6 thoughts on “No LIVE Acceleration Radio tonight.

  1. hi LA! try the garlic water: get well soon! My only question about UFO is a paralegal one… isnt the FAA supposed to be the authority on illegal aliens? im under the impression the ET’s are offgrid and telepathically mesh net communicating with eachother. they cant reproduce and here for gene therapy. Many sourcesbsay their lack of internal organs or at-least atrophied organs means they are sustained by energy of another origin like what Nikola Tesla electromechanically tapped into. Wouldnt AI and trans-humanism and gmo legislation apply to these beings soley and what of $imulated “discovering” we mannen are not much different than these humen?

  2. Sure hope u feel better tomorrow! Have you heard any of Dave Paulides You tube videos about missing people? It sounds like entities are involved. Worth a listen Bless ur day Mary k


  3. Thank You for speaking out boldly regarding UFO and aliens. Have you ever meet someone who actually saw a grey? I had an experience over 50 years ago. And it spoke to me four words telepathically . You are correct, they are demonic.

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