The Gestapo Strikes!

Trump confidant Stone charged with lying about hacked emails
“As I have said previously, there is no circumstance whatsoever under which I will bear false witness against the president, nor will I make up lies to ease the pressure on myself,” Stone said.
Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli


The Gestapo is alive and well and arrived at Roger Stone’s dwelling in a pre-dawn raid. Why do this when Stone appears in public almost daily? Why the theatrics like the FBI is about to catch Al Capone or El Chapo.
Stone’s crime? Russian collusion of course!  Seriously?  After more than two years the Muller investigation, which amounts to little more than a modern-day Savonarola-like inquisition, there has been zero evidence of Russian collusion.
So why should any of this matter to those of you who are reading it? You could be next! Mueller seems to have more power than our president. Anyone in his crosshairs is at risk of being raided and charged and here’s the rub, if it’s you, you have to defend yourself which General David Flynn knows only to well as the court proceedings have bankrupted him as they will Stone too.
This is tyranny… plain and simple.
Then there’s the border wall. It looks like Trump caved. Meanwhile, it appears that Pelosi reigns supreme! (which is the reason we need term limits!) All Hail Queen Nancy!
Freshmen congresswomen are calling Trump a Mother F. How does that further the interest of the American people?
The FISA warrant, which allowed our government to spy on the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign, and all of those who are responsible for it remain free and no charges are brought against them.
Corruption is the calling card of Washington.
In my opinion, Q turned out to be bogus. Hope porn…
Nothing really changes and everything remains on schedule for breaking the back of the American people and ushering in Socialism.
Watch for higher taxes, bigger government and if you’re a white-Christian-male get used to being called a Nazi, fascist, white-privileged, racist, bigot.
God help us…




6 thoughts on “The Gestapo Strikes!

  1. We need to stop giving a pass to rank and file FBI agents and employees. Saying you are just following orders didn’t pass muster at Nuremberg and we shouldn’t tolerate it. This organization is thoroughly politicized and more than a little corrupt.

  2. Do better research on Q. Did you save the two stone ax heads I sent to you from the remains of your home?

  3. Mueller and a whole list of Dems need to be charged in a military tribunal and sent to Gitmo. I pray for the President and family, for all his cabinet members, friends, and anyone else wanting the swamp drained!

  4. Was Jason Bourne arrested today because that’s the way that scene of serious overkill looked today.

    Agreed 100 percent with your post today. One day at a time…

  5. It is sad, but what we are witnessing an end to all of the governmental systems around the world. Oh but there’s hope! There is an eternal one coming. Look towards Israel, for when the third Temple is built get ready!

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