Acceleration Radio – Brendi Wells: What’s Really Going on in South Africa?


5 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Brendi Wells: What’s Really Going on in South Africa?

  1. L.A. Marzulli if they shut you down I belive it’s because the end is near. They do not want the watchman warning people. If the hurricanes do their job this year and make it up the east coast, as they have been waiting for every year, half the country will be under water and the West coast will be on fire. Perfect time to call marshal law. The “aliens” will appear and we will not be able to warn the people. Keep doing what you do and warn people quick whilst you still can. Thank you for your hard work in this. Come quick Yeshua. See you in or on the air brother Marzulli!!!

  2. Everything Brandi Wells says about the history of South Africa is true. The Controlled agenda of the likes of Rhodes, and Rothschild can be clearly seen in non revised history as found in Carroll Quigley’s book,”Tragedy and Hope” page 2497 heading ‘Cecil Rhodes Sets Up a Monopoly Over the Gold and Diamond Mines in South Africa’ . This book is like an encyclopedia of how this group of financier’s shaped all the continents of the world through planned Civilization and orchestrated education.

  3. LA re Info Wars. The Republican politicians could put a stop to this censorship if they really wanted to. But as usual they do nothing!!!!

  4. L.A., what ever happened to the “Sunday Bun”? Or did I miss the memo that you were no longer going to do a Bun on Sundays? Just looked forward to them is all, thanks-

    Lyle From The Isle

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