Fires Get Close to My Undisclosed Location…

The Fire has now jumped the 101 freeway. Winds are expected to increase. We have moved all our computers, cameras and other valuables into our fire-proof root cellar.
Peggy and I are in Dallas at the Operation Classified Conference. Our daughter and our friend Justine are at the house ready to evacuate.
Very disconcerting but God is in control and no matter what happens He will bring good out of it.

25 thoughts on “Fires Get Close to My Undisclosed Location…

  1. It’s a good time to remember Bob Ulrich’s story I think! May the Lord protect all that He considers is essential to you and may He provide, in due course, replacements for whatever you might lose.

  2. Prayers for your home is safe and all is good. God protects and provides for his children. God bless you and your family.

  3. This is my fault, I apologize Good Sir. I AM going to immediately focus my energy and expelling this fire. Please read my email from yesterday and call me as soon as possible. Laus Deo!

  4. Sending my Prayers your way Dear Brother! Read the email I sent you yesterday and Call me.

  5. Father, I join my prayers too and thank You for continuously watching over the Marzulli family. Thank you for protecting their property and home. Knowing that we pray, believe, and receive in accordance with Your Word; we thank You in advance for the good report and testimony that all were spared and the flames redirected. In the Name above all names, Yeshua, Amen

  6. Most certainly praying for the safety and well-being of your daughter and friend Justine, as well as prayers for you and Mrs. L.A. The reports of the fires (through Breitbart’s page) are absolutely heartbreaking. Prayers for everyone affected by the fires.

  7. Praying for your family and for the preservation of what you need–especially what you need for the continuance of your work for our Father and Savior – which includes your house, property, and valuable contents. Praying for your peace!

  8. We command the blessings of ABBA Father upon you, your family, and your home. You are all safe and secure in the Name of Yeshua!

  9.                            I don’t think I’m God but I have too emulate someone!!!                                                  Woody Allen(Manhattan)

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