PLANDEMIC!!!??? Is it TRUE? Derek Gilbert on PPS Report!

All may not be what it appears to be with the Pandemic film. Derek Gilbert comes on PPS Report to weigh on what may be inconsistencies with Dr. Judy Mikovits and the film. You be the judge!


2 thoughts on “PLANDEMIC!!!??? Is it TRUE? Derek Gilbert on PPS Report!

  1. Derek Gilbert presented a weak case against Dr. Mikovits’ story. His observation about the success of the polio vaccine as well as others suggests to me that he has done little research into the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. Formerly dangerous and contagious disease such as polio were already waning because of improved living standards, sanitation, and nutrition when vaccines were introduced. Additionally, vaccines have delivered unintended negative results from deleterious ingredients such as SV40 a cancer causing simian virus contained in the polio vaccine. This inclusion of viruses from animal cell lines is the heart of Dr Mikovits’ warning. God forbade the mixing of species, but this is being done with vaccines. We have a whole generation or more paying the price for this total disregard of His instructions. I applaud Dr. Mikovits for continuing to sound the alarm even though her propensity for honesty has cost her dearly.

  2. LA, thanks for your show. I would say that your guest does not disclose the credentials of his partner who is a biologist. What is this person’s level of understanding? Just because he does not get the influenza vaccine doesn’t mean he has a thorough understanding of the crushing effects the vaccine regimen has had on our nation’s children. Like R.F.K.’s organization pointed out there is a terrible amount of corruption in the vaccine industry. If someone can’t see that it is completely in the hands of the Devil he is blind. Derek means well, but his source that discredits the Ph.D. Mikovits needs to be actually made better known. A biologist was what he said, why not more? Why not allow Dr. Mikovits to defend herself from Derek’s points before you put them on the air? Moderate your platform with a little more poise rather than slam, bam, let’s throw it up without regard for fair play. Derek, said the CDC got a little sloppy. That was like saying Jaws took a little nibble. LA, from what I see of you I would hope you can see that the CDC is Satanic. A little sloppy!… Seriously!!… Derek’s major downplay is revealing. You are dealing with Psyops, buddy and I think you are getting played.

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