Aliens Exist!

Aliens exist and could already be on earth, first British astronaut says
“There are so many billions of stars out there in the universe that there must be all sorts of different forms of life,” she added.
A Few Remarks 
L. A. Marzulli
Not so fast citizen!
I understand where she’s coming from. However, what if the universe is holographic? What if what we see will be “rolled up like a scroll?” What about when Jesus creates a new heaven and new earth?
So here’s the deal, Sparky! No one knows what this is and where we are in it. If the Universe is analogous to the USA, is planet earth in Deluth, Walla Walla, Berwyn Pennsylvania, Frost Bite Falls? (LOL)
You see no one knows! In the meantime, well-meaning people like Dr. Sharman are helping introduce the public to DISCLOSURE of the so-called alien presence.
This is the coming great deception and when they finally show up everything changes…instantly!

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3 thoughts on “Aliens Exist!

  1. Seems most intellects have bought the evolution lie They don’t understand there are interdementional spiritual forces in high places posing as aliens Thank you LA for trying to wake us up to the Biblical truth of the coming great delusion!

  2. Not all aliens are evil. No more than all humans are evil. The two references in the Bible to the scroll effect are in Isaiah 34 and Rev 6. Both of these references refer to the completion of the 6th Seal at the coming of Jesus in the clouds at the end of the 7th trumpet. It is a symbolic method of describing what something looks like but is not literally true. Also, it is very possible, even likely, that the earth and the second heaven we see at night will both be “new” without the total, or even partial, destruction of our current universe. So, therefore, the existence of physical alien life beyond planet earth that will still remain after earth’s judgment day is very possible without contradicting the Bible.

  3. When I endorse to the context of the universe being a holographic rendition of depth in 3d space, I contrast my interaction with nature where several times in a sandbar the sand gives way under my foot as a flounder of some kind rises above the surface and quickly leaving the sandy bottom from where it was covering. The skies above could be just that; a covering, like a Faraday Cage or wallpaper provided by a series of alien crafts stationary above us observing their simulation of our zoo of hybridizing and harmonizing with their implements. Abbodon and the Nephilim residing in the cavities of hollow earth interior would be possibly the dominating force opposing the space-based quarantine we don’t know is above us. An affiliate of Zecharia Sichin confirmed this to me perhaps 3 years ago. The fallen Angels existing in their own right, fractured deities dispersed among a lottery of organisms born in this world to ascend their sentience among standard creatures; the World Trees being cut down by the occupying space-based quarantine and not rendering their immortalizing fruits for thousands of years, means the demons serving the fallen Angles by bringing the life energies of collected soles to the interior hosts of Hell’ohym in a series of business dealings and forfeitures. And we can only wait for the supreme being the Messiach lord Hessus to arrive spontaneously when he finds the hour mature.

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