hours of missing time!
The “Elder’s” story. Levitated off the floor.
A Wife’s Hidden Abduction. Five hours of missing time
Something is happening…

Second half:

L.A. is joined by Al Matthews who appeared in the film: In Their Own Words: UFOs are Real! Al will recount what happened to him and how calling on the name of Jesus stopped these unwanted intruders and abductions.Don’t have a copy? You can buy it or rent it on VIMEO!


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UFO Disclosure Soon?

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Last night my guest on Acceleration Radio was Anthony Patch. We discussed the emerging UFO disclosure. Why now? Why is some faction of our government—which I would posit is the Deep State, the Shadow Government—rolling this out now?
Think about it. The Navy Pilot who had the UFO locked on his radar and took video of it appears on FOX news with Tucker Carlson. So where did he get the video from? Who told him to go public? See where this is going?

As Chuck Missler would say: It’s a managed agenda!
Anthony Patch believes the recent disclosure of the UFO phenomena may be nothing more than a distraction. However, not a whole lot of people seemed to be interested or distracted by this latest reveal. Anthony also raised an important point. How do we know the footage is actually real?
You’ll want to check out the new Acceleration Radio video as soon as we get it edited.
In the meantime. UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away!
I’ll be in Alabama this Friday, along with Mark Biltz. I’ll speak Friday night as well as twice on Saturday. I will be talking about The Days of Chaos, UFOs and my latest film on Fatima: Miracle of the Sun or a Harbinger of Deception.



Special Guest! Anthony Patch.

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Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight. Special Guest Mark Conn


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Tonight’s Talking Points

  1. UFO – Soft Disclosure? (From the Blog!)
  2. Lower Taxes…. Hopefully?

Second half hour: Special Guest Mark Conn

Nothing matters.

No, really. It does!

But often we are so intent on removing the “nothing” from our lives that we fail to realize that it is only within the “nothing” that God does His work.

Unfortunately there are many Christians who are living in an unfulfilled life, thinking that they are doomed to never achieve the things that they believe God has prompted, planned, and prepared for them to do. Often, it’s because they don’t see the resources they think they need to accomplish the task that is before them.

In 30 Days of Nothing, we will discover all throughout the Scriptures that over and over again God has worked through people just like us.

People who are so focused on their seeming lack of essential resources, skills, or talents that they initially can’t understand how they could do what God is calling for them to do.

That’s because they are focused on their “nothing,” and not on God’s limitless supply.

I’ve discovered a truth in my life, and I pray that in the pages of this book you will discover this same truth – God never calls us to a place or to a work where He doesn’t also provide all that is necessary to do what He wants.

He never leads where He does not supply. It’s just that sometimes, His supply is not what we were expecting. But it’s always precisely what is needed.