Ad For Super Bowl on FOX DENIED!

Fox won’t run pro-life Super Bowl ad, but approves ad featuring drag queens

‘We were one of the very first people to submit anything to them. We met every single stipulation’

Commentary and Outrage


L. A. Marzulli

Welcome to the crazy new world of political correctness where drag queens rate and pro-life ads are a no-go! Unfortunately, this is where we are as a culture…but wait! Who decides this? What about the millions of us who are pro-life? What about the recent march in Washington that was historic as President Trump showed up! The first president ever to do so.
Time to push back. Time to stand up. Time to protest. Time to rail against the looney left.


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Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight! Russ Dizdar!!!!

There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli







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Bill Salus and L.A. serve up a tasty dish of end-times fare complete with MarSalus sauce!


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Acceleration Radio! Live Tonight! Russ Dizdar!!!!

There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated from the public! L.A. Marzulli





UFO Over The Newark Earthworks!

Commentary and a BIG WOW
L. A. Marzulli
The video was taken over Newark Ohio. We will be holding the Nephilim Again conference there on March 27-29. I will be going out to the Great Circle Mound and lecturing on it Sunday Morning.







Seating is limited so get your tickets early!

I don’t think UFOs appearing over the Mounds in Newark is a coincidence. In fact, I would posit that because this is a Nephilim site we should expect this and other types of phenomena as The Prince of the Power of the Air does relinquish his territory so easily.
So what do UFOs and the Newark Mound Complex have in common? In my opinion, they are sourced by the dark-side. Human sacrifice was practiced on these sites. There are advanced mathematics embedded in the earthworks. This begs the question where did this advanced geometry come from? If Native Americans built the mounds then why didn’t they say so? Why didn’t they hold on to this higher math?
When the first white settlers came into the are and asked the Native Americans who built the mounds, the Native Americans replied, “we don’t know.”
The entire complex is built on an 18.5-year lunar cycle. How was this accomplished and who figured this out? In order to understand how astounding this is, consider this. The moon waxes and wanes every night. In order to track it, you would have to have some means of collecting the data and then be able to process that data. But what if a five-day rainstorm clouded the moon from you? Then, how would you know where the beginning of the cycle was and when it reached its end after 18.5 years?
The book of Enoch tells us that a fallen Watcher Angel gave this information to mankind en toto. I could go on and will go on at the Nephilim Again Conference!
Back to the UFO sighting. This recent sighting confirms, at least to me, the direct link between these ancient sites that are found all over the world and the UFO phenomenon. As I stated earlier the phenomena is sourced by the Prince of the Power of the Air. It is a lying wonder and is part of the Coming Great Deception! Hope to see you in Newark!
Our New Series, On the Trail of the Nephilim delves into all of this and more!

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Interview on Spiritual Encounters

Hey Folks,

Check out my interview on Spiritual Encounters with my good friends Caspar McCloud & Brandon Gallups. We discuss my new film On the Trail of the Nephilim Ep4 : American Stonehenge – The Canaanite Connection. We go deep into the history that has been ignored by the mainstream and the great deception that is being rolled out before us.

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Don’t forget we’ve still got the Pre-Sale on On the Trail of the Nephilim Ep4 : American Stonehenge – The Canaanite Connection. Check that out here:

Holocaust Remembrance Day

I created this video several years ago but it still poignant today. What happened in the death camps was nothing short of a Luciferian sacrifice. The mass murder of the Jewish people was an attempt by the Dragon to negate the prophecy that specifically states: I will gather you from the four corners of the earth and reestablish you in your ancient homeland never too removed again.
Had Hitler—who was a type of Anti-Messiah—succeeded and won WWII I would posit there would not be one Jew left on the planet today. Thus the prophecy would fail. Of course, this didn’t happen and in fact, on the ashes of the Holocaust, the nation of Israel was reborn in a single day fulfilling yet another prophecy.
What was written will come to pass. What was foretold is unfolding. L.A.

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On the Trail of the Nephilim Ep. 4American StonehengeThe Canaanite Connection

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Nephilim Again Conference March 27 – 29
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FREE DVD Upon Sign Up for the Nephilim Again
Conference with Promo Code: Supernatural

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