2 thoughts on “Acceleration Radio – Special Guest – Brendi Wells!

  1. Hey bubba, appreciate all your work over the years. Amazing findings and incredible research!
    I’ve got a friend who’s a coworker and someone I care about who recently went on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina to climb some mountain and endure a week of hardship and experience some life changing event. He mentioned to me that he witnessed a priest who apparently saw and sees an apparition of “the blessed mother” and said he communicates with her every day. My friend said that he witnessed him go into a trance and carried on a conversation of some kind with her.

    You and I both know what this is all about. I care about this guy and need to tell him the truth but he’s heavily invested in Catholicism, he’s New York Italian, born & raised on Long Island, he like his father and all his sons went to Jesuit school. That frames up my dilemma. I need to tell him the truth but as I seek Father’s help with how to do this, I’m wondering if you have some specific information that can help me assemble a factual (with references) counter to the deceit he’s experiencing.

    Let me know when you can please… thanks LA!
    Jim Naeve – jnaeve(at)mac(dot)com
    McKinney, TX

  2. Chris J. Pinto of Noise of Thunder Radio has talked about this. The communists are to be blamed for this. Brannon Howse of Worldviewweekend.com has talked about this on his show.

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