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 Chapter 2 – New information from Roswell New Mexico.

In early July 1947 there was a thunder and lightning storm around the small quiet town of Roswell, New Mexico, home of the 509th Bombing Group.
This is the part of the story that everyone agrees on. From this point the story differs greatly between the accepted narrative by our government and those of us who think a UFO crashed in the desert of New Mexico. 
The official story can be summed up very quickly. A weather balloon crashed in the desert on a ranch. It was found by Mac Brazel who reported it to Jesse Marcel Sr., the Intelligence Officer on the base. Marcel mistook the downed weather-balloon for wreckage of a craft not of this world, i.e. a UFO, or in the language of the era, a flying disc.
The events at Roswell have been the subject of numerous books and videos, my own included. Many researchers and investigators believe that what crashed in the desert near Roswell was a craft not of this world. 
Below you will read two interviews that I conducted. The first was when I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. 
I have never spoken to a person closer to the events at Roswell than Dr. Marcel. He was around 11 years old when his father brought home the wreckage, awakened his family and, after spreading out the wreckage on the kitchen table, told them that what they were looking at was not from this world.
Here is Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.’s account of what happened so long ago. Dr. Marcel went to his grave a few years ago maintaining the account that had been part of his family’s legacy for decades. He never wavered from his convictions. 
L.A.: Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of the Roswell Event. 
J.M.: Late June or early July 1947, an unknown object crashed outside of Roswell on a ranch northwest of Roswell. The Army Air Force authorities recovered the debris and sent a portion of it to Fort Worth Army Air Field for their information. General Ramey determined that the debris was of unknown origin and floated the cover story that this was just a misidentified weather balloon and sent the debris for further study to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Most people who actually saw the debris felt that it was of extraterrestrial origin, in that there were apparent non-human remains associated with a portion of the debris. 
L.A.: How old were you at the time?
J.M.: I was born 30 August 1936, which would have made me eleven years old.
L.A.: What did your father do in the Army Air Force? 
J.M.: He was the Intelligence Officer for the 509th Composite Group, which dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan to end the war. As an intelligence officer, a part of his responsibilities was to interpret photographs and brief bomb crews on appropriate targets. He was with the 509th at Wendover, Utah, where the crews practiced dropping what they called the pumpkin, which was a dummy atomic bomb, in order to practice their skills on targets. After the war he received raw intelligence, and it was his job to decipher this intelligence and give briefings to the appropriate personnel. 
L.A.: Tell us the account of the night your dad brought the debris home. 
J.M.: I had been asleep for several hours when my dad came into my bedroom and awakened me. He was very excited and led me into the kitchen where my mother was standing in the corner. On the floor there were pre-positioned pieces of metallic foil, beam-like structures and black plastic fragments like pieces of a broken phonograph record. My dad said, “Take a close look at this as you will probably never see anything like this again.” I think he used words like parts of a flying saucer to describe the debris. He first wanted us to look for anything that could have come from a radio, such as vacuum tubes, resistors or condensers, which there wasn’t anything like that. I think he already knew but wanted my mother and myself to satisfy our curiosity. We looked at the debris for a total of about fifteen or twenty minutes, then my dad boxed it back up and brought it out to the car. 
L.A.: What was the wreckage like? 
J.M.: There were primarily foil-like metal beams that resembled “I” beams to my recollection, and the black plastic debris. The foil was very light but tough, and the beams were metallic with a peculiar type of writing along their length. The writing resembled hieroglyphics–but not exactly. There were more geometric shapes and figures that were of a purple violet hue. The black plastic pieces resembled a broken phonograph record (or Bakelite). 
L.A.: What was the “memory” metal like? 
J.M.: I did not try to bend or tear the metal, but just felt it so I did not witness the metal unfolding, etc. 
L.A.: What did your father say to you that night? 
J.M.: I remember him saying words like, “these are parts of a flying saucer,” or something along that line. 
L.A.: When did the story change? 
J.M.: After my father returned from Ft. Worth he was firm in his instructions never to talk about this again, treat it like it never happened. I think it was at Ft. Worth where the cover-up was started that he was pressured into saying that this “never happened.” 
L.A.: How did your mother react to this?
J.M.: She was pretty closed mouth about this, never really talking about it.
L.A.: When did he go public with the story? 
J.M.: In 1978 or 1979 Stan Friedman, who was given a heads-up about the Roswell story from a fellow radio amateur friend my dad had (who apparently was told about the Roswell debris during a ham radio conversation with my dad) interviewed him. 
L.A.: Was there pressure from the military to confuse your dad’s memory of the event.
J.M.: I am not aware of any pressure from the military, except for perhaps a verbal order not to discuss this. 
L.A.: Have you ever been pressured to back off the story? 
J.M.: No. 
L.A.: What do you think the Roswell event was? 
J.M.: I think that it was as advertised, the downing of a probe that came from another civilization. Whether it was crewed or not, I do not know. 
L.A.: Has the validation by Edgar Mitchell of your dad’s story about Roswell changed anything for you? 
J.M.: It just reinforces what I had thought all along. 
L.A.: What do you think the alien agenda is? Good or bad? 
J.M.: I think that they are scientists with a curiosity about other civilizations just like we would be. I do not think they are malevolent. If they were, we would not be here–certainly we don’t have anything they want. 
L.A.: Why the government secrecy? What are they afraid of? 
J.M.: I have thought long and hard about this and don’t have any good answer for it. I don’t think they would be afraid of causing public panic like the War of the Worlds broadcast in the 1930s. They may think they are protecting us from ourselves, which, of course, is not true. 
L.A.: Do you think there may be an event that will trigger full disclosure? 
J.M.: I think the aliens themselves will disclose their presence in a dramatic fashion when they are good and ready. I don’t think there has been any official contact with any of the world’s governments, although I may be wrong. It may be that the aliens have more to fear from us than we from them. 
L.A.: Final thoughts. 
J.M.: I would hope that full disclosure will be made in my lifetime, but even if it isn’t, I know what the truth is. 
Summation of Dr. Marcel’s Interview
I think Dr. Marcel’s interview can be summed up in his last statement:
I would hope that full disclosure will be made in my lifetime, but even if it isn’t, I know what the truth is.
Dr. Marcel didn’t live to see the Tucker Carlson interview that I discussed in the first chapter of this book. I would suggest that had he lived he would have been amazed in the way disclosure was revealed to the American public.
However, as I stated earlier. Marcel Sr. never backed down from what he experienced that day. He stuck with his story all the days of his life.
To think that Dr. Marcels’s father would mistake a weather balloon, something he would have seen and handled regularly in his position as the base’s intelligence officer, for a crashed disc from another world is absurd, in my opinion.
Then there’s the reality that his father came home and awakened his wife and son in the wee hours of the morning to show pieces of a weather balloon? It doesn’t add up. 
Jesse Marcel Sr. became the fall-guy for events that spiraled out of his control. 
He was caught up in what amounts to a deliberate coverup of the truth, a managed agenda by the powers that be, or as President Eisenhower warned us: The Military Industrial Complex (The Deep State).
Marcel Sr. was paraded into a room with a photographer who was most likely handpicked. Remember, only a few days earlier it was announced that a flying disc had been recovered. This story went global very quickly and General Ramey—the base commander—was engaged in damage control.
General Ramey set Marcel Sr. up. If you look at the pictures taken of the press conference you can see Marcel’s face is one of disbelief, in my opinion.
There is another dynamic to the story which most people have not heard.
The now iconic picture of General Ramey yucking it up with the press while the patsy Marcel looks on has been analyzed. Specifically, the telegram that Ramey is holding in his hand. The telegram refers to bodies and a disc that will be shipped.
Here is the research from Dr. David Rudiak who spent two years investigating the Ramey memo.
Fort Worth Army Airfield acknowledges that a “disc” is the next new find west of the cordon.
And the victims of the wreck you forwarded to the team at Fort Worth Texas.
The aviators in the disc will be shipped by a B29 special transport or C47.
Dr. Rudiak believes his work is at least 80% accurate and that the keywords in the memo like disc and bodies in the wreck, tell a completely different story than the official narrative. 
In my opinion, this validates Jesse Marcel Sr.’s initial report. Something other than a weather balloon crashed just outside of Roswell.
Why is this important?
Because it demonstrates that the Deep State will go to any lengths to control the narrative. People are expendable. People can be eliminated, manipulated, used as patsies, and the bottom line is the end always justifies the means.

PART 2 of Chapter 2 will be here on Monday!


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