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The Sunday Bun
L.A. Marzulli
I’m actually going to do something different here but after months of reading the Q posts, I have decided we may be at a crossroads.
This is what we know and in my opinion, it is irrefutable.
1. The DNC and Hillary Clinton hired FUSION GPS to write a phony dossier about Candidate Donald Trump.
2. This bogus story was then used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.
3. The FISA court judge was lied to as to the source of the so-called Russian Dossier. This fact alone may implicate the Obama White House and the DNC as being complicit. 
4. Peter Sztrok and his mistress Lisa Paige wrote emails that specifically discussed an “insurance policy” in case then-candidate Trump actually won the election. Disgraceful!
5. Fauxahontos—Senator Elizabeth Warren—is calling for the use of the 25th amendment which would be the impeachment of Donald Trump. Why?
6. Former FBI Director James Comey was fired.
7. A grand jury has been called to investigate McCabe.
8. Rod Rosenstein may be also implicated in the cover-up.
9. Attorney General Sessions seems to be out to lunch. 
So the bottom line is this.
The entire Mueller investigation into the so-called Russian collusion is based on a phony dossier created by the DNC and the Hillary for President campaign. It’s 100% bogus and thus the entire investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt.
I find it interesting that Obama surfaces at this point. Why now? I would speculate that what we may see in the coming weeks is corruption that will make Watergate look like a Boy Scout banquet!
Will evidence point to the Obama administration and implicate Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett and perhaps even Obama himself?
The coming mid-term elections are critical. Our country stands at a crossroads. If the Democrats somehow take back the House of Representatives they will abolish the tax cuts and impeach President Trump and we will never have the wall built on our southern border. 
The Democrats will seek to undo everything that President Trump has done in his short term in office which has been incredible. 
We need to get out the vote. Much is at stake and the powers-that-be i.e. The Deep State are pulling out all the stops to get Trump removed from office. WHY?
I would posit that the release of Bob Woodward’s book is a fabrication of the truth designed once again to lead to the impeachment of our president. 
I have never seen such vitriol against a political figure in my 68 years on this planet. They—the deep state—know the jig is up. If this unfolds the way I think it’s going to it will rock Washington and expose the swamp for the putrid festering mess it is. 
Where we go one we go all.

Prosecute the Deep State

We the American People deserve and demand to know all the names of individuals involved in the intentional omission and misrepresentation of facts related to the FISA warrant application and demand these individuals be held accountable under the law.
The United States government serves the American People – not the other way around! We sign here acknowledging our collective voices, that WE THE PEOPLE demand our country back from the DEEP STATE. Hear our voices, heed our rights, and protect American Democracy.

13 thoughts on “Q – Where we go one We go all

  1. Good roar.
    One can only say: “Amen”.
    May our Heavenly Father work HIS will, guiding everybody’s heart to the right decision.
    ALL,and this is VERY heartening , is in HIS hands everywhere anytime, anyhow.

  2. IF I can stop one heart from breaking,
    I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,
    Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin
    Unto his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.

    E. Dickinson

  3. Sessions is not out to lunch, he will drop the hammer along with Huber. The media loves Sessions now because Trump has being firing darts at him, anyone that Trump questuons media loves so when he drops the indictments what will the media do? They can’t go back to hate or not care for Sessions. This is how Q explains it on the Q board.
    4d chess move, trash Sessions media runs with it and love him, when indictments come out they look foolish if they hate Sessions.

  4. BINGO! Right on! All that is, except what you said about Sessions. The feud between him and Trump is THEATER…it’s all for SHOW to lull the Left asleep, giving them false hope that they may miss the ‘hangman’s noose’ while offering the ‘white hats’ more time to get all their legal ‘ducks in a row. The Hammer is about to drop! Prosecutions and charges are about to begin; yet don’t expect a quick end. This will take another year or more to be completed. [Probably more.] Remember, this is not merely a national issue, but a global one. Too, remember what Q said: “it’s all about the children”. It’s pedophilia, the sex-slave ‘industry’…and much, much more. These are wicked people. Truly wicked. and they deserve the full punishment the law will exact.. WWGOWGA!!!

  5. YES, I will sign my name. I agree with your statement, L.A. (With the exception of your assessment of Jeff Sessions. In that case, I agree with Anonymous’ statement above.) The Bush, Clinton, and Obama crime cartel has taken political corruption to a new low. How have they managed to brain-wash so many out there who seem to still believe in them? People, let’s pray and ask God to lift the veil from the eyes and understanding of the public so they will see the truth. God bless America!

  6. Great article, sir, BUT, we are NOT a Democracy! We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. I encourage you to edit your article accordingly to reflect the truth of what this nation is. Thank you.

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