Commentary and a Wake-Up Call
L. A. Marzulli
To the natural man what we ware seeing, the Coronavirus, the wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in divers places, pestilence, and the rise of lawlessness can all be explained away. Nothing to see here!
 Why since the father fell asleep all things continue as before… where is the promise of His coming? Please! Don’t annoy me with your warnings of doom and gloom!
Folks the atmosphere is charged. We are living in unprecedented times. Will there be a revival? I think and pray there will be but we must understand and come to grips with what I would call the overwhelming facts that everything Jesus told us about the time just before His return is hitting on all eight cylinders. In other words, what we are seeing is NOT the tribulation—the 7 year period of God’s wrath being poured out on the earth—but these are the birth pangs that lead up to it. We are told to Watch and BE READY! These are Jesus’s words of warning to us.
Watch what you ask? Watch for the signs of His return. He called these signs out with great specificity. Now, we are seeing them manifest in real-time… for those of us who have eyes to see.
So how then should we live? Knowing that the Biblical Prophetic narrative is 100% accurate 100% percent of the time, we should be bold in our witness to those around us. We should warn that what we are seeing manifest in our world today is right out of the pages of our Bibles.
What was written will come to pass. What was foretold is unfolding. L. A. Marzulli

4 thoughts on “BIRTH PANGS?

  1. Yes L.A. the signs confirming that we are very, very close to the conditions for the Great Tribulation are growing.
    The turning away from God is increasing. It is alarming how so many churches are not teaching the truth of God’s word. There are so few who have a biblical worldview.
    When we connect this to the global disruption of peace and security and the incredible disruption of the weather and geological conditions we see more confirmation.

    It will thus not be long before we go up and then ” they”” will show up!

  2. Amen! The signs are all around us.
    The great falling away, false teachers, and many coming in His name..
    Deception is all around us, rely on scripture in God’s word so you are not fooled.

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