The Deck Is Stacked.

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


I’m wading through Gregg Jarrett’s new book, Witch Hunt. It’s a great read and Jarret lays out his case for the ongoing withhunt that has enveloped our president since the day he took office. What amazes me is this. The media has done nothing but go after Trump since day one. Essentially they are an extension of the Democratic party. Thus, nothing that Jarret is exposing in his book is reaching the people. This is why Trump was booed at the world-series game. The folks don’t have all the facts. They rely on CNN and MSNBC and other outlets which castigate Trump at every turn.
What we are looking at, in my opinion, is the greatest misuse of power in the history of our country. Jarret lays out his case—he was and is a lawyer—methodically in the book and what he reveals is startling.
  1. The FBI led the charge with the fabricated Russian collusion story known as the Steele dossier. This was concocted and paid for by the Hillary for President Campaign as well as the Democratic party.
  2. Peter Sztzok and Lisa Paige created this “insurance policy” i.e. the Russian collusion story in case Trump was elected.
  3. The Comey FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal was a complete white-wash job and essentially concluded that she was innocent of any wrong-doing before they even looked into the case.
  4. The DOJ seems to be complicit in all of this as well.
Now we have Adam Schiff conducting impeachment hearings behind closed doors? Witchhunt anyone? We all know what conclusion Pencil Neck will reach…Trump is guilty of pressuring the Ukranian president to get dirt on Joe Biden. They’ve already reached their verdict.
Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, as well as others, have received lot’s of money for doing what? Sitting on the board of a Ukranian oil and gas company. Can you imgaine if Donald Trump Jr. had done this and collected 50k or more a month for doing what?
There is an agenda in this country by the progressive left-wing of the Democratic party. It is to create a different America than the one we live in now. It is for open borders, sanctuary cities, funding of immigrants, while our vets go unattended. It is to celebrate the LBGTQ agenda as well as blur the lines between the sexes and tell us that there’s no difference. Meanwhile, transgender males are competing in women’s events and winning! Wow, do you think being born male has anything to do with it?
Our country focuses on banning plastic straws while thousands die from the ongoing opioid crises. Our young people want socialism but they have no idea of what it really is and don’t realize there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
Our colleges in many cases have become nothing more than indoctrination centres for liberal thinking.
Meanwhile Bernie Sanders rants and raves about creating an America that mimics Canada or Scandinavia. Hey, Bernie, there are 300 million people living here versus a fraction of those numbers in the places you named. Please visit Venezuela for a few weeks and then report back to us how great Socialism is…
AOC blames the fires in California on climate change. Never mind that environmentalist have prohibited the cutting of trees, fire breaks and controlled burns to save the Spotted Tree Newt… (I don’t think there’s such a creature I made it up…) The Tree Newt has more importance than the lives of everyday Americans.
In closing, Washington is a swamp and what has happened to Trump should never happen to any other elected president in the future. We need term limits. We need to recall some of these career politicians.
I predict that when the IG releases his report about what may be the illegal FISA warrants that were used to spy on the Trump campaign there may be implications that go to the highest places in the Obama Whitehouse.
The Deck is stacked!
In the end, there’s my ongoing hope of the return of the King. He is what I put my hope and trust in… not man. Maranatha!


UFO Update!

Clearer USS Nimitz UFO footage ‘showed it had legs below tic-tac body’

“It was always really clear but what you see now is fuzzy and grainy, hardly identifiable.

“The shape of it [was odd] as it had some protruding objects at the bottom of it.

“I couldn’t tell if they were curled back or straight down because I was a good five or 10 feet from the feed.

“But there were definitely legs on it. It was oblong, like a tic-tac.”

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
UFOs are real, burgeoning and NOT going away. However, there are many people that are still ignorant of the fact that the first rung of disclosure happened with this showing of a Tic-Tac shaped UFO. This information was first released, nationally, on The Tucker Carlson show on December 2017. Since then there has been a steady stream of pundits and commentators on Tucker discussing the UFO phenomenon.
Make no mistake about it. The disclosure of the so-called extraterrestrial presence is an orchestrated event. It’s being rolled out cautiously. It is a managed agenda. I’m just amazed at the lack of interest in the church at large, which led me to create this quote which pretty much sums things up.
“The Christian Church has a morbid ambivalence toward the UFO phenomenon.”
We have to ask ourselves if this is the Coming Great Deception? In my opinion, it is and at some point, we will see full-disclosure. However, there is another saying I coined a while back and it is this.
“We go up they come down. We go up they show up!”
Jesus states that unless one is born from above they cannot see the kingdom of heaven. This is HIS prerequisite, not mine. How many so-called Christians are born from above? How many are filled with the Spirit of the LIving God? I would posit that it is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is RESTRAINING the full-blown revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence.
Thus, when we are taken up in the blessed hope i.e. the rapture of the church there is no longer anything restraining the Fallen Ones from revealing themselves as humanities saviours.
1 Corinthians 15:51-53 21st Century King James Version (KJ21)
51 Behold, I show you a mystery: We shall not all sleep; but we shall all be changed
52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.
Arm yourself so you won’t be deceived!

Can You Imagine if They Did This To Obama?

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli
This poster was put up in Time Square, New York City. Can you imagine if instead of Donald J. Trump—our ELECTED president—it was Obama who was hogtied? What about if the picture depicted Hillary?
As I wrote several weeks ago, America is in the midst of a cold-Civil-War. Recently Rand Paul was told by someone who disagreed with his politics to “Maybe order take out,”and “Don’t give me that Republican Bull-S.”
The incident, as well as the billboard, shows us just where we are. Essentially if you voted for Trump you’re an idiot, a bigot, a racist, a homophobe and you deserve to be silenced as all you spout is B.S.
We are at an impasse in this country. Meanwhile, Pencil-Neck continues what is, in my opinion, nothing less than a kangaroo court that borderlines on the trials conducted in banana republics or worse yet, something out of the notorious Nazi jurisprudence during Hitler’s reign of terror. The American people see through the charade that is Schifty’s call for impeachment.
Meanwhile in the Great White North. A friend of mine texted me this…
The hits keep coming… 
the western provinces Alberta ( the province I live in) and Saskatchewan are predominantly Christian conservatives, there are many people here calling for separation from the rest of Canada after the federal vote yesterday that saw Trudeau re-elected.
In closing today’s post.
Common Civility is all but gone. What fuels the discord and impasse are what we see daily from the main-stream media…an endless assault on Trump, Christians, and conservative values. Can you imagine if it was Obama’s image instead of Trump who was depicted hogtied?
The left have nothing to offer except a bigger government, higher taxes, abortion on demand, endless regulation, open borders and as Bernie Sanders warned, “to remake America into something different than what it is now.
As for me and my house, I’ll stay with Trump’s Make America Great Again rather than Bernies socialistic utopia. Hogtied indeed…



The Army and a UFO Group Are Investigating…Something


The U.S. Army and a prominent UFO research group are teaming up to investigate mysterious technology, but won’t come out and say where the tech comes from.
To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, the organization led by former Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge, will work with the Army to “characterize” technology under the organization’s control, and then use the tech to improve military vehicles. We have a lot of questions about this bizarre partnership, starting with the most important: Where did the technology come from?
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

(Thanks to Watcher Doug Riggs for sending the link!)

I have been writing about the UFO phenomenon for 30 years. I have studied it since I was 16 years old. I had one sighting when I was only 12 years old which was life-changing. I’ve been warning people about what I call the Coming Great Deception which is the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence. This concept is being promulgated on the weekly Ancient Aliens TV show and countless films pumped out by Hollywood.
Many of our youth are being sucked into the idea that the human race was seeded here and in fact visisted by Ancient Astronauts. This has caused many of our youth to abando the Biblical world view that the God of the Bible created everything. That Jesus spoke everything we see (and don’t see) into existence and without Him i.e. Jesus, nothing that was made was not made.
At this year’s sold-out True Legends conference, I discussed in depth the ongoing UFO disclosure. I showed the now-famous footage taken by Commander David Fravor showing the Tic-Tac UFO over the Pacific ocean. Fravor presented this on The Tucker Carlson show in December, 2017. This was the beginning of the on-going UFO Disclosure movement.
Jesus warns us: That even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. Jesus’ warning should be a wake up call.
Unfortunately many folks still don’t get it and remain in the dark and ignorant concerning the UFO phenomenon.
Don’t be fooled or caught up in the so-called revealing of the UFO/extraterrestrial presence.
This is the coming great deception…oh wait, it’s already here!


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