Dr. David Jacobs on Coast – Hybrids Among Us



I’ve interviewed Dr. Jacobs several times. Richard Shaw and I traveled to his house in Pennsylvania and spent a morning with Dr. Jacobs. It was a great interview and you can see it in our Watchers 8, film.
Dr. Jacobs has been on the cutting edge of investigating the so-called Alien abduction phenomenon along with the breeding program. In his recent interview on Coast to Coast, Jacobs maintains that alien/human hybrid beings are WALKING AMONGST US!
Some of you will recoil at this however, may I point you to the words of Jesus:
“It will be like the days of Noah when the Son of Man returns.”
This verse is pregnant with meaning and is the basis for my ongoing research about the Nephilim and the burgeoning UFO phenomenon.
Fact: The Nephilim were the offspring of the fallen Watcher angels and the woman of the earth. This ties in directly with the Genesis 3:15 statement about the seed of the serpent being at enmity with the seed of the woman. The “seed” manifests in Chapter 6 with the creation of the Nephilim!
Fact: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of god married the woman of earth and had children by them.
Fact: People are being abducted.
Fact: Upwards of 30% of the people sitting in your church right now have either seen an orb, a UFO, lights in the sky, had an encounter with an entity or experienced sleep paralysis. We show this in our film In Their Own Words!
Fact: The Dragon i.e. “Satan is outnumbered two to one. He is creating an army.” Chuck Missler
Fact: In our film In Their Own Words: UFOs Are Real, we sat down with Al Matthews who has also appeared on Acceleration Radio numerous times. Al had an encounter with a hybrid being that changed his life. Hybrids are real!
What we need to come to grips with is that Jesus gave us a warning, that it would be like the days of Noah when He would return.
In my opinion, we are living in this window of time which is unprecedented. Have you seen our film? Have you read our new book on UFO disclosure? If you haven’t may I suggest you check them out and get up to speed? These offerings are the results of years of cutting edge research.
The church, for the most part, is willfully ignorant of what is happening all around them.
The UFO phenomenon is being revealed and has now become main-stream.

I will be appearing at the GEN 6 conference and will be discussing the UFO phenomenon!


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2 thoughts on “Dr. David Jacobs on Coast – Hybrids Among Us

  1. Hi LA I read ur stuff everyday But I am wondering what the connection is w Marilyn – Lucy and Elvis and your work ??

    I clicked on the true legends link Directs to a gift shop


  2. David Jacobs is making astonishing claims about “what he knows:” i.e., alien races who are planning a takeover of the human species. Given the terrible consequences to us, it seems immoral and unethical – not to mention unscientific – to say such things without having a substantial amount of EVIDENCE. Here is what he actually has – the reports that people coming to him have given (anecdotal, at best), and the residue of so-called hypnotically retrieved “memories” that are “notoriously unreliable” (according to Jacobs himself). Nothing else that has been confirmed. He’s a snake-oil salesman! Why does your forum include such dubious “experts” who are spreading alarming stories that, so far, are utterly unconfirmable?

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