Is There a Bias in the Scientific Community?

The Mysterious Moundbuilders!

L. A. Marzulli
In my new film The Mysterious Moundbuilders, I did a SKYPE interview with microscopists, Mark Armitage. Mark had a lab at California State University, Northridge. One year he went to Hell Creek to find dinosaur fossils. On the last day there, his team discovered a large triceratops horn!
Mark bought it back to the lab and looked at the interior of the horn through his scanning electron microscope. He discovered “soft-tissue” in what was supposed to be a 40 million-year-old fossil. This was incredible and he published his findings in a secular journal. When CSU found out about this they fired Armitage. He took this unjust act to court and settled for 6 figures!
The reason Armitage is in the film is to illustrate that any paradigm other than the accepted one, which of course is Darwinism, is immediately dealt with. What happened to  Armitage is nothing short of intellectual fascism. In other words, any evidence that might point to a Biblical or supernatural worldview is dismissed out of hand.
There is a hidden history that has been deliberately obfuscated and evidence of it has been kept from the public eye!
So with that in mind. Can we really believe the official story that Native Americans using primitive tools and baskets built these mounds which are all over America?
We show that to build the Poverty Point Mound which has approximately 390,000 tons of earth piled and compacted would have taken over 26 MILLION single baskets of earth. What’s wrong with this picture!
The Mysterious Moundbuilders is the first film in our new series. On the Trail of the Nephilim! We hope to produce three to four films a year and as I write this I’m in post-production on the second installment.
We’re on the trail!

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6 thoughts on “Is There a Bias in the Scientific Community?

  1. Yes, there is a bias L.A. for there is a belief system that fuels the interpretation of data in our science textbooks, that system is to take God 😇 the one from Israel who Is real outta the box, so to speak! Respect

    • Hey, The Thought Provoker 🤔 that is a good pun, ‘The God of Israel Is real’ but it is more… Proverbs 25:2 confirms this! “For it is glory for God to hide things, and kings to search them out” Amen

  2. wow James Chaney. a Proverb to sing while a rodent named Rabbi Haupalongh hides his Ishtar eggs of truth.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful scholarly and common sense work I look forward to viewing all this series Thank you again for honoring your calling, Cindy Felice

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