Back in the Saddle from a New Undisclosed Location!

I’m going to do Acceleration Radio tonight. A big THANKYOU for all of you who have helped us out financially in this time of loss!

First half hour.

The Fire Aftermath
Chemtrails over Thousand Oaks
The Absurdity of the Caravan

Second half hour.

Russ Dizdar – London has Fallen
Russ has just returned from London and Scotland. I spoke with him on the phone a few days ago and what he told me was disconcerting. Hear it for yourself tonight at 6pm.




5 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle from a New Undisclosed Location!

  1. I hope you are not too offended if this English lady based in Cyprus does not listen to you live because it will be 4am where I live. We will catch you later. Thrilled at the outpouring of love which has been shown to you both but not surprised. This is how much people care for you!

  2. Dear L.A. and Peggy, Do you have a new address for offerings by mail. Want to send an offering at first of the month.

    Thanks, Carol Spaulding


  3. Yeaaa!!!! We MISSED you LA !!!! Will be sure to listen in. Anxious to hear what you have to say about your experiences and perspectives on the fire. Appreciate your no nonsense attitude . It gives the rest of us a better no nonsense attitude as well!

  4. Glad to see that you and Peggy are getting reestablished. God is good, but you’ve been through a lot! I will try to tune in tonight as a break from grading papers. God bless you, Brother!

    P.S. I sent you a check via Prophecy Watchers because I’m not into sending money electronically. I am sure they will forward it to you, right?

  5. London bridge is fallen or Londonstan?

    Hillary killed Gadafi. Bush killed Kennedy. Merkel killed Germany.

    i blame the Christian preachers for raising COP callers not warrior priests.

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