L. A.’s Speaking Schedule With An Announcement…!

I’m Sitting in my 28 foot 1995 Jaco Trailer on our property deep in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. I love it! I spent 43 years of my life here…it’s home. We are building to what amounts to a fire-proof house using the GIGACRETE System. www.gigacrete.com Check it out!
On Tuesday we will have high-speed Internet and I will be doing Acceleration Radio as well as PPS Report from here. We are also very close to obtaining our building permit and hope to break ground sometime in late February or right after The Hear The Watchmen Conference. Which brings me full circle! Here’s the speaking schedule.

Hey, folks, the first BIG conference of the year is in Dallas! Hear the Watchmen. Hope to see you there.

March 5-8: Hear the Watchmen – Dallas!



2020 Speaking!

January 25-26: Alien Snowfest  https://aliensnowfest.com

March 5-8: Hear the Watchmen – Dallas!


March 28: Nephilim Mounds Conference! Russ Dizdar, Chief Joseph Riverwind & L. A. Marzulli







Seating is limited—but there’s still plenty of room— so get your tickets early!


April 3 – 5: Canton Ohio Conference – Details soon.
June 19 – 20: Prophecy Watchers!

June 26 – 28: San Antonio  www.battlereadyconference.org
July 10-12: True Legends!!!
August: Alaska Cruise!

Contact L. A. Marzulli: To book me at your conference or church please email me: la@lamarzulli.net


Is there a  hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the peoples of the world? We think so and that’s why we’re on the TRAIL!

 We will be doing our first pre-sale with the series!

You’ll be able to purchase the DVD in advance.

Go to www.lamarzulli.net

9 thoughts on “L. A.’s Speaking Schedule With An Announcement…!

  1. Why in Gods name would you move back into Satan’s territory? You can evangelize California without contributing to its satanic ways by living there. If all Christians would leave California things would change.

  2. Well aren’t I confused.
    Thought you were leaving for good and tired of throwing money at a bad problem,California . Wow. Kind of bummed out over this.

  3. California has the best weather in the country. I don’t blame them for coming back here. Not all people that live here are evil. Geez….crazy thinking.
    I say welcome back also! 😉

  4. As I recall one of your past post about the new house and it’s dimensions, The first thing I thought was make it BIGGER. More square footage. .You will be happy you did!! Trust me. Ed, Milwaukee Wi

  5. hey that-s right! Marzulli Township. just i time for the subdivision and secessation balkanisation in response to thw arriving 3rd world orders.

  6. Absolutely love it! Can only try to imagine the pain of what you, Peggy and your whole family went through in losing your home that was literally stained with your blood, sweat and tears as well as your heart and artistic craftsmanship. GOD is giving you the desires of your heart and we love it, and support you both! See you in Colorado. John and Mitzy

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