The Coming Great Deception!

“This Planet Will Be Theirs” – Professor Explains His Startling Conclusions About Alien Abductions

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

We interviewed Dr. Jacob in our Watchers series. I also did a private sit-down with him and that interview is included in my new book. For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. Jacob, he has interviewed hundreds of people who claim to have been abducted by “aliens.”

I also bring this troubling research to life in our film: In Their Own Words. Al Mathews whose story in some ways is the centerpiece of the film was “taken” by “them” many times. He finally was able to stop his abductions but only after going through some very terrifying experiences.

In the Book of Daniel, there is a very cryptic statement: Their seed will mingle with the seed of men but they shall not cleave to them. Daniel 2:43

What does that mean? In my opinion, this hails back to the Genesis 3:15 narrative which discusses the seed war between the Dragon and the Woman. We know that the seed of the woman became Messiah. However, the seed—offspring—of the Dragon continues to the present day and I would posit that this mingling is happening now just as Dr. Jacob insists it is.

The Great Deception is now forefront in our media. UFO’s and so-called aliens are the subjects of countless TV shows and films. However are these “intruders” really from another planet or are they interdimensional?

I would posit that these intruders are the Fallen Ones that are here to deceive mankind and to be worshipped as gods.

In the end I agree with Jacob, in that these intruders want to mate with us, thus creating a hybrid race of beings. We have had reports of people encountering hybrids and I relay this in my lectures. The phenomena is all to real!

Is the Great Deception now here? Judge for yourself…

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3 thoughts on “The Coming Great Deception!

  1. roflcopter. most people are reading the Holy Scriptures 1900 years late and just now discovering the fallen angels demonic hellspawn are havi g a hard time their greys not looking much like a man, the black eyed children much nearerthanSkinny Bob ever was. The unlocking of the Seed of the woman to blur speciation and allow hybridization is a skill seen innature only to produce a Grapefruit out of the combination if a Strawberry and Orange.

  2. The groundwork for the Great Deception/Strong Delusion goes way back…
    Chariots Of The God’s” 1968
    Von Daniken
    “Intelligent Design” 1974
    Rael, Claude Verilhon
    “The Hidden Dangers Of The Rainbow” 1983
    “A Planned Deception” 1986
    Constance Cumby
    I can remember reading “Intelligent Design” back in the days when I was a member of AMORC, and I was flirting with the whole “New Age Movement.” Thank Jesus I got a heavy duty “Wake-Up Call.” (pronounced dead, VSA, at the scene of a horrific car accident.) It is a miraculous story of the faithfulness of God, and the power of a Grandmother’s prayers! If the “Church” doesn’t recognize it’s “Wake Up Call” the great falling away is going to decimate the Body of Christ.

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