Second Amendment Rights!

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L. A. Marzulli

The shootings that happen all too regularly across our country are most often politicized by the left. We hear cries of gun control and stricter gun laws. However, hardly anyone discusses the links between violent video games, sick movies like the new “joker” being pumped out of Hollywood, marijuana use, and psychiatric drugs that many of the “shooters” were taking during their rampage.
Our founding fathers created the 2nd amendment to protect us from a tyrannical, oppressive, government. This brings us to this man who stood up to the leftest-round-up-the-gun-crowd-and spelled out REALITY and TRUTH with eloquence, passion and verve.
Bully for Mark Robinson! We need men and women like him to stand up and repeat this in every city in our country.


One thought on “Second Amendment Rights!

  1. LA, thank you for uploading the powerful video of Mark Robinson standing up for the majorities rights. I just wish I could get every law maker to sit down and watch/understand his speech and what they are doing to law-abiding citizens by taking away our rights to bear arms. He said what needed to be said, and I wish I had said it.

    There is a moral issue at stake in our great country. There is a mental issue that is ignored. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If the pattern of taking away guns happen, you will have to remove knives, vehicles, bomb-making materials, poisons, etc. until you have to cut people’s hands off to keep them from choking someone. When anyone wants to hurt someone, they will find a way.

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