COVID 19 UPDATE! NEW Acceleration Radio

L. A. reviews COVID 19 and discusses three possibilities of what we might be looking at. “Celeste” discusses what she knows about COVID19 and how this might be the move from the NW_ to take down life as we know it and install global government that will eventually have the Anti Christ at its head. I will have Matt Brunet on in the next day or two to give us the Q side of the story. Stay tuned…Stay prayed up. Stay alert. Stay connected to our Savior.

9 thoughts on “COVID 19 UPDATE! NEW Acceleration Radio

  1. Hi, LA. Where is God in all of this? God is on His throne. It is time for real FAITH. I reflect on the images and articles showing President Trump in prayer. ? The message I have gotten is that everything and everyone on the planet has stopped, been stopped. Something is about to happen. Encourage one another. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Praise the name of God!

  2. L.A. I recently watched one of your talks with another person which brought great hope for the country . BUT , now came across this THE Next Black Swan Event. And this deflated me for hope.

  3. Hi L.A., my only issue with this interview is that the sound quality of Celeste’s connection was so bad that Deb and I lost much of what she was saying. Is there any way that you could give a synopsis on an update. I literally had my head up to the TV and was unable to make out things that she was talking about.

    • I agree is there any way of getting a better sound track (she should have a record on her computer ) or has she done any writting?

  4. OK THIS ONE FREAKED ME OUT. Only because I like you have been watching and praying the Q movement isn’t a psy-op but anyone who thinks things through has to be honest thtat just saying “trust the plan” without knowing who you are “trusting” is why I keep taking this to prayer and everytime I do take it to prayer then suddenly something offsets the “Christian end of the world as we know it” narrative. We always are told to watch the seasons and times and I follow you guys and all the signs. I watch Steve and You and so many others. I also pray and warfare and I decree and declare against attacks of Satan on this country. I have spent the last few days and weeks in hours of prayer (which starts as a simple prayer and two or three hours later I find have gone by) I find that I have been repenting for every sin of our nation so often and relying too on the verse that talks about healing our land if MY PEOPLE… I know you know the verse. An yway, I have to ask if it is possible that this is EXACTLY what the white hats are trying to avert.

    Just as a counterargument, I have to state that IF they know about this COVID plan and wanted to stop it, the they would have to know to PULL OUT of the GLOBAL community as Trump SEEMS to be doing i.e. pulling out the the climate accord and such. IF they knew then the only thing that COULD be done is to stop the globalization of the globe. I.e. stop NAFTA and other things we rely on outside governments for and make them IN THIS NATION thus just taking back pharma will increase jobs here over 800k alone in just one industry.

    I too am in a wait and see mode but I DO RECALL A PROPHECY YEARS AGO on one of the old Television Christian stations that a man stated that he saw a large earthquake then the internet went dark for 2 weeks and then approx 2 weeks later we were raptured. I don’t recall if the earthquake (very large) was before or after the darkness on the net but he did state that WHEN THE INTERNET CAME BACK UP WE WOULD BE ON THE BEAST SYSTEM. Now I don’t know if this is actually what he was talking about or not. I also know that the prayer of a righteous man changes much so I think that since you have access to some of the most notable people around that organizing them all to call on prayer on specific day like day after tomorrow or as fast as possible and all through the next few weeks may be called for and I KNOW GOD HEARS US.

    Just a hello from the Rockies to the windswept prairies and a hope that the white hats DO HAVE A WAY TO INTERCEPT this mess. I, however, am not of any new revelation to decide what the outcome of the next few weeks will be but I DO KNOW it’s ALSO A LESSON FOR ALL OF US one way or the other. I pray that Jesus comes quickly if the system in in place and that we are all READY TO MEET OUR BRIDEGROOM. i CERTAINLY CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO RETURN but I also have to pray sincerely for the many that have not yet been saved.

    God bless you, Peggy and your family. Be well.

    Vicky ________________________________

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