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  1. LA do you remember a guy named Oregon Bob, back in 2009 / 2010 He led several different people to locations in the forests of Oregon including a independent film maker and camera crew of six, and others, all 100% of all who went had sightings and encounters of craft and or the beings who operated them, most of them would only go one time, a few had to seek professional help {doctors} only a few would remain in continuing, A few producers wanted to make movie documentary, and pay a ghost writer for a book for Bob, He agreed to do a 3 part radio show, with several of the witnesses involved and reveal his real name on the 3rd show as Robert Picthall, a few weeks after the radio show Bob shut down contact with every one involved, packed up and moved out of town, and has refused to speak to anyone since 2010 if you want to know why LA I can and will speak to you if you wish, I am Oregon Bob Robert Picthall this story will blow your mind.

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