Signs of the Times?

A Plague Of Locusts, Earthquakes In Diverse Places, And Weather That Has Gone Completely Nuts

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L. A. Marzulli
Jesus warns us in the synoptic Gospels about the BIRTH-Pangs that will occur shortly before his return. Why would He do this?
Answer: To let those of us who are WATCHING and aware of the “punch-list” He created to LOOK UP for our redemption is coming – is on the way – is nigh – is at hand – will momentarily appear!
This article is revealing in that it lists the earthquakes, locusts, weird weather patterns that are certainly not normal by any means.
Think about the raging fires that have impacted the country of Australia. Take a look at the list of earthquakes that are happening globally. Ponder the in-your-face- lawlessness that seems to be the new “normal” in our country. Weep for the 1.6 BILLION babies killed in their mother’s wombs.
Then we have the UFO phenomenon which as many of you who come here know, is real—UFO footage is shown on FOX NEWS on a regular basis!—Burgeoning—UFO sightings are increasing—and not going away!
Put all of this together in the end-times-stew-pot and I think we get a concoction that is pointing us to the reality of the Biblical prophetic time-table.
In other words, Jesus is coming soon. His return is imminent. He might be at the door. I”m certainly not going to set a date, but I would posit that we are in a window of time that is unprecedented in all of history.
These days are truly the days of Chaos!




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  1. I’m pretty sure that the world will survive us human fleas. It will shake us off and keep on moving, like a dog chasing a car, not knowing he is about to get run over. This is the apocalypse… finally! Bring it on…

  2. LA, that link below is video on Smithsonian hiding giant skeletons. It will work on your initial post.

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