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US Navy confirms it has another video of Nimitz UFO encounter yet to be released!

The Navy said the video of the USS Nimitz UFO has been classified “secret”. A former US Air Force intelligence expert has since told Daily Star Online this video could be “clearer” and at least “10 minutes long”


Commentary and Warning 
L. A. Marzulli
The UFO phenomenon is not going away is it? I’m sure for most of you if you showed this article, that was posted on the Drudge report, to your pastor they would smile at you and dismiss it. Most of your family members would laugh at you. Your co-workers would roll their eyeballs. Perhpas even your dog would begin to wonder about you… just kidding.
Seriously, reporting about the UFO phenomenon has gone main-stream. It’s no longer a subject that is assigned to Coast to Coast—I’m proud to be a guest on the show for over 20 years—or “conspiracy theorists!” (I hate that term…)
UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away. It is the Coming Great Decpetion as the cover of our recent PP&S magazine shows. (If you don’t have subscription think of what your’e missing! www.lamarzulli.net—Shameless plug!) (Thanks to Mark Conn for the great graphic!)
We must come to a realization that WHEN the craft like the one depicted above appears in the sky and just sits there for a few days, everything changes. I can’t stress this enough.
Think about it. When this happens the media will go into a frenzy. This is all the news channels will discuss…day after day. The “event” will change EVERYTHING!
However, I would posit that “something” is restraining “them” from fully manifesting. Could it be the Spirit of the Living God indwelling the Christian believers that is holding back a full-blown revealing? I think it is which is why I say: We go up they show up! We go up they come down…

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  2. Little by little, disclosure, till bang, science will say they had to be out there, the best thing ever, get the chip of knowledge and immortality. Aliens will say we gave you the prophets, the creation story, and Jesus, most will be deceived, completely outa their paradigm, so know we know the truth, the biggest lie since did God really say that, ye shall not surely die, he knows that once you eat the apple you will become like him knowing good from evil. Even if this isn’t the great deception be alert, it could come in any form, political leader, etc. Pray to Jesu Christ, greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world! God bless

  3. Thanks for the the information you have put out for Christians like my self. I’ve been drawn to the book of revelation at age of eight that’s the first book I’ve ever read in the bible I never understand it but love what I read I love bible prophecy nothing gets me excited but to hear or read about the coming of our lord n saviour Jesus Christ.may God continue to bless you in your walk and work n being a beacon in the life of his people.

  4. L.A.

    I agree that full disclosure is being restrained by the presence of believers like you and others who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    I also believe that it will not occur until after the rapture, when the Church is taken away, and there’s no one left to point out the falsehood of their disclosure-deceipt.

    • Albert,
      I could not agree with you more about that.
      I have believed for years that they will not be revealed until after the body of Christ has left the earth, after the rapture.
      Because it is the body of Christ with the Holy Spirit that resides in us is what restrains them from appearing & causing havoc in the ensuing days ahead.

  5. There is nothing in scripture that says the Holy Spirit is holding back the evil ones from revealing themselves. It only refers to the Spirit holding back the revealing of the “wicked “one. IIThess 2:8. And that prophecy says nothing about the relationship of any rapture event to any such revealing. You are making assumptions, which may or may not be true. The true, for sure, without a doubt “Deception ” that is coming is the Beast, false prophet, as God and Christ and the take over of the world during the great tribulation, aka the 7th trumpet. Ufos and aliens will be involved but a not as a world takeover event. And don’t plan on an early escape from this conflagration. Unless you are of the 144,000 , you will remain to be tested! First John 4 : 1-3.

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