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  1. I have not read the letter against Gary and the Prophecy Watchers team. But it is never good for morale or upbuilding to the church to criticize each other in public. Yeshua himself counsels how to proceed with disagreements within the body. Matt,18:15-17 It’s high time we practiced those admonishments

    • I used to listen to Gary Stearman and J.R. Church years ago. I learned so much from them. Then, I stopped seeing their program on TV. I came here because L.A. Marzulli said he was standing behind Gary and Bob. Well, after listening to these two fine gentlemen, it is apparent that they have been wronged. Their broken and contrite spirits tell me that they are facing an attack by the chief accuser of the bretheren-hasatan himself. May HaShem bless these two men and this ministry and continue to bring healing as well. May HaShem vindicate both of them.

  2. Got my start with learning about prophecy with Gary Stearman and JR Church and have listened from the beginning of Gary and Bobs ministry. I also strongly support them. So sad that there are others who wish to tear them down! I pray the gospel of truth hits them!

  3. They deserve to be blessed with a larger building to run their ministry in! I pray that all necessary preparations and paperwork goes through easily and everything they need is provided for on time in Jesus name!

  4. I also support Gary Stearman and Mr. Ulrich. The devil is working hard to tear down principled members of the body of Christ and using others for his dirty work.

  5. I owe so many blessed days to Gary and Bob and all the wonderful guests so filled with the Holy Spirit. I did as they teach, I prayed for the critic of their work who so publicly condemned them. In these days so filled with dread and confusion it isn’t a surprise that even a member of the Body of Christ can err in their actions. God Bless Prophecy Watchers!

  6. I thank God daily for bringing these men into our lives, we have learned more about the Bible since they started P.W. than we had ever learned before, we just knew stuff in our spirits but could not prove it biblically. Unfortunately the perpetrator of this appalling nastiness, brought on by their announcement of acquiring Trinity Broadcasting’s offices in Oklahoma, must have become so angry and I think has reached the point of no return. I know I have written in times past to this person and they are fully convinced of their delusion. But as Jesus said, we will know who are His by their fruit and those who know who the perpetrator is and also know Bob and Gary know who are modeling the Fruit of the Spirit. Also we should not be surprised when these things happen, the enemy of our souls knows his time is short and if your walk with God is not all it should be then you are a perfect candidate for him to use to seek to bring down one, or two in this instance, of God’s chosen vessels. The enemy especially loves to bring you down if you are exhausted but on a high, this is where a close walk with Jesus pays dividends. Be assured that which is hidden now will be revealed in God’s good time for does He not say “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”?

  7. I have already personally sent an email to Gary and Bob letting them know of our support!
    I bless you and your wife, LA for the stand you took early on to support Gary and Bob!
    This attack is unwarranted, unwise and unChristlike!

    • I’m watching the above video at about 10:15 seconds. I had seen this announcement about their new building on their conference website but did not know about the letter they are talking about so there’s my answer to my question (above).

  8. It’s sad and so difficult when those you walked beside misunderstand and accuse you. King David went through the same thing.
    “For it is not an enemy who taunts me—
    then I could bear it;
    it is not an adversary who deals insolently with me—
    then I could hide from him.
    But it is you, a man, my equal,
    my companion, my familiar friend.
    We used to take sweet counsel together;
    within God’s house we walked in the throng.”
    Psalm 55:12-14

    As a pastor’s wife of 35 years, this has happened to us more than I like to remember. Give it to Jesus. Keep your focus on Jesus. It’s all a distraction. I stand with Gary and Bob, too, and pray for the hurting persons who are at odds with them.

  9. I was stunned to receive a scathing email this morning about Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich. It felt like the spirit of the MSM donned in battle armaments arrived in my iPad to take down mortal enemies of the state. I’ve experienced enough spiritual attacks to recognize the accuser. It breaks the heart to see a sister of the faith lose sight of Gods mission and fall into step with the worlds deceptions, being deceived herself. She’s in God hands, I pray for blinders to be dropped and she seek the Lord on blended knee. He always hears the prayer of repentance.
    Meanwhile, I continue to be blessed by the humility Gary shows in always pointing us to Jesus thru his broadcasts. Gary and Bob continue to bring pertinent programs interviewing faithful followers of Jesus.
    Thank you

  10. Blessed are you who are persecuted for his name’s sake, great is your reward in heaven. You are in our prayers

  11. It blows my mind that anyone could find anything less than positive to say about Gary and Bob. My heart aches for them, that they are under attack. May they both realize/remember that their supporters far outnumber the attackers. My husband and I attended last year’s conference and we raved about it so much that friends from another state decided to join us there this year. We would all be lost without Gary and Bob’s dedication and 4 E’s. And thank you to ALL of the speakers who came, to share their knowledge. For those of us who do not get this information in our churches, Prophecy Watchers has been a true help to us all.

  12. Thank you for sharing! Did not believe those bad comments against Gary and Bob anyway!!!

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