One thought on “L. A. Appears with Steve Quayle on The Hagman Show

  1. What LA said about the UFO Phenomenon is very poignant; “The UFO phenom is very complex.” He and Steve need to realize this important point. Not all “aliens” are spirits. Many are physical beings. And NOT ALL ETS are evil. Just as not all humans are evil. God is much more complex in his creation than that. Don’t limit God. I am a Christian because of ETs and a contactee. I am a servant of Jesus Christ because of UFOs for the last 32 years. And we used and continue to use the test of First John 4. These are the end times just before the return in the CLOUDS of our Lord, Yahshua. UFOs are part of that process. Evil and Good. Light and darkness. Read my book, The Spiritual Reality of the UFO Phenomenon. God bless. Rev. 11

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