What If?

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L. A. Marzulli

What if the recent signing in Alabama prohibiting abortion is repeated in other states?
What if the schism deepens between the left—the progressives—and those of us who hold to traditional values and the cause of the schism is the abortion issue?
What if the media and the Hollywood elites begin a war of words against those of us who believe abortion is murder?
What if there is no reconciliation between the two opposing ideologies?
What if the church galvanizes behind this recent movement to stop the killing of babies? (Please look at the picture above and explain to me how anyone can defend this?)
What if Hollywood’s reaction warning: people will take to the streets results in violence?
What if “we” take to the streets too?
What if we are at a cultural impasse with no resolution in sight?
What if we go our separate ways?
What if the union dissolves because of this issue?

5 thoughts on “What If?

  1. LA Thank you for not backing down on what you believe. You strengthen the Lords flock! KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!
    You sister in Christ!

  2. To kill a innocent baby is as wrong as it gets , please stop this madness , I pray they make it illegal in all 50 states , I’m sickened by this brutal act, to all Dr and nurses who do this , judgement day is coming , repent and turn to God now before it is to late .

  3. As a Christian I agree to take it out there. But as a lawyer I can only say that as a state bans a federal madated law under our 1st Amendment, it WILL go to SCOTUS. THAT WAS THE GOAL OF ALABAMA TO GET THIS INTO SCOTUS. But this can’t happen until we find out the truth about RBG and her health and the first Monday in October when they reopen the SCOTUS. In the meantime, some will go to jail under a law i.e. doctors etc that really would be found unconstitutional UNTIL ROE V WADE IS CHANGED OR ABOLISHED. IMHO the old Roe was predicated on a petitioner who admits she lied and was never pregnant and is and was a con artist. This was the person used in Roe v Wade as their test case to get abortion rights through. Interesting that it was all predicated on a big lie. Secondly the medical tech has greatly and vastly improved since then where they determined viability to be no baby survived (very often) under 5 months if born) so they used this as a cut off point. The penumbra of rights they sought was considered by the Court to be an “umbrella” of rights extension of the right of privacy under the !st A but it is a legal fashioned terminology. I personally have read all these cases and their progeny and have seen the states regulate more strictly than Roe but they aren’t yet allowed to eradicate it. It is federal at this point and as SCOTUS claims from way back WE ARE THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND and in that, they are. They decide if AL CAN DO THIS and actually when the Federal governs an area, the states have very little room within which to wiggle around it. They do what they can but an outright ban at this juncture is actually illegal. They knew this and they did it anyway. That says alot about how people feel and even more so now about how humans view other human lives. This isn’t a reproductive rights issue though they will continue to scream it is. It’s turned to a murder issue in a huge way when they decide to be able to outright kill a born baby during labor. In every sense of the word this is murder. It is a life in being and the laws are clear everywhere EXCEPT HERE ABOUT MURDER. It’s time that the SCOTUS ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE STRANGENESS OF SAYING DEATH PENALTY FOR SOMEONE WHO COMMITS MURDER IS OK BUT THEN ABORTION CARRIES NO PENALTY. This is a set of laws that are wholly inconsistent. If one comes at it from murder standpoint as a criminal act then it’s clear. If one tries to come at this as a reproductive right it tangles up the murder laws. What we need is lawful societies with laws that make sense and that do not contradict. This has nothing to do with contraception other than people often use this as a form of contraception (wholly not the intended purpose of original SCOTUS opinion). If you play you pay was often heard when I was a kid. If you can or do have sex then a child may result. Both men and women should be equally responsible for that life. They at this juncture often are not. Men also have no say in whether they can raise a child the woman doesn’t want or can’t afford. They claim I have to carry the baby adn get health care and miss work etc. Health care is available nationwide for pregnancy. Adoption is also available. I am not here to give judgment on what victims of rape or incest should be doing and I am well aware of the back alley abortion deaths from long ago. I am simply stating here law and it’s backlash as well as if people want ROE V WADE overturned they are going to have to speak up and get louder about it and that includes the ever too silent church. Pontificating is one thing. Actually fighting as a body of believers through prayer, fasting and unification is needed and I simply do NOT see the silent church doing much of that. So maybe it is time to get out there as LA asks.

  4. The unthinkable becomes tolerable then accepted then legal then praised … I agree the church needs to push back and our greatest weapons are spiritual

  5. I don’t think we can avoid a civil war IF…
    The left/Democrats are attached to abortion and try to keep it everywhere in the USA
    The left/Democrats are attached to open borders (as some speculate because THEY ARE MAKING MONEY OFF THE DRUG TRADE AND TRAFFICKING)
    The left is truly as criminal and demented as they have become brazenly open about their depravity in recent years like at no other time
    The left is as Marxist friendly as they appear

    Then we don’t have a choice. It is a coup in progress. Yes it can happen here. Yes it may be happening here. Yes the country may need to fight and hope the correct side wins.

    Do you want to live in a country ruled by thugs such as like the corrupt dictators at the UN, or the selfish elites who rule Mexico or the some other banana republic? That’s where we are headed right now.

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