Culture WAR! The War Against Free Speech


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L. A. Marzulli

If you look at the screen-shot above you will see three, TAN circles and right below a green one. The Tan circles represent the de-monetization of my Acceleration Radio shows. I wonder why? YOUTUBE and Google have deemed the content unfriendly to advertisers. How convenient for them.
Folks, this is draconian and is BIG Brother at its best.
There is a culture war that we find ourselves in. This “war” has been ongoing for years with the left’s attack on Christmas, prayer in the schools, the singing of silent night at a school function, prayer at a football game, or at a commencement speech.
The Left cites the separation of church and state but this is a straw-man argument taken out of context and has nothing to do with the repression by a few over the many.
We are now in the digital age. Information flies at the speed of light. Satellites circle our globe beaming information to all points on the earth.  Google and YOUTUBE are now engaged in the silencing of certain opinions. The bottom line is this. If you’re a Christian who believes in traditional values you are the enemy.
So how does this affect me?
We are loosing money from our videos because they are deemed unfriendly! This has happened to Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and others who dare speak their mind!
We are now looking for sponsors for Acceleration Radio or those of you who would consider donating on a monthly basis to help with the production costs. We have already had one sponsor—the makers of an amazing cleaner, JINGOS—offer to help.
We’ll see where it goes.
Meanwhile the Antifa movement continues their all-out war against conservative thought.
In closing, the church should speak out against this but most likely it won’t as they don’t want to offend anyone.
As Coach Dave says…. Pass the salt. I will not be silenced!

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Acceleration Radio – 911

UPDATE! YOUTUBE De-monetized this Acceleration Video because it was deemed to be “unfriendly” to ads! This is the beginning of the end of free speech. What little panty-waisted weasel made this decision. Wake up folks… these people are the real fascists. L.A.

This is last weeks Acceleration Radio show! I’ve been on the road since a week ago and because we were in “conference mode,” at the Branson conference, it’s been hard to post…
We are currently in OK City shooting TV programs with Gary & Bob at Prophecy Watchers.
Here’s last week Acceleration Radio where I discuss the tragic events of 911. We return home tomorrow and I will create a special PPS Report in regard to September 23. Stay tuned for that on Friday.

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* 911? How do Buildings Fall at Free-Fall Speed?

* Why I Prep. Hurricanes, Floods, earthquakes, fires.
* The End-Time Prophecies from the Guide-book to the Supernatural.
* Hands On with the TSA’s New ‘Enhanced’ Pat-Down Procedure

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