4 thoughts on “Pascagoula UFO! NEW PP&S Report!

  1. I just wanted to drop you a note and encourage you in the Lord for the work you do. Also I would like to share a little testimony my family had back in 2007. My wife came home one day trembling and obviously shaken. When I enquired what was wrong she said something in the sky was following her. Stunned I asked what, she just said it was 3 glowing lights. She told me the road where the lights were following her, so me and my oldest step daughter went to investigate. We saw nothing. On the way home however where our drive way forked we could see our house…and above our house was 3 glowing orbs in a triangle pointed position. It was just hovering with no sound. My step daughter and I exited the car and just starred at it. At the time my thought was “What am I looking at.” It hovered motionless with no sound for about 1 minute. All of a sudden it started moving to our right until it disappeared behind some tree tops… it was just gone. It did not exit through the atmosphere, it just wasn’t there anymore. Thanks for you time and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much LA. for providing current information on these varied subjects! Your research in Bible truths concerning our past and coming future is what I was longing to understand in my studies. How much clearer you have made the Bible to me!! I do want to pass on a third hand report of a current UFO encounter near Ft. Walton, FL. My girlfriend’s aunt and her grandson where sitting on the patio near the swimming pool one afternoon and witnessed a UFO come down and hover above her pool. It dropped tiny, green lighted, insect looking creatures into her pool. Then it left silently. Two of the “bugs” got into her house and one got in her ear. She had to get her doctor to take it out! She told my girlfriend that she couldn’t tell anyone else for they might think she is crazy!! She has been retired many years from working with the government. She had had top security clearance too. Hope to see you at the prophecy conference at Ball Ground, GA in October. My husband and I are praying for your ministry. Thanks!

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  3. LA, I pray for you all the time and I have been praying that your sister-in-law, Jane, would get saved. If you’ve got a list of things that need prayer, then feel free to email it to me or put another list on your blog.

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