This Is NOT Normal!

How rescuers found a boy who was missing in the woods for 55 hours

“We got about 65 meters in,” Grier told CNN this week, “we came upon him in a heavily vegetated area. The thorns were as big as my thumb. I don’t know how he got in there.”

His aunt told authorities that Casey claimed to have made a friend while he was lost in the woods: a bear.

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


I read David Paulides book Missing 411. Paulides book discusses the troubling accounts of people who have gone missing in our National Parks, many of whom are never found.
I went through the book slowly often putting it down and thinking about what I had read before moving on to another account of people who went missing and were never found.
Paulides has stated publically that he will no longer go into a park without an armed escort.
The story above has all the elements of what Paulides has documented in his book. The 3-year-old is found in a thicket days after he went missing.
The child should have succumbed to hypothermia due to the extreme cold.
The child tells of a “bear” that befriended him.
I would posit that the child was “taken” and this bear was actually a sasquatch or a Bigfoot. Paulides book is filled with accounts that match up with this latest story.
In my opinion, Bigfoot is a Nephilim, an interdimensional entity that can move between dimensions. This may account for the fact that no carcass has ever been found of a dead bigfoot.
Paulides book is a must read for any of you who might want to find out more about this ongoing phenomenon.


One last parting comment. The Superbowl halftime show was un-musical, jejune, and just plain stupid.
Who wants to watch some guy who-needs-no-introduction “rapping” about who knows what? Half of this guy’s so-called lyrics were bleeped out. This is heralded as art?
Then there’s Big Boi, who appeared in a fur coat. Seriously?
Finally Maroon 5 frontman, Levine tears off his shirt to reveal a tatted body, complete with a butterfly on his stomach. Monarch anyone? Levine appeared hollowed-eyed, robotic, and his performance—if you can call it that—would make me a believer in the FLAT earth it was so flat and boring. Mediocrity reigns supreme…


We head out to Oklahoma today and leave California. We went to the property on Saturday and blessed it and thanked the Lord for the great times we had there. We are looking forward to a new adventure. L.A.

12 thoughts on “This Is NOT Normal!

  1. I have to agree with your viewpoint on Bigfoot being Nephilim or at the very least having the same origins. What other large animal can evade thousands of diligent searchers and cameras or instill the feeling of dread and terror when near, even when they aren’t actually seen?

    I have often wondered about Revelation 6:7-8 where it speaks about mankind being killed by the beasts of the earth. With so many gun owners how would known animals accomplish this? This could be the reason Bigfoot is here.

    Still loving my Jingos! Can’t be without it!
    I pray your moves is smooth and easy.

    Mary Harris
    Youngsville, LA

  2. God’s blessings on your travel to Oklahoma. California is the big loser because of your move. I know there is a sense of adventure in traveling and in your case God’s planned adventure in your ministry.

  3. My thoughts are the same. Also been considering Anubis and Dogman and wondering of a connection? Glad for your new direction.

    Bob Urbanek

  4. Blessings for safe travel. And, yes our pastor addressed the abortion madness in NewYork and Virginia in yesterday’s sermon. God’s richest blessings on you both 😊😊

  5. time traveling bigfoot??? If I told people this, they would be calling the looney bin on me. L.A., with all due respect, this is not good. In brotherly love, please stop telling people this.

  6. Did not watch the game and certainly would not have liked the half time show. This world is nuts.!
    SO GLAD YOU ARE OUT OF CALIFORNIA ❣️I pray for you, Steve Quayle and all the others every night.
    God Bless as you continue on “the trail”. Come back to Boise!!!
    In HIS name,

  7. SCHWEET Jebus, LA ur alrwady criticizing California like an Okie from Muskogie. What next, Johny Rebel? Planet Earth is flat and round andhollpw like a bagel but cheaper than the $2 bagel in 5bux Coffeehouses. KingsCanyon National Parks blame Mountain Lions on all missing persons, the populer disappearance is chanted every night as Elmer. i think there is more than Radon poisin and Akephalai in those mountains.

  8. Hey L A So I listen to David Pauline’s; his Stories are very scary.

    I too believe they are demonic entities bc of the brutal end of so many but… Why do you suppose some of the people are released while so many more aren’t? Praying relatives? Church prayer chains that go unmentioned? What are your thoughts? Mary Kefer Middleton WI


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