Is There An Occult/Nazi Undercurrent in Our Government?

Commentary and Conspiracy-A-go-go
L. A. Marzulli
Years ago researchers who realized something was amiss with our government claimed that there was a “shadow government.” Those who promulgated this theory were called kooks, tin-foil-hat-people and my favorite, conspiracy theorists. 
Fast forward and it is now acceptable to call the shadow government the Deep State. We’ve changed the names to confuse the innocent! LOL!
We hear cries of Drain the swamp! But what is the swamp and what is the Deep State?
We know this, at the end of WWII Nazi’s were let into our country through what has become known as Operation Paperclip. For most of you who are reading this, it’s old news. Briefly stated, Nazi scientists, intelligence officers, and known war criminals had their records “cleaned up” and were put to work in the USA.
Wernher Von Braun is perhaps the most widely known. The question that lingers and haunts me is this, how many of these Nazis were in fact occultists? Did they corrupt our government from the inside? Did they poison the well as it were?
I used to run on Zuma beach and there was an old man that I used to say good morning to. His name was Fred. He had a very strong German accent. I heard that he had been in the war and was, in fact, an x-Nazi. I went up to him one morning and told him I was working on a book and that I heard he had been in WWII. He replied, “That was so long ago…”  I then asked him if Hitler had been an occultist. At that, everything changed and it was like I was in a movie. Fred had a faraway look in his eyes. He slowly nodded his head and stated, “Yes, you could say that.”
I had chills at what I was hearing and seeing. I tried to follow up with another question but Fred clammed up and I couldn’t get another word out of him.
I can’t help but wonder just how deep the twisted, perverted, occult world of x-Nazis goes. I wonder about the Rot that is Washington DC and the JFK assassination. I look at the antics of our deranged Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and wonder who is pulling her strings? I’m not saying Pelosi is a Nazi, but I wonder about the left’s agenda.
In closing. There is a Deep State. There are occultists embedded within our government.
Why would the Superbowl feature half-time shows that embrace the Luciferian world? What is Bohemian Grove?




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There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli







4 thoughts on “Is There An Occult/Nazi Undercurrent in Our Government?

  1. Bohemian grove is a horrible place! I researched it and the Clintons go there often!


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  2. I am so sure that you are correct L A. More years back than I care to remember, My wife and I were fairly new Christians. We went to North Wales, UK, on holiday and came across an older man at what had been a cafe and we were looking for a drink and began talking to him and, as you do, cleaning his kitchen etc for him! As we talked he mentioned the Illuminati, we had not heard of them before. He mentioned all sorts of issues and identified how involved they are in the judiciary and the royal family and all levels of life. The police and especially the church we talked for many hours.

    As a young man I had encountered freemasonry among a girl friends family and had attended a number of masonic dances so was was aware of them. Later as a Christian counsellor, now 20 years ago, I counselled a christian who had been ritually satanically abused as a child about 30 years earlier. Therefore I have no doubt that all of these aspects of evil have increased and became darker.

    I have read Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier, I have no doubt that he was fitted up by the authorities in the USA.

    From coast to coast and throughout our various lands there is deception and cover up.

    Therefore I do not see your tales as anything but true.
    I have never encountered a church that has encountered or mentioned these things. Most do not even believe the bible or the mention of giants and skeletons that have been found around the world.

    Thank you for your investigations and revelsation. When we go up they will show up!!!

  3. Hi LA and forum people. The 48 states of America are silenced by The United States since 1861 and their political offices tainted by the Reconstruction Acts. I read a antique newspaper from Chile calling the National Zionists nazi and hiding among the native germans to join them together with National Socialists but keeping the same NAZI monicker instead of NASI. I read a couple books by Mike Carol titled HOTZONE and Lab257 which were basically the effects of Project Paperclip scientists fouling the American population with botched experiments. of all the corruptions, whatever you say as a good president or bad, Braun worked with Stanley Kubrick to help Pres Kennedy to pull $6m USD out of Americans with a fake civilian space program to the Moon, all the while the military space program used unconventional means of non-Chinese rocketry to push military craft into outer space aka Avalon Project and Secret Space Program so no foreign nation would reverse engineer any fact or technology from the Kubrick Moon Landing video. USA has been a union of the Several States and states of America, and the United States for a long time, and look no further than the satanic influences of Illuminati Freemason transexuals and escorts in Hollywood; MrE3000 youtube channel was banned but occasionally are reposts like how Princess Dianna hides his identity or Laddy Guygagg and other transvestites try to inspire; even Mel Gibson (Lucifer is a tranny) and Twisted Sister musician Snyder mock and portray their mockery of Hollywood only accelerating careers of Illuminatti Trannies. The diaspora of banned Christian video content creators is re-assembling onto other non-Youtube sites such as or Bitchute. To answer the question as to arriving Nazis…. they are related, every country stuck in this same edomite Canaanitish infiltration from the beginning, and it pretends to kill itself and replaces itself like a phoenix waiting to re-corrupt and rise again after never losing control.

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