Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli

Monday Morning Musings with Marzulli!

Another Monday! Tempus Fugit! Carpe Diem!


First off, I didn’t watch the Oscars last night. Who wants to hear the left-wing pabulum being spewed from some of the most pampered and privileged people on the face of the earth. By the way, there was tight security around the Oscars complete with a high fence to keep out the undesirables. Do as we say not as we do!
Spike Lee is the epitome of why I didn’t watch. Lee passionately instructed the audience to” do the right thing” and basically get rid of the Donald.
“The 2020 presidential election is around the corner,” Lee said. “Let’s all mobilize, let’s all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate. Let’s do the right thing. You know I had to get that in there.”
I wonder what Lee is actually talking about? We’ve heard this love versus hate nonsense from the left since 2016. Since Hillary called half of Trump’s supporters “Deplorable!” “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.”
So can we sit down and go over each of these points? Of course not. These talking points are just that talking points without much substance but repeat them endlessly and people latch on to them and start to believe them.
Build the stinking wall! Keep immigrants out from countries that harbor terrorism. Control immigration. Keep Drag Queens out of Kindergarten classrooms! Stop the killing of the unborn. Need I say more?


I was censored on Twitter for who knows what. This was sent to me by a friend who tried to access my twitter page. It’s another sign of the times! The powers that be, the left wing media is silencing those of us who are against abortion in any form.
I posted a picture of a baby that had been torn apart by an abortion. What, Twitter is afraid to actually look at what abortion does? Shame on them.
It would appear that conservative, Christian thinking will soon be deemed hate-speech! Time to push back but how? But something more is needed than another march that in the end produces what?
Twitter, Google, and YOUTUBE are the real fascists in the country. They are the ones who are creating the divide. As long as we bow to their world-view all will be well if we don’t we will be silenced! Welcome to Orwell’s 1984.


Meanwhile, south of the border. Venezuela continues its slide into chaos. I would suggest we send AOC there to discuss what is happening with President—not for long—Maduro. I’m sure she could give him some pointers and maybe help him implement the New Green Deal! Go AOC!


Tolerance or Insanity?
In this Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 photo, Bloomfield High School transgender athlete Terry Miller, second from left, wins the final of the 55-meter dash over transgender athlete Andraya Yearwood, left, and other runners in the Connecticut girls Class S indoor track meet at Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Conn. In the track-and-field community in Connecticut, the dominance of Miller and Yearwood has stirred resentment among some competitors and their families.
This is how far down the rabbit hole we are. Of course, if I say anything negative I’m immediately labeled a homophobic, transphobic, racist, conservative whose Christian ideas are outdates and dangerous!
There are two camps in our country and this article demonstrates the fracturing and splitting apart of those two camps. The traditionalist, of which I am one, see transgenderism as a lie for which it is, as no matter how many hormones one take or surgically removing body parts the DNA will always remain the same, thus a lie. The progressives, however, celebrate transgenderism and applaud those who “come out” as being brave and examples for the rest of us. God help us. L.A.




L. A. Marzulli on Coast To Coast Tonight!

I will be on Coast tonight discussing my new film The Mysterious Moundbuilders!



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Here’s what some people who have seen the film say about it!


Awesome! Simply awesome!  This was handled perfectly and your experts and consultants were on target!!  Great job!
Rick Woodward
Bossier Parish Community College


Hi LA and Peggy
Just finished watching your latest Dvd !!
So good and of course makes so much sense, of course, giants built them !! To think otherwise is ludicrous.
May the NEPHILIM MOUNDS completely sell out !!!


Moundbuilders is one of LA’s best work yet!! From beginning to end this documentary will have you on the edge of your seat. If you at all wondered how the mounds found all over the world could have actually been built, who built them and even why this is the documentary to watch. Could our history be wrong? Why does there seem to be a managed narrative and bias by secular academia? (Why, when following the evidence, does it end up taking us back to the bible?) Watch as (our friend) L.A. and his team goes on the trail to tackle these questions and more. Listen to Native American accounts and what Archaeologists and Anthropologists have to say when looking at evidence that doesn’t line up with official narratives. Is there a coverup? I can’t wait for the next installment in this gripping new series, On The Trail of the Nephilim.
Brian and Audrey Vanderkley


Hi LA, my wife Caroline and I just finished watching your Mysterious Moundbuilders video.
We thought that it was well done and most fascinating. The part dealing with “soft tissue” from the dinosaur got me thinking about the origins of dinosaurs. Thanks again for a great product. 
Looking forward to reading your UFO Disclosure book as well…take care LA and God bless you
and family………….David
 Awesome! There is no way someone can watch that production and not realize secular history is fabricated.
Todd Reed


Hi L.A.
My daughter in law and I just watched your new video and loved it! Best pictures of mounds I have seen.  Most photos of the mounds don’t do justice, but yours are great. Thank you for using pictures of our site too. Nicely done documentary! Looking forward to part 2 next year!
America’s Stone Henge


L. A. Marzulli and his associates dare to look beyond, or rather underneath, the inadequate yet commonly accepted, explanations given for the presence of these mysterious structures found throughout our country.  By combining skilled film making, experienced Archaeologists, competent research, practical hands-on experimentation, sound reasoning, and dedication to the most ultimate of standards – the Bible, this film series promises to be mound-breaking in it’s search for the truth concerning Prehistory in North America and the world at large.    
Rhoda Manz


Monday Morning Musings… Mueller, Smollett and MAGA Hats!

Monday Morning Musings
L.A. Marzulli


After almost 2.5 years of so-called Russian investigation, this is what we get. It was/is a witch hunt. In my opinion, Comey, Clinton, the DNC, McCabe, and Rosenstein are the real culprits and their actions amount to nothing less than treason. The MSM should be all over this and the fact that they’re not should show every fair-minded American that there is an overarching bias. Wake up! Push back!

WAKE UP! Here’s a transcript from a Q-Post. This was sent to me by Matt Brunett. 

Barr to Mueller:

“Bob, show me the evidence and reasoning for why this investigation was started and still ongoing.”

Mueller to Bart:

“With regards to the President we have found no links or ties to any foreign entity etc”

Barr to Mueller:

“Mandate was clear – verify and investigate reports of possible foreign collusion between President & Russia.” “What justification existed to effectively launch a massive domestic / foreign surv campaign against the President (pres elect / president) and members of his transition / campaign team?”

Mueller to Barr:

“Steele dossier along w/ media corroboration of those findings.”

Barr to Mueller:

“Was the Steele report a ‘trusted and verified’ report per Intel to continue especially considering the funding party was the opposition party?”

Mueller to Barr:

“Those facts were never taken into consideration.” “FISC granted auth to conduct based on conclusions presented.”

Barr to Mueller:

“Was FISC made aware of all details surrounding the dossier?”

Mueller to Barr:

“No.” “We believe there was urgency placed on the auth given the gravity and timeline of events that those involved negated to populate fully.” 

Barr to Mueller:

“Why were efforts made to continue investigating the President, interrupt his official capacity in governing, if the only doc presented was unsubstantiated and unverified?” “Why were questions and threat of subpoena communicated to the President if no factual foundation existed?” 

“All charges thus far are unrelated to the original mandate – why are you still active and pursuing a crime if no verifiable evidence or evidence through discovery exists?”

Barr to RR:

“What justification did you have to effectively expand the mandate, not report that expansion to Congress, in order to seek a crime outside of R collusion?” “What specific reasoning and/or facts existed to justify the appointment of a SC to begin with per the law?” “Why did you recommend to Sessions that he should recuse?” “Why wasn’t the mandate / budget and regular updates provided to Congress upon request?” “Why is everything kept confidential and under inappropriate classification?” “Was the purpose of investigating to find a crime vs investigate evidence of a crime?”

CLAS 1-99



Jesse Smollett: This weeks Pinochio Award Winner!

Brothers say Jussie Smollett paid them to participate in alleged attack, source says

Where are the outraged Hollywood celebs lecturing us on white privilege, and putting the blame on our president for a crime that turns out to be a complete hoax! Silent as usual in the wake of another fake news story. Thank you. Here’s the link where you can read their posts. How quick to blame the deplorables.


Make America Great Again. For the life of me, I can’t see why the left and other libs go nutso over what I would call the greatest slogan ever. Love it or leave it baby!
This guy should be ashamed of himself. Where is the tolerance endlessly preached by the left?
It’s not there and this is the problem. Liberals only tolerate those who believe what they believe who hold the same paradigm that they do.
There are many of us who are pro-life, who believe that Americans should be first and not the rest of the world, who think we should have borders that are controlled, where English should be the national language and not be pressing 8 for Spanish, and that government is best that governs least. We proudly endorse and support our president and proclaim loud and clear MAGA!

National Emergency Coming! Bully for The Donald!

Trump will sign spending bill, seek a national emergency and ‘other executive action’ to build wall

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli


Bully For The Donald! What a great moment in his presidency! Of course, the naysayers and Dems who want open borders, not to mention the MSM will ramp up the charge of white privilege, racism, bigotry, and dare I say it xenophobic behavior.








I just wonder how many of the DC elites have ever actually gone to a border town and talked to the folks there. I wonder how many of them have spoken to former Arizona Governor Brewer!
Brewer may be the go-to politician when it comes to the wall because she had to deal with the harsh realities of the drug trade, and illegal aliens flooding across the porous southern border.
You may remember President G. W. Bush who stated after the events of 911 that the government was going to construct a fence to keep the terrorists out. Everyone on both sides of the aisle agreed. The problem was the government failed miserably and the border remained porous.
Ann Coulter stated recently that the USA will become a socialistic nation within 5 years if we don’t fix the border. She’s right and I would posit that the Democrats with their socialistic agenda are all for it!
When I’m at conferences I ask for the audience to raise their hands if they have not had anyone go through rehab due to drugs. While this is an “unscientific poll” it always amazes me that most likely less than 5% of the people in the room raise their hands.
The drug trafficking is through the roof and is poisoning our nation. How many more “angel moms” do we have to have? How many more lives will be taken due to child sex trafficking? How many more deaths due to overdoses will we have to bare?
Build the wall Mr. President. Build it and maintain it!
We the people stand with you!