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As some of you who follow our YOUTUBE channel—our PPS reports have been every day since the scamdemic began—our two channels on VIMEO were de-platformed. There was no warning just the swift and sure-footed censorship that has now become part of Amerika. My crime was quoting from an article by Robert F. Kennedy jr. Kennedy stated that over 450,000 children in India were paralyzed due to polio vaccines that they received. VIMEO said this was anti-vax. I called Kennedy’s center for children and they forwarded me the paper which was written by doctors in India where Kennedy got the data from.
We had the 4 films from our new series on VIMEO, as well as the Watcher series, the two films on Fatima, and our UFO film. We were set for a nice pay-day as I had started doing ads on Prophecy News Watch as well as Forbidden Knowledge. VIMEO absconded with around $10,000 of our money which was from our Video on Demand sales. The ad cost from Prophecy News watch was $3000.00
I am looking for a lawyer who is willing to help us with this.
In short, Vimeo is a bully that preys upon small business owners who essentially have no way to fight back. If you can help or know of someone who can please email me:


NOTE: We have moved all of our films over to this address on USCREEN TV!

L.A. Marzulli

10 thoughts on “VIMEO – Update

  1. Are you familiar with Christian Law Association. Dr. David Gibbs may be able to help you or point you to someone who can. The Christian Law Association exist to preserve Christian Liberty. You can find them on Facebook or phone number 888-252-1969.
    Keep telling others about Jesus as you share your discoveries. May the Lord protect you and be your shield.
    In His service

    • I am having the same problem. I can see the videos, I can press the play arrow. It looks like it’s loading but nothing loads. After 30 minutes, after refreshing the page and repeating the process several times, it still refuses to work. The videos don’t play at all. I can see the first frames so it looks like a video about to play in the normal way, but it isn’t working. Yes I purchased the videos. I can’t download them because the download button links to Vimeo who tell me the video doesn’t exist.

      I think we need technical help (apologies in advance: My technical incompetence is legendary!)

  2. This is just wrong. These people dont have a heart nor honor. They really are a bunch of bullies and bullies need to be put in their place. I’m angry about this, LA. You are my “brother” and if I can help in any way AT ALL please tell me. If you wanna call, feel free brother. My number….859 684 7838. I’m in your corner, LA.

  3. I meant uncensored not like youtube where everything is censored. Bitchute is not. Marianna.

  4. LA, if they’re censoring you, you must be doing something right!! You have joined a very select and diverse group of people, including Bryan Rose from London Real TV (who ended up building his own streaming platform so nobody could censor him), David Icke, Max Igan et al. There is a lot of information on bitchute; there are a lot of fascinating interviews on London Real Tv, from different perspectives.
    You are already aware of Amazing Polly (who seems to still be on youtube for however long).
    If you haven’t checked out Plandemic the Movie (available on bitchute), I highly recommend it.
    Forbiddenknowledge TV share all sorts of videos from around the world, delving into current events and ancient conspiracies.
    There are others, but it is possible to have too many great things to listen to!!

    You are not alone! You are not crazy. We are with you!!

    I pray that you find great lawyers to stop this daylight robbery. A worker deserves his pay. They are out of line.

    Now I am going to take the rest of the day off to watch your series. Great work!! Keep it up!

  5. L A, so sorry to hear that Vimeo has been so crooked. They will receive their reward. Thank you so much for your stand and determination to say ”it” as it is.

    There is no doubt that the enemy of our souls has been deeply involved in all of the intrigue surrounding the current world panic.
    There seems to be no doubt that Bill Gates is in the mire up to his neck with so many others. Not one ”medical expert” among them. All now part of the ancient conspiracy that is around the planet, After 6000 thousand years of despotic planning our enemy is surely about to come to his end.

    I am sure that you we keep on until that last moment when we are called ”suddenly” to meet Him in the air.

    May our beloved Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth protect you and yours.


  6. I was wondering what happened!! I thought I had 30 days to watch the On the Trail nephilim videos I rented. I only was able to watch the first video about Ohio mounds, then the next day, vimeo steals my money by taking down the videos😢..Not fair at all I tell ya.

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