Why President Trump was “Somber”

Commentary and in Awe-of-Our-President
L. A. Marzulli
Nancy Pelosi—who must be defeated in the next election cycle—stated that Trump appeared “sedated” at the State of the Union Address. Speaker Pelosi, let me inform you of a few things.
  1. The Russian collusion hoax was dreamed up by your party. During the campaign, the Russian “Pee-Dossier” was released to the American people. I read it and wondered if it was true. It was disturbing, to say the least. Now, we find out that the whole affair was fabricated. The trail leads directly to YOUR party and the Hillary Presidential campaign. Shame on you! You attempted to defraud the American people in an election cycle with a canard!
  2. From the get-go, President Trump was accused of “Russian Collision.” After dragging the country through three years of “drama” we find out that it was a hoax. The Steele dossier, the Mueller report and everything to do with it turned up nothing. Trump was vindicated!
  3. Pencil Neck and his henchmen created the star chamber with the unknown whistleblower. This so-called Impeachment trial could have come out of Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union. Another Nothing Burger. Sondland and Vindman who testified against the president and who were recently fired in the wake of the “impeachment proceedings vindication of President Trump” should be required to wear a sign that states, ” I am a weasel!”
  4. President Trump was vindicated of the so-called quid pro quo in the Ukrainian “phone call.” The impeachment spectacle was a black mark on our country and I would posit it will go down in history as the nadir in political partisanship. However, Speaker Pelosi resorted to sophomoric tactics when she ripped up President Trump’s speech on the floor of the house. Shame on her.
All of this to say that our President had been through hell and back again. The average American would have folded long ago. Most people would have buckled under this kind of stress. I know because I am a public figure. I have had “hit pieces” written against me which were untrue and in fact salacious. I’ve gotten used to it but what I go through is nothing in comparison to what our President has endured. There’s not an ounce of compassion in our corrupt media. Trump’s run the gauntlet and come through it all in one piece with his core values intact.
So Pelosi describes Trump as being sedated. No Madam Speaker he was somber. What we saw was a man who realizes how corrupt and broken our system is.  I can only imagine what his family has been through. The entire SOTU speech was a list of his accomplishments in spite of the partisan witch hunt that has plagued Trump since the moment he took office. I’ll vote for him again as Trump reflects the values that I and millions of other American’s hold dear. Somber indeed…


8 thoughts on “Why President Trump was “Somber”

  1. Outstanding article and completely true. Pelosi is at the bottom of the trash heap along with all her evil minions. She will rot in eternal hell. This will make God sad but we make these choices.

    Many blessings to you.

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  2. Just imagine what more good Trump could have done or be doing if the Socialist-Democrat’s would stop making up these lies. IMO, I think the money spent on these witch-hunt trials should be garnished from the Democrats pay check and be put toward lowing our debit. The old adage is to hurt them where it hurts the most…their pay checks. Make them think things out before attacking.

    My son and I will vote for Trump in 2020…then vote for any of Donald’s children like Eric, Donald Jr. or Ivanka..just to keep the “Trump Train” running our government. Heck, we’d vote for Melania…Barack Obama (aka. Barry Sorotoro) became President with a false birth certificate.

  3. Oh how I agree with you and I am not even an American nor do I live in America but I have been appalled at the political shenanigans. At least in the UK they have not yet got their lies down to a fine art form yet!
    As for Madame Pelosi, she is of an age where she would have been brought up to be far better behaved than that, therefore what she did is all the nastier.

  4. A sad day for all Americans, when millions are wasted on an impeachment trial, and 3 years of issues not addressed by both Parties, whom both need to recalculate, and get things moving for America.

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