Why I Love Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez!

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L. A. Marzulli
My brother has been with as we drove from California to our new home in Oklahoma. We’ve had some very interesting and stimulating conversations. The result is this blog post. Thanks Tony!
Some of you who know me are already wondering why I would state that I love AOC. Let me explain. First off, I don’t agree with most of everything AOC puts forward. Her socialistic policies are doomed, like those who tried before her, to the dung heap of history. Socialism doesn’t work and never will.
Bully for The Donald who stated at SOTU that America would never be a socialistic country. However, as Ann Coulter recently stated, if we don’t stop the illegal immigration soon in another 5 years we will be a socialistic country!
So while I disagree with most of what AOC states I applaud the fact that shes’ shaking things up and is getting people who have remained on the sidelines, fired up! This is good. It’s the way our government was designed to work. She’s new, fresh, full of fire and even though I ultimately think she’s misguided, she’s ignited the political spectrum! Those of us who know our history know without a doubt that her socialistic worldview will never and I mean never work.
Here’s where I’m going with this. Our government was never designed to have an ongoing oligarchy of politicians i.e. a permanent political ruling class. This is essentially what we have in Washington DC which has resulted in nothing but partisan politics. We need term limits. This is the simple answer to the ongoing corruption, cronyism, partisan politics, and gridlock that has become the all too familiar song and dance routine in DC.
Term limits are the key and would allow more people like AOC to shake things up and get people talking and thinking. The current political ruling class was never intended by our founding fathers. Pelosi, McConnel, the Clinton’s, the Bush’s, the Supreme court justices which are appointed for life should all be given the heave-ho and term limits should be employed.
Fresh voices are a good thing. They stimulate us and make us think. They make us stand up and defend our position, our beliefs, our core values.
Another point would be the ongoing abortion controversy. As our guest blogger Jim Rankin stated are we fed up enough to actually do something? I would propose a national strike. Seriously, If the Christian church galvanized we could effect change and do it rapidly.
Remember Lech Walesa in Poland and his solidarity movement? He brought the communist government to its knees with a national strike. We the people have the power to effect change. Stand up! At the moment there is no leadership in the church on a national level who can bring us together. However, this could change if we pray that God would raise up someone to stand against the atrocity of what is the abortion holocaust. Push back. Stand up! PRAY!


5 thoughts on “Why I Love Alexandria Ocasio – Cortez!

  1. Mr Marzulli, I hope you and your family will love your new home in Oklahoma.  I was excited to hear you are moving here.  Hopefully I will get a chance to meet you now.   Just wanted to say welcome home and if there is anything I can do to help just let me know. Brian

  2. Couldn’t agree more on Washington and our urgent need to remove the political oligarchy. I only wish there was a grassroots movement to stand against the new low of depravity and wickedness our nation has reached by allowing the abomination of full term abortion (and getting closer to allowing after birth abortion. We should be marching in the streets. What will it take to shake America out of its apathy? If we allow this, we will allow anything. Jesus, come quickly!

  3. people are fixated that their landlord is the government and think socialism would prevent that. socialism and communism only work if people work together but the outliers create a caste system within those forms of government which ralistically continues the fascism and capitalism they despise. if capitalism postures time as money and economical competition working towardvthe lowest cost then that is proof of communism forcing everyone to work for free as neither the highest or lowest cost. isnt that a fanciful continuation, but with a new set of choice vocabulary? of course a study of the bible reveals a nation to be a culture of related families having their religion in common and the ‘ebrews being over run by foreign cultures imported by non-ebrew (jewish arab) cultures arriving with a foreign culture (ex. King Herod Agrippa). sociialism and communism prove to be the acceleration of a over run family body by foreigners that merchandise every thing.

  4. Changing of the Guard

    It may be too late to avoid the socialist leftist turn. Great states like Texas and Florida need just few thousand more leftist voting immigrants to turn them Democrats. In States like Virginia the liberals in surrounding DC are migrating there to change the demographic just enough to flip the state blue in elections. This has been years in the making to change our demographicanon order to get socialists in power. Well meaning Americans are still oblivious to this. For the other major races as in Georgia, the socialists only narrowly lost.
    The last major election proved how our relaxed immigration policies have resulted in an alarming number of pro socialist voters. Even if we would get the wall built which would be years. By that time the younger immigrants already here will be ready to vote. Hate to be pessimistic but this trend even with Trump looks unstoppable unless an act of God.

    I’ve been telling people for years that the rapid demographic shift due to illegal immigration will be our end. Overwhelming numbers of the youngest voters along with immigrants vote Democrat and we already see proof of the rise of socialism with Cortez and others. They don’t even hide it anymore.

    If you think that this good economy alone is going to be enough to convince enough voters to vote Trump next time, think again. Too many in this nation are brainwashed enough to not care.

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